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2015-10-14, 05:24 AM
I'm working on a homebrew world where every one has small power point progression (i'm also using PP instead of spell slots for the magic) and i've implemented a system of items depending on the wearer's PP :

Exemple : To use a cloak of shadow (20% cover, 1min) a player has to spend 3 power points (what the spell would cost if he was a mage, but with some nerfing here and there)
Problem is, pricing it is kinda hard, i've tried fiddling with it but can't get anything precise. Any advice ?

I was aiming for something like 2-4k for a 1st and second level spell, 8-9k for a 3rd etc..
But that's just random

Help greatly appreciated

Mark Hall
2015-10-14, 06:54 PM
I would probably use pricing based on Dojres of equal level. Instead of charges, they simply use power points. It comes out a bit cheaper for 1st level powers... 375gp without any upgrades... about on par for 2nd (2250gp), and upwards for higher.

2015-10-15, 04:48 AM
Fair enough, i hadn't looked at dorjes pricing, 375 seems a bit cheap when considering the neat 1st level spells, but at least i have a guide line !
Thanks a lot !

Mark Hall
2015-10-15, 09:24 AM
It is, but keep in mind that, while a dojre has spam potential (i.e. "I am going to spend 50 rounds casting this spell once each round), the limiter on these items is the power points that PCs possess. Even if the average person has 10 Power Points, they're going to be highly limited in how many times they can use these powers per day.

You could also change the base... kick the base from 375 to 500. It is now 500->3000->7500->14000. Or, you could go with a flat per-power-point cost... something like 1000gp per power point (though that tends to make high level powers less expensive, whereas the manifester level * power level scheme from dojres creates a more nuanced one).

I'd also stress that these are not knowstones... you don't get the power. You get a set use of the power. If your cloak gives you 20% cover for 1 minute per power point, you don't get to spend 3 power points and get 6 minutes because of an upgrade; you have to take an action every minute to get the cover, and spend the power point then. You can't improve the power beyond what is built in.

2015-10-18, 10:57 AM
All of this is both very pertinent, and extremely well explained, my thanks to you kind sir !
The 500 guideline will work perfectly i believe, thank you again !

Mark Hall
2015-10-19, 12:44 PM
De nada. Though 3.x isn't my game, I do believe that the psionics system is one of the best spell point systems D&D has produced.