View Full Version : Pathfinder Campaign idea help: "first level problems"

2015-10-10, 02:26 AM
Okay so the idea of this game is the heroes are 20th level or have 10 mythic ranks. They leave the flying volcano after killing the evil undead Chuck Norris. What do they do now? (Especially since no one knows they saved the world)

In this setting the game is sandbox and puzzly. The characters are level 20 in what is basically an Epic six world.

Okay I build a mages college. Awesome, a rival school denies your school acrediation as you are not a member of the wizarding board. Whats you next move.

You build a farm and raise a family, goblins show up to raze your family and farm. You kill them awesome, hobgolins show up next month. How will you protect your family?

I go live as a lumber jill in the woods, awesome a green dragon shows up. Yep that is right he alone knows what you did and wants an autograph.


So in this game the pcs are abusively overpowered and it is their job to come up with solutions to mundane life, politics, and keeping the town fed and full of living people.

What I need is:
1. Ideas that are stimulating and fun for players. Puzzles where force isn't the answer.
2. What I should be worried about in this idea and ways to mitigate those problems.
3. Constructive feedback.

2015-10-10, 05:37 AM
This comes to mind...
1) Well, there are a few ways. A classic is for the super-world-ending-powerful-thing-that-must-be-defeated thing to only be defeated by manipulating forces beyond the PCs control via riddles, puzzles, and the like. Not my favorite, but worth mentioning.
2) Another is interpersonal relationships. Your plus fifty million to hitting things really really hard doesn't stop your daughter from dating, erase your childhood traumas, or prevent your crazy layabout uncle from trying to set up a surprise birthday party for you. Heck, you could have secret siblings that literally grew up in the closet or half-siblings with a mystical race.
3) Politics. With all the different somewhat evenly matched factions acting can mean death even when you're king of the world, after all, someone else is king of that world, and this world over here has a queen, and that one a council of elders, and so on.
4) It's D&D, so smarter enemies can challenge anyone.
5) Maybe incorporate some folklore trading benefits for weaknesses like being unable to cross salt, burning sage banishing you, or being hurt by cold iron for useful abilities, like how flaws give feats.
6) On a similar note to 5 maybe there are special days where the stars align or a special day of the year when the rules of reality change a bit. Maybe it's the adversaries that abide by vampire-like weaknesses.
7) Akin to 2&3 management issues like the bureaucracy mentioned above or dealing with troublesome students at the school. True, some problems could be solved through mass murder, but then how will everyone still alive treat them? How will the cosmic forces respond (if at all)?
8) Treasure hunting, sometimes you have to solve puzzles for any number of things from decoding maps to exploring the secret passage beneath your tower without bringing the whole thing down, to trying to piece together the language of your new neighbor who suddenly appeared there last night.
9) Intrigue, what they don't know they can't kill, and learning can be as much fun as killing so long as they're actually making progress.

edit: Just a few ideas, tried to keep it broad and general, but all in all there's a whole world of options out there. ...or were you looking for specific instances?