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The Gilded Duke
2007-05-23, 12:25 AM
The Last Hall of Mechanus

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"That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die."


The Falling Gear of Ends

Mechanus is the plane of law, and laws of all types are enforced and embodied within it's clockwork and gears. Each gear and each idea connecting to, and moving another gear. All of the smaller gears eventually being pushed by the center gear, what might be the very pulse of existence.

Gears are not perfect, and neither are laws.

In time this too will pass.

Such is the case of the laws and clockwork of Mechanus.
Inevitable decay is in itself a law, no matter how perfectly maintained a system is.

For Mechanus the decay and destruction is a constant.

A single gear with a surface area of 333,000 feet contains upon it a single building. This gear and building exemplify the law of decay.

They are falling. A sustained fall is unusual in a plane of relative gravity, but this single component is capable of it. Sages of Mechanus have plotted its trajectory and course. The Falling Gear is descending towards the factories of Neumannus.

It is expected to destroy the continual factories, and end the continual production of the Inevitables.

The Necronomical Index of Contest Guidelines

43.251: Shelves of the Last Hall
- The Necronomical Index (Non-Magical)
- (Magical)
- (Epic)
- (Artifact)
- Death Watches (Wondrous Artifact)

6.6: Occupants of the Last Hall
-Death, The Final Inevitable
-Alhazred, The Mad Gensai

8: Geography and Traits, The Last Hall
-A Discussion and Description of the Morphology and Meaning of the Falling Gear, and the Last Hall built upon it.

The Gilded Duke
2007-05-23, 02:39 AM
The Loose Gear
The End of the Perpetual Motion Plane

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Death to Neumannus

The continual factories of Neumannus constantly produce new inevitables. Guided by the Inevitable Hub of Elders, the Inevitables constantly pursue and destroy those in violation of fundamental rules of the multiverse. The Marut are designed and tasked to destroy those who unnatural extend their own lifespan.

The Inevitables are in violation of two fundamental rules of the multiverse.
Jurisdiction and Destruction.

The Inevitables are not the rulers, nor the makers of laws in other domains, and are not asked by others to enforce those laws, thus becoming illegal extra-planar vigilantes.

Although individual Inevitables die, the Inevitables as a whole are a self-reproducing machine not constrained by any predator or limitation in food source. Their factories constantly produce new inevitables without being required to expend themselves in anyway, instead being fueled by the very motion of the plane.

All things must end, including the Inevitables.

The Falling Gear

The Inevitables have not realized this as the Hub of Elders constantly scrys outside of Neumannus to find transgression, they do not look within.

The Falling gear plummets towards them, threatening their eventual destruction.

When there is a direct threat to Neumannus or to the Inevitables themselves they are allowed by their nature to defend themselves instead of enforcing greater laws.

The Inevitables want to destroy the falling gear before Neumannus itself is destroyed. The Maruts attempt to do so as part of their mission. The falling gear itself has no time trait, and thus those that dwell within can unnaturally extend their lives.

The End of the Perpetual Motion Plane

As the falling gear descends towards Neumannus it hits other gears and axles in it's wake. Not all of the gears or axles are disrupted, but a great many are, if not becoming completely unhinged, becoming loose and working irregularly.

The chain reaction caused by the falling gear is disrupting the normal continuing of motion in the surrounding region of the plane. Gears are missing, gears are hitting the wrong gears, and components are loose.

Around the falling gear, it looks as if Mechanus itself is falling apart.

This constant destruction and agitation will inevitably take it's toll on the Clockwork plane.

If the motion of the infinite plane is disrupted enough, it might stop.

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2007-05-23, 02:40 AM
Geography and Traits of the Falling Gear


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2007-05-23, 02:41 AM
The Last Hall

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2007-05-23, 02:43 AM
Occupants of the Last Hall and the Falling Gear

Death, The Final Inevitable


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2007-05-23, 02:44 AM
Shelves of the Last Hall


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2007-05-23, 02:45 AM
Death and Ordered Entropy, An Alternate Explination


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2007-05-23, 05:03 PM
Theories of the Creation of Ending