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2015-10-03, 02:43 PM
Preface: Swordmages are not fighters who also use magic, no, Eldritch Knights has that covered. A Swordmage is when someone combine their weapon and magic into one style. When casting a spell and striking with a weapon is one fluid motion, that is when you know you are up against a Swordmage. It isn't sword AND magic but swordmagic (or magicsword).


Level 1: Battle Caster
Level 2: Spellcasting, Fighting Style
Level 3: Swordmage Archetype
Level 4: ASI
Level 5: Extra Attack
Level 6: Swordmage Archetype Feature
Level 7: Arcane Channeling
Level 8: ASI
Level 9: Reactionary Channeling
Level 10: Swordmage Archetype Feature
Level 11: Redirect Missile and Magic
Level 12: ASI
Level 13: Quick Cast (1/Long Rest)
Level 14: Swordmage Archetype Feature
Level 15: Dispel Blade (1/Long Rest)
Level 16: ASI
Level 17: Quick Cast (2/Long Rest)
Level 18: Dispel Blade (2/Long Rest)
Level 19: ASI
Level 20: Spectacular Channel

Hit Dice: 1d10
HP @ First Level: 10 + Constitution Modifier
HP @ Each Additional Level: 1d10 (or 6) + Constitution Modifier.

Weapon: Simple and Martial Weapons
Armor: Light and Medium Armor
Saving Throws: Constitution
Tools: None
Skills: Choose two from the following list; Arcana, Acrobatics, Athletics, Investigation, Deception, Intimidation, and Persuasion.

Battle Caster: You learn one cantrip of your choice from the wizard spell list. This cantrip must be one that deals damage.

Your casting ability is Intelligence or Charisma and once you make this choice it can't be changed. This choice is also your spellcasting ability score. Additionally you gain proficiency in that type of saving throw.

When you are wielding a weapon you may channel that cantrip through your weapon. When you take the attack action you may choose to not deal weapon damage but instead effect the target with this cantrip. The target does not gain a saving throw to resist the effects. The range of your cantrip is equal to your weapon range. Additionally you can use any weapon as a focus for your spells.

Fighting Style: Gain one of the following Fighting Styles (Archery, Dueling, Great Weapon Fighting, or Two-Weapon Fighting).

Additionally when you use battle caster to channel a cantrip through your weapon you may use your fighting style on the cantrip if you are wielding the proper weapon for the Fighting Style. Damage from the Fighting Style is the same type of damage as the cantrip when using this option. Other sources of bonus damage to weapons do not apply to Battle Caster such as from spells and feats that specifically call out weapons only.

A Swordmage using duelist style and channeling "Firebolt" through her longsword (and has no weapon in her other hand) could make a weapon attack versus AC, deal 1d10 fire damage, and add +2 to the damage of the cantrip.

Spell Known and Spell Slots: You have the same spell known and spell slots as the Ranger of your level. You learn spells from the Swordmage spell list.

Spellcasting Ability
Intelligence or Charisma is your spellcasting ability for your swordmage spells, depending on your Battle Caster choice. The power of your spells comes from your knowledge or innate ability in magic and your knowledge or innate ability with weapons and how You combine the two.

Spell save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus +
your Intelligence or Charisma modifier

Spell attack modifier = your proficiency bonus + your Intelligence or Charisma modifier

Battle Caster attack modifier = weapon attack modifier

Swordmage Archetype: At level 3 you begin to distiguish yourself from other Swordmages, you may choose the Duskblade or Hexblade Archetype.

Extra Attack: When you take the attack action you may attack twice.

Arcane Channeling: You may channel your first level spells through your weapon attack as if it was your Battle Caster cantrip.

If the Swordmage uses arcane channeling to attack a creature with burning hands with their longsword, the Swordmage would attack versus AC against the creature and on a hit deal full damage, on a miss they would deal half damage. The Swordmage may use their extra attack feature to target two creatures within weapon range/reach if they channel a spell that can target multiple targets.

Reactionary Channeling: Whenever you make an opportunity attack you may use your Battle Caster feature and attack with a cantrip through your weapon.

Redirect Missile and Magic: Whenever an ally cast a single target spell with you as the target, as an reaction, you may use a weapon you are proficient with to redirect the spell. You are considered the caster when it comes to determining line of sight and line of effect to a target.

You may also use this feature with spells that produce a line, such as Lightning Bolt, if you are the first target of the line.

Additionally, when an ally makes a ranged or thrown weapon attack you may use this feature, still as a reaction, to redirect it. You are considered the attacker for purposes of line of sight and line of effect to a target.

Quick Cast: Once per long rest you may, after using battle casting with a cantrip or making a weapon attack, cast a spell that you know as a bonus action. This spell can not have an attack roll or deal damage.

Dispel Blade: Once per long rest you may give up a spell slot of any level in order to arcane channel the spell Dispel Magic. When you use this feature you treat your dispel magic as four levels higher for purposes of auto dispelling. The target number for the attack roll (if not auto dispelled) is 10 + Spell Level as you are attacking the magical energies and not the creature or object specifically.

If a Swordmage uses this feature and gives up a 4th level slot, she may treat the dispel magic as an 8th level spell. The target must be within range of her weapon. If she arcane channels or casts dispel magic through normal means (such as spectacular channel), the spell does not gain this boost in spell level.

Spectacular Channel: Once per long rest you may use Arcane Channeling with a spell of any level that you know.

Level 3: Whenever you gain new spell known when you level up in the Swormage class, you may choose any evocation or conjuration spell from any other class spell list. This spell must be of a level that you could normally learn. You learn a cantrip from any list from the conjuration or evocation school, you may use this with Battle Caster.

Arcane Strike (Level 3): Whenever you use Battle Caster and channel a cantrip you can score a critical hit on a natural roll of 18, 19, or 20.

Level 6: You have advantage on saving throws versus Conjuration and Evocation spells and effects.

Destructive Spell (Level 10): Once per round any evocation or conjuration spell that you cast that deals damage, deals additionally damage equal to your spell casting ability modifier.

Intense Spell (Level 14): Once per long rest you may ignore the resistance or immunity to elemental damage of creatures. This ability last for 1 minute.

Level 3: Whenever you gain new spell known when you level up in the Swormage class, you may choose any enchantment or necromancy spell from any other class spell list. This spell must be of a level that you could normally learn. You learn one cantrip from any list that is enchantment or necromancy, you may use this with Battle Caster.

Level 3: Creatures don't have advantage against your enchantment spells if they are in battle with you or your allies.

Additionally you have advantage on weapon attacks against charmed creatures and your attacks don't automatically remove the charmed condition.

Level 6: You have advantage on saving throws versus Enchantment and Necromancy spells and effects.

Level 10: Once per turn any necromancy or enchantment spell that you cast and deals damage, deals additionally damage equal to your spell casting ability modifier.

Amazing Enchantment (Level 14): You have learned to twist your enchantment spells to mimic spells of other schools and to hack into the magical energies that surround and penetrates creatures. Once per long rest, your enchantment spells ignore immunity or any sort of advantage from racial features that a creature may use when attempting a saving throw against a spell you cast on them. This ability ends when the spell ends.

Abilities gained from class features, such as the Hexblade Level 6 feature, are not ignored by your Spectacular Enchantment ability. However a Gnome would not gain advantage on Int, Wis, or Cha saves versus your Enchantment spells.

Swordmage Spell List (will be most likely be reduced down, first draft. Also yes, there are EE spells on the main list, if the DM is allowing homebrew then they should certainly allow elemental evil spells.)

Level 1: Absorb Elements, Alarm, Catapult, Feather Fall, Jump, Longstrider, Protection from Evil and Good, Shield.

Level 2: Arcane Lock, Darkvision, Earthbind, Enlarge/Reduce, Knock, Pyrotechnics, and Spider Climb.

Level 3: Blink, Counterspell, Dispel Magic, Erupting Earth, Flame Arrows, Gaseous Form, Meld Into Stone, Nondetection, Protection from Energy, and Water Breathing.

Level 4: Banishment, Control Water, Deathward, Elemental Bane, Polymorph, Stoneshape, and Stoneskin,

Level 5: Animate Objects, Control Winds, Passwall, Telekinesis, Transmute Rock, and Planar Binding.

(started this in my phone, will finish it later on computer... Edit 2, computer died :( )

Still need to work on balancing this, of course, but I'm looking more toward Cleric/Bard/Wizard balance than not.

Spell List edit: The basic Swordmage spell list only include abjuration, divination, and transmutation spells. Duskblades and Hexblades can pick up Conjuration, Evocation, Echantment, and Necromancy so I'm thinking of leaving those off the spell list or at the very least reduce their numbers as not to step on their toes.

The issue I have now is that arcane channeling, a Swordmage feature, really doesn't have anything to channel (first level spells) unless they use subclass spells. I'm kinda fine with that but kinda not... Will Probabaly add in a couple first level spell from another list.

10/6/15: Changed a bunch of stuff. Decided to get rid of the qualifier for arcane channeling that said "attack roll or physical save only" and now a Swordmage can channel spells such as Sleep or Web. Hmmm sleep may have issues... Might need to deal with that and color spray.

2015-10-03, 04:27 PM
So...what does this really do that sets it apart from a Bladelocks or an EK? I'm not seeing much here.

2015-10-03, 05:53 PM
So...what does this really do that sets it apart from a Bladelocks or an EK? I'm not seeing much here.

They are magic and weapon, swordmages (4e) combine magic and weapon into one. This is the biggest complaint I've seen this far about EK and Warlocks. Their magic and weapon abilities are separated into two seperate pools and never shall the two meet.

This will have more abilities like Battle Caster that combines the two.

2015-10-20, 07:05 PM
I do not think that the hexblade archetype will be the usefull, given the class has NO enchantment or necromancy spells. Also while bypassing immunities is nice, it might make mindcontroling mindless creatures possible

EDIT: Just saw that it got any enchatment or necromancy spell.