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2015-10-02, 10:45 AM
Alright guys, I have a few things I need checked out in my custom system. So bascially the system is based off of core stats being a max of 10. Everyone rolls d8s for the three core stats, Body, Grace and Mind. Racial features also add or subtract from the stats but otherwise the max total you can get with best possible roll and racial traits is ten. Core stats decide a number of things. Body is basically Con and Str combined. It effects life, general health and resistances while also effecting the overall power of the character's body. Grace is Dex and Cha combined. It deals with speed, flexibility and social skills, things like that. Mind is possibly op right now but it deals with level progression and mental stability (cause Fanus is a dark place where people die a lot.). The level progression in this game works like this. Level up take closest die to your Mind rounded down and roll it. You have that many skill points to spend that level. The player also has the option to opt out of all skill points to instead attempt to improve a core stat. The player must roll a d 10 and if they roll higher than their current stat they go up one point in the chosen stat. I'm not sure if this is a good system for stats. What do you guys think? There are a few other things that I have done but do you think that this system for core stat rolling and improvements is balanced?

2015-10-02, 02:34 PM
Well... I literally can't tell you anything, because I don't know how much a given value in a stat is worth - what is the expected DC? If you're going for a dice pool, how are you counting successes, and how many do you need for them to succeed?

2015-10-06, 06:56 AM
Alright sorry. So The system is a single d10 system. It's supposed to be mostly skilled based. You roll a d10 add your modifier which is a max of ten and then your skill value which can be a max of 20. A task requiring a moderate amount of skill would be like 15. Where easy would be 5 and so on. 40 is a near impossible task. Stuff like that. 10 is considered to best possible as a humanoid creature without augmentation.