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2015-10-09, 03:42 PM
So I am in the process if making a Journey to the West type adventure. One of my players wishes to be a Tengu wielding a Naginata. I figured it would be simple. Tengu are Aarakocra while a Naginata is a Glaive. Medium armour to wear gives 16 AC and would take awhile, but 20 str and con with polearm master and great weapon master would come along. Obviously fighter is the best choice for this route

As I look into the future, making tables for gifts to my players, magic items come up. There are no magic polearms. I am left to make some myself.

So far, I made "Jade Robes" for the monk, which give +3 to AC and Saving Throws while also giving the 1d6 extra damage to unarmed strikes. That is all coming from the robes causing the body to be electrically stimulated for better performance. Side affects include exhaustion when robes are removed. Also a minor pair of shoes allowing for flight.

Next is a set of items. The bard wishes to be an archer so he gets a quiver that can hold 250 arrows, eye wear that allows wearer to see tiny creatures up to 600' away, and a harp that can be used as a +3 longbow that can cast a few healing spells, making him the only healer.

Now for the Tengu's Naginata. I was thinking something simple of casting lightning bolt from one end and deal an extra 1d6 lightning damage per hit. It seems kind of like stepping on the monks' toes seeing as how they both would enjoy lightning.

I bring up the others because I figure they could be of some help in the evaluation. I need the help of you all to solve problems that I am having trouble with. These items will be given out over the course of the adventure, but I am planning it to go on well past 20th level and want to make sure all would be fun throughout. Magic and power are fun so there would be hack and slash and non hack and slash elements.

Less magic items are needed for out of combat and none for roleplay so the combat element needs most consideration. What do you all think of the above? What can be done to make what I have done better or how would you do it differently?

2015-10-09, 05:29 PM
First thought: combine the naginata with a Wind Fan. Tengu are bird-like, right? So it fits thematically. A Wind Fan is useful both in combat (for pushing people around) and out of combat (especially if you create a sliding-block puzzle). So yeah, Wind Glaive +2. Done!

Kaze no Naginata
Weapon (glaive), rare (requires attunement)

This polearm has been produced in various designs, but the most popular features an ornate, wave-shaped blade atop a long cherry staff, engraved with exotic runes and permanently surrounded by swirling winds. You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls with this weapon and, in addition, it has 7 charges. As an action, you can expend 1 charge to cast Gust of Wind from it, or 2 charges to cast Wind Wall. The save DC for both spells is 15.
The naginata regains 1d6+1 charges daily at dawn.

Apologies if my Japanese is off, I only know a few words and no grammar.