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2007-05-22, 09:32 PM
when you ready a maneuver can you do so as part of another action.
for example can you prepare the iroheart maneuver "strike of perfect clarity" (ie the one that that gives +100 damage if the attack hits when you make a single melee attack) can you do it as part of a charge?
for example you ready an action to charge and use the maneuver?
if so can you combine it with other abilities for example power attack, power lunge, leap attack etc?
on that note what was the feat that allowed you to take the minus from power attack to your ac instead of the attack roll?

Jack Mann
2007-05-22, 09:37 PM
Nope. Readying it requires a swift and a standard action, and initiating it is a standard action. Charging requires a full round action, so you can't do both in one round. Only maneuvers that specify that they work as part of a charge can be used that way. By that light, leap attack can't be used with standard-action maneuvers.

Power attack, however, is perfectly allowable, and in fact synergizes very well with certain maneuvers, such as emerald razor.

And the feat you're thinking of is shock trooper, which has some other benefits as well.

2007-05-22, 09:37 PM
If it requires an attack action, yes, as you get an attack action at the end of a charge. Not, however, if it's a standard action, as I seem to remember.

Shock trooper.

Fourth Tempter
2007-05-22, 09:39 PM
Please, do your best to capitalize properly and space your sentences out a little. It causes text to be far more readable.

Initiating a Strike is either a standard or a full-round action, depending on the Strike. This means that, no, you can not use a Strike as part of a charge. You can, however, move up to an enemy and use a Strike, or use a Strike that involves charging, such as Pouncing Charge or Battle Leader's Charge. You can ready a partial charge OR a strike, not both. You could ready a maneuver such as Battle Leader's Charge, as it is a standard action.
You may use Power Attack and the like on strikes.

The feat you are thinking of is Shock Trooper, a tactical feat in the Complete Warrior.

2007-05-22, 09:45 PM
but you can take a free action for example command word to turn on the ring of true strike right or do a swift action before using the maneuver?
for example you ready a maneuver when you're not adjacent to your enemy and on the next round you use the chronocharm of the horizon walker (magic items compendium, move at half your speed as a swift action) to move next to him and then execute the maneuver?
also how about using it after you have readied it in an attack of opportunity?

2007-05-22, 11:28 PM
(Note: I don't have my book with me atm so I'm assuming Strike of Perfect Clarity is a standard action. This may or may not be correct.)

In one round, you have:
Any number of free actions
1 swift action
1 move action
1 standard action

A full round action takes up both the move and standard actions.

On charge plus Strike of Perfect Clarity:
Free actions: none
Swift actions: none
Move actions: Charge
Standard actions: Strike of Perfect Clarity, Charge

Note that I put Charge in both the move and standard action lists because it is a full round action. By this breakdown you are attempting to perform two standard actions, which is illegal. This combination does not work.

On readying to charge and strike:
There is a standard-action version of charging that can be readied. As I can't check my book atm, we'll assume Strike of Perfect Clarity is a standard action. The ready action allows you to ready one and only one standard action. You have to choose which.

On Power Attack and strike:
Power Attack is either not an action or a free action (I'm not sure which). As such, it can be combined with any and all other actions provided that all your other actions are legal in combination.

On free action True Strike ring and strike:
You can do any number of free actions (within reason) with no impact on the rest of the round.

On Chronocharm and strike:
Free actions: none
Swift action: Chronocharm
Move action: none
Standard action: Strike of Perfect Clarity

None of the lists for swift, move, or standard actions have more than one action in them, so this is legal.

Attack of Opportunity:
When you get an AoO you get one melee attack. Strike of Perfect Clarity is a standard action. The fact that it includes a melee attack is irrelevant - it is specifically a standard action, not a substitute for an attack, so it is not an option for an AoO unless you have some ability that specifically states otherwise.

2007-05-23, 06:27 AM
the reason i'm asking about it is because the maneuver says:
You make a single melee attack as part of this strike

so i'm not entirely sure about what that means exactly. for example could you do a full attack and one of the attacks is made with the strike for +100 damage or do you make a single attack as a standard action?

2007-05-23, 07:20 AM
However, all strikes are standard actions.

The strike, as part of the strike, makes one attack. Initiating the strike is a standard action, of which you get a free attack.