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2015-10-08, 04:55 AM
Have you ever needed to come up with a random encounter on the spot. Because that sometimes happens to me (Players can be unpredictable sometimes). I decided to take matters into my own hands, and use my (far from vast) excel skills and love of random generation to my advantage.

By using excel and especially its "Rand" function i created a sheet that creates a warrior encounter with a randomly assigned race, ability scores and weapons in almost unlimited combinations. In addition it randomly assigns a sigle opponent or between 2 and 50 identical opponents, ajusted to be level appropriate. The sheet allows for everything between a CR 1 to CR 20 encounters, and automatically ajusts to the specified challenge rating.
Currently costum settings are limited but the sheet can also be set, to only generate a solitary, level appropriate warrior.

A few more things that I should mention:

This generator is created for use in pathfinder games, but as always pathfinder stuff can work in 3.5 games.

This generator assigns masterwork weapons, and basic magic weapons randomly (enchantment bonus only). It does so level appropriatly, so a level 2 warrior will not end up with a +5 weapon.

The generator is smart enough to only generate numerous warriors in high Challenge Rating encounters. so level 1 charecters doest have to fight 50 level 1 catfolk warriors wielding battle aspargellums.

Remember that sometimes the generator will make some absurd weapon combinations, but this can also be a lot of fun. When else will you have the chance to fight 37 dwarves in wooden armor, duelwielding dogslicers and fighting fans, while also having poisoned sand tubes, as a backup ranged weapon.

The current way its made, the generator regards shields as weapons, in a way, that somtimes have creatures duelwielding them.

Feats are not assigned as I have not yet found a good way to do it. It is assumed that all creatures have proficiency with any assigned weapons and armor, as well as feats like improved unarmed strike, as appropriate.

The generator currently features 15 different races, and all the weapons in the official pathfinder books, since August 7th. (Including firearms.)

Please don't be shy, all feedback is valued. Even if it sucks, please tell me why you think so. I am currently working on a more advanced version.


This generator is still a work in progress and is IN NO WAY perfect.

This is free to use and avalible to everyone, but please give credit where credit is due.

The generator is made in Excel and it is reccomendet to open it in Excel, even though it does also work with Google Docs.

With all that said and done.
The generator can be found here.