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2015-10-03, 09:31 AM
I have recently been running a weekly game set in a swamp. I have four players currently, all of which seem to be enjoying the game a lot. Myself, as well, they're a great party. The problem, though, is an odd one- I have two or three other people who want to play. Needless to say, I don't want to run a 7-person party, and my party is resistant to the idea of having more than four people. I could start another game, but that would potentially be a little odd due to the fact that I don't know most of the people who would want a second campaign very well- They're sort of friends-of-a-friend, and that friend is in the original campaign... And that friend doesn't obsess about RPGs in the same way I do, he doesn't really want to play 8 hours a week. Agh, social situations are so complicated. Does anyone have any bright ideas that I've missed?

(System is 5e if it matters, don't know why it would though.)

2015-10-03, 09:36 AM
Have the friend of the new blood drop out of the first game and join the second one. Set both games in the same campaign world, so the friend can use the same character with the same background.

Now you have your initial game with 3 players (a good number, and if that feels underpowered let one of them have a henchman or something), and the new game has 4, one of which is a veteran of your campaign and can do some of the work of introducing the new players to your world! Everyone wins.

2015-10-03, 04:24 PM
If you want to play with them/get to know them, try it.

If you don't, tell them no.

Seems very cut and dry.

The Grue
2015-10-04, 02:21 AM
Sounds like a wonderful problem to have, to be perfectly honest.