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2015-10-06, 07:07 PM
I have seen a few attempts at recreating fury crafters, and have decided to go outside the norm a bit. I am goign with a separate class for each type. The classes will not be alternate version, so one could multiclass into each of them.

The idea is not to recreate them exactly but to create classes that somewhat represent what they can do while keeping them balanced with other pathfinder classes. My layout is to have two martial type (full BAB, 4 lvl spellcasting, no elemental companions) - Metal and Wood. Then two middle classes, (3/4 BAB, 6 level spellcasting, full elemental companion) - I think Earth and Air. Then two full 9 lvl casters, with companions at lvl -4 and 1/2 bab (Fire and Water).
Each will be tied to a different ability score too. Here are the first two, and I would appreciate any feedback on the classes or the philosophy.

Woodcrafter is a first version, while metalcrafter has been playtested a bit. I know they need capstone abilities, but my games rarely get that high, so I have not put a lot of though into them.