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2007-05-21, 07:58 AM
Greetings all,

As the title says I am looking for ideas for a campagin I am currently running. I have set it in Kalamar as I love the setting. Its not that I have run out of ideas, far from it, im just looking for some new ones. So let me give you a rough idea of what im running and the group.

I want to keep the party as low level for as long as possible, as I love low level works so much better then higher level, so thats why I am only giving out half exp. No magic items for sale apart from scrolls and potions. The party at the moment are 2nd level, they have just finished off "HAUNTING AT NORTH MANOR ROAD MANSION" written by my uncle. And now they are starting a bit on kobolds. But im looking for more indepth stuff. In the group there is a Bard, Monk, Cleric, Wizard and Bar all second level.

So any ideas are more then welcome, or if any one has any written stuff that might help would be a massive help.

Green Bean
2007-05-21, 08:52 AM
Well, I've had this one side quest idea for while now.

Setting: You need at least one small 'Generic Good Kingdom (tm)

The Setup: When the party enters the kingdom, they notice that it's quite prosperous and the people are happy. If they ask, the people will tell them that it is because their king is an excellent leader, really turned the whole place around, much better than the old guy, etc. etc. etc. When they reach the capital and get settled in, they are approached by someone who needs a few adventurers to do a job of 'a rather delicate nature'

The Job: The potential employer turns out to be the king's chief advisor. He needs the adventuring party to pick up a delivery of potions from a wizard in the next town over. Most importantly, no one else can no about it. If pressed he will explain why he needs it.

The Explanation: The advisor's position was hereditary, so he served the previous king. This king, while not outright evil, was greedy and not too bright. He squandered the kingdom's money on ill-advised schemes to enrich himself, nearly ruining the entire kingdom. The advisor was not a particularily powerful man; all he could do was pretend to agree with him secretly wishing there was something he could do. Eventually the king died of old age and his son succeeded him. Unfortunately, the son had shown some obvious signs of being as bad as the father. The advisor, realizing he had a chance to change the king for the better. He began slipping potions of Owl's Wisdom and Fox's Cunning into the new king's food. So far it has worked; the king has aquired a reputation for intellect and foresight far beyond his father's. However, the potion deliveries have stopped, and the advisor is running out of them. He needs the potions soon.

The Badguy: A minor lord has discovered the reason behind the new king's reputation. He wants a return to the ways of the old king (whom he had easily tricked and persuaded). He has people watching the wizard's tower and is ambushing anyone who tries to travel between there and the kingdom. He will hire bandits and mercenaries as well. The party should have a tough time getting back.

The Characters:

The Advisor: Low level aristocrat.

The King: Low level aristocrat: should have less than advisor

The Badguy: Level doesn't matter; the party shouldn't be fighting him in the first place. All that's important is that he has enough money to hire plenty of thugs

The Wizard: He should be a decently high level wizard; he's sufficiently powerful that no one (on either side) should want to mess with him. For that reason, the tower should be neutral territory.

The Party's Role: The party should have no trouble getting to the tower (at that point, they should be unknowns). However, once they have the delivery, all hell should break loose. Set encounters based on whether or not you want the party to fight through, sneak by, or a combination thereof.

Obviously, this is a short adventure, designed for a single or double session.

2007-05-23, 02:02 AM
Love the idea, Will defo be putting that in to my campagin, a few tweeks here and there and it should be good to go, thanks very much.

Still looking out for more ideas, so you any one has an idea that there not sure about let me know and I will give it a go!! :smallcool:

2007-05-23, 05:57 AM
Like the idea, H_v

For the OP - what's your idea of low level?

One way of limiting advancement would be to have them all play several characters. One idea I've toyed with is having the 'party' as some sort of organisation - could be a crime organisation, a temple, a Drow household. Then the players have a roster of characters that they can pick from for each 'job'. Since they'll be playing different characters each adventure, the overall level of advance will be slow, but you can still give full rewards. Also, the players get a chance to try out different classes and roles.

2007-05-23, 06:51 AM
Well, I have only been running for 3 weeks now and they have only just leveled up to 2nd level. So as you can see I have cut xp right down.

And I like the idea but what im looking for is for the players to really get to know all there class skills and abilities. I have found in the past up to level 5 you level up so quick you dont really get to know your class and every thing it can do till after that, and by that time you can do so many things, the lower level stuff you just seem to forget. But I do liek the idea.:smallsmile:

2007-05-31, 08:17 PM
Yes, I favour a slower advancement as well. Much slower, in fact...

Kingdoms of Kalamar is a nice setting. Have you taken a look at the Free Downloadable Adventures (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/oa/20030530b) on the Wizards Site? I think most of the low level ones would run okay in Kalamar. The Ettin's Riddle might be quite a fun adventure or if you are in the mood for something a little more slapstic, I found Something's Cooking to be very entertaining (though it might be a little out of place in Kalamar). Necromancer Games also have a few free Adventures knocking about.