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2015-10-05, 09:16 PM

Order of the Scream
(Hellknight Orders)
Creed"Only through pain can one be absolved."
SymbolA screaming and scarred, though otherwise featureless, face
ArmorBreastplate emblazoned with scarred, screaming faces, typically on the chest and shoulders. This decoration often marks the helm as well. The rest of the armor suggesting torn flesh and cruel tortures.
WeaponSpiked chain or whip

The Order of the Scream is a pseudo-hellknight order. Founded on a misconception held by the uninitiated, it has risen as an oddity among hell knight orders in that their inspiration and guiding principles are not from true devils but instead from chain devils. Torturers and arbiters of pain, hellknights of the Order of the Scream follow the philosophies of the kyton just as adamantly as, if not more than, they do the tenants of Hell itself.

Members of the Order of the Scream believe that punishment of crimes should be carried out though pain and that only through the repeated infliction of pain upon one's self one can hope to achieve perfection.

Followers of their own unique path, Hell knight commanders of the Order of the Scream have access to the following unique discipline;

---Summon Kyton (Sp; Order of the Scream): The Hell knight may use summon monster V as a spell-like ability to summon 1 Evangelist Kyton.
-----At 6th level, this spell-like ability is replaced by summon monster VI, allowing him to summon 1d3 evangelist kyton, or 1 cantor kyton.
-----At 9th level, this spell-like ability is replaced by summon monster VII, allowing him to summon 1d4+1 evangelist kyton, 1d3 cantor kyton, or 1 sacristan kyton.

An idea I wanted to put out there. Its a work in progress for, obvious reasons.