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Milo v3
2015-10-16, 04:56 AM
Blood Skald Archetype
Some skalds are attuned to the primal energies that beat in their hearts rather than mindless anger, and are able to taint the blood of others with supernatural power.
Bloodline: At third level, the blood skald chooses a bloodrager bloodline. The blood skald and any allies under the influence of his inspired rage gain the bloodline powers from the bloodline as if they had a bloodrager level equal to half your blood skald level (rounded up).

If a bloodline power can be used only a certain number of times per day (such as destined strike), each ally affected by the inspired rage is subject to that limit (with abilities usable once per bloodrage limited to once per inspired rage). If the blood skald has bloodline powers from another source, he (but not his allies) can use those bloodline powers during an inspired rage. This ability replaces rage powers.

Ethereal Gears
2015-10-16, 05:16 AM
Oh, wow. I can't believe this combination never struck me. It's so obvious and neat-o when you think about it. I love it! Yoink, my good sir. Very much yoink. :)

I think this seems balanced, at least at a glance. Since the primalist bloodrager archetype is generally considered highly attractive, and from my own experience, I think there is more or less parity between bloodrager bloodline powers and rage powers, so the trade ought to be a fair one.

- Gears