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Runeswords- These +1 swords are made of the finest adamantine and have runes carved into the side. Attempts to further empower or magically alter them never seem to work. They always glow with a soft light that provides illumination in a 5 foot radius as per a candle. The runes themselves are magical conduits for the thread of reality and are triggered through a phrase hidden within them that takes a DC 30 Decipher Script check to reveal. Read magic has no effect on the runes. Upon calling forth the power of the sword and stabbing it into the ground(a move action) yanks on the fabric of reality to produce a Rune Circle centered on it. The user then must make a DC 25 Will Save or take 1d6 points of damage. Every round afterwards the DC for the save increases by one and the possible damage increases by 1d6. The user must be holding the sword with at least one appendage or the effect immediately fades with no adverse consequences(and the effects the circle had do not fade), usually leaving them with one free hand to wield another weapon. Dodge and other bonuses to AC are unaffected as the user is free to move in a circle around the sword while holding it. The rune circle, once activated can then be identified by the proper Spellcraft check.
Price: 2x the cost of the rune circle used (See Races of Stone)

Gauntlet of Quenching
This +1 blue ice gauntlet is cool to the touch. The user can make a crushing motion with their hand(a move action) at a targeted nonmagical fire within 140 feet of them and all fires within 10 foot radius of the targeted fire will be extinguished.
CL 4; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Quench; 12,000 gp

Dehydration Box
This heavy stone box has thick glass windows and smells of salt. Inside are racks, hooks, and grates for placing food that is to be dehydrated. The box can hold up to 50 pounds of food. Food placed inside takes 1 minute per pound to dehydrate and be preserved. Dehydrating rotten food doesn’t make it any more edible.
CL 3; Craft Wondrous Item; Desiccate; 2,000 gp; 80 lb.
(See Sandstorm)

Eye of Vanity
The original Eye of Vanity was created by a wealthy nobleman who’d become an adventurer later in life after a botched magical procedure to instill himself with more beauty by improving one of his eyes that didn’t look quite straight forward. leaving him with a noticeable “chameleon eye” effect. the procedure ended up blinding the eye permanently cursing that eye and causing it to wither away. Instead of seeking healing, the nobleman left his eye to wither and fall out to remind him of the cost of vanity. Later in life when he became more wealthy, this was the item he had commissioned to replace his old eye.
An Eye of Vanity is a quartz crystal eye imbedded with a star sapphire with an opal at the center giving a strong resemblance to a real eye. Its powers are few but potent with a cost. The eye is used it draws forth 1 hitpoint from its user in lethal damage(nontyped and cannot be bypassed) and this powers it for the round, meaning it must be kept covered or its user with find themselves nearly dead very soon. When used, the eye sees with True Seeing CL6 and this information is sent to your brain as a normal eye would giving you the depth perception and use as normal sight for that eye as well as any other functioning eyes the user has. This item must be put into an empty eye socket which either requires the normal injury or removal of the eye and permanent 1 HP damage. This item doesn’t function for creatures or characters with fast healing, regeneration, or other abilities that allows them to quickly regain hitpoints.
CL 7; Craft Wondrous Item; True Seeing and Bestow Curse; 20,000; -

Staff of Growth
This is a normal looking wooden staff, but is special in its growth ability. It extends and retracts at a maximum of 10 feet per round as a standard action by the will of the wielder. If ever sundered into more than two pieces, the largest piece returns to the normal size of a staff.
CL4; Craft Staff; Craft Wondrous Item; Craft Magical Arms and Armor; Plant Growth; 12,000 gp ; normal 2 lb. + 3 lb. for each additional 10 feet

Belt of the Numerous
This thick black belt is made of studded leather and confers upon the wearer the ability to create an Astral Construct at will as a free action. The drawback is that each Astral Construct created deals the creator 3 lethal points of damage(nontyped and cannot be bypassed). The Astral Constructs are disguised as the creator by a DC 30 Craft: Sculpture Check and a Disguise Self Spell. The Astral Constructs obey their creator and are always of first level. Astral Constructs dematerialize if further than 40 feet from their creator and only last for 3 rounds. This item doesn’t function for creatures or characters with fast healing, regeneration, or other abilities that allows them to quickly regain hitpoints.
CL3; Craft Wondrous Item; Alter Self, Bestow Curse, and Astral Construct as well as 15 ranks in Craft: Sculpture; 12,000 gp; 1 lb.

Manacles of Calm Emotions- These Masterwork Manacles are exceptionally excellent at handling difficult prisoners and those who use their emotions to their advantage. When worn on a pair of hands or feet, the wearer is constantly effected as by the Calm Emotions spell.
CL3; Craft Wondrous Item; Calm Emotions; Price 6,000 gp

Headband of Total Recall- This silver headband is infused with powerful arcane energies that grant its wearer a perfect memory. This however, doesn’t grant the wearer extra spells. This headband does remove any limits on maximum number of ranks one can place in any Knowledge Skill as long as it is worn as well as letting them automatically succeed on any check to recall information they have seen. If removed, only the normal maximum ranks of Knowledge are available to the ex-wearer’s memory.
CL7; Craft Wondrous Item; Modify Memory; Price 30,000 gp

Tattoos of Alignment- This tattoo is of a symbol for one or two of the nonopposing extremes of alignment: good, evil, chaos, or law that the wearer is. It permanently takes up one chakra slot on the wears body unless it is disjoined or completely cut out (tattoo and wearer take 1/4th of their HP in damage to the tattoo area). Whenever the wearer is effected by something that changes his alignment, this allows the wearer to make a DC 15 Will Save to immediately change back once a day at midnight if they want to.
CL9; Craft Wondrous Item and 10 ranks in Craft: Tattoo; Atonement ; Price 10,000 gp for one alignment type and 25,000 gp for two alignment types in one tattoo, must not be opposing alignment types

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These look interesting, it's just a pity they don't all have associated fluff like the Eye of Vanity...