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2007-05-23, 09:20 PM
Today would seem like a normal day to most of the inhabitants of The Village Hidden in the Shadows, but for three of it's Genin, it is their first assignment to a true ninja team. It seemed almost like an eternity since graduation from the academy, and it had taken a week for any indication of being assigned to a team to appear. Since receiving the letter two days ago, this moment has been particularly difficult to be patient for.

The location to meet was the top of a condemned apartment building in the villages East District. The roof itself is flat and empty, save for the concrete rail along the edge, the rusted fire stairs along the side of the building, and the stairwell. From this point there is an excellent view of the village, with few other buildings as tall to block the view.

Particularly in sight from the rooftop was the surrounding district, full of similarly gray, abandoned structure which exudes an aura of decimation and hopeless left over from the last Great Shinobi War. Such an aura fades after spying the numerous cranes and other machines of construction around the area, signifying the efforts of reconstruction.

It is now nearing the appointed time of noon. Had there not been so much shadow, you suppose that between the noon sun and the concrete roof, the heat may have been unbearable.

(OOC: The roof is sixty by sixty feet, so there's plenty of room to fool around. It is two stories (20ft) higher than the closest buildings, and 15ft away. Enjoy)

2007-05-23, 09:35 PM

Hara had actually decided to arrive early for an event in her life, rather then her normal habit of waiting until the absolute last moment and go running off on whatever errand it was. A good hour early in case their jounin was already there and she could get a good read of them. But that didn't seem possible since nobody was up there who looked older. So instead Hara had hunkered down in one of the corners most covered by shadow and drawn her knees up to her chest with her arms around them.

Thick black hair obscured her face and dangled down to her shoulders and obscured her rich brown eyes. A loose light green gi hung off of her lanky form, armored mesh netting easily seen underneath of it. Like most ninja her sandals had openings for her toes and were a deep blue color. Unlike most of her clothing, Hara's cotton pans were rather tight so as to not obstruct her movement and the young girl, not even a teenager, seemed very obsessed with her hand at the moment. Moving something like a calligraphy brush across the palm of the other with a very distracted air to her.

2007-05-24, 01:34 AM

A few minutes later Aoshi arrived. Seeing Hara in the corner he noded his head as a form of welcome, but remain silent - it newer was easy to start conversations for him, and besides the girl didn't look like a talkative person. Instead he pulled out a book and started to read it while awaiting for other member of the team - and the teacher - to arrive.

((OOC: Team 3? I thought that there are 3 teams running already, and that would make us Team D. [edit]Okay nevermind, was explained in OOC thread))

2007-05-24, 03:41 AM

The third arrival was a relatively short, but definitely older ninja. He was dressed strangely for a ninja, wearing neither armor nor the standard ninja-suit that almost everyone had. Instead, he wore a simple loose-fitting gray tee-shirt and a pair of gray pants. A belt looped around his waist, with two large pouches and a holster for shurikens attached to it. He certainly didn't look like a ninja, and anyone who didn't know better would just assume he was another errant teenager.

Jalin brushed his almond-colored bangs out of his eyes with one hand, glancing about for his teammates. Jalin immediately frowned once he realized that neither of his teammates were exactly the most talkative. The older ninja clapped his hands rather loudly, hoping to get their attention.

Good morning everyone!

2007-05-24, 07:17 AM

Of course it was the movement on the rooftop that drew her eyes up to the other people, that flicker of motion before someone came into sight. It was reassuring and worrying at the same time since it meant she wasn't alone any more and now she might need to start worrying. However neither of the two seemed all that edgy, not as much as her at least, so she continued what she was doing.

But with the loud clap the lanky girl jumped and her eyes flew up to the source, brown eyes going wide for a moment before everything registered. And when it did, one had a very embrassed looking genin. What sort of ninja jumped at the smallest little noise? Especially from their team-mate? They were going to think she was weak or a scaredy cat if she kept this up..

"Good morning to you too.

2007-05-24, 07:26 AM

Aoshi noticed the clap, but took his time to finish the page he was reading and bookmark it. Afterwards he responded to the last team member.

So you are the last member? Welcome then...

"I wonder when the jounin will come... - he though to himself - It's almost the time for which the meeting was scheduled.

2007-05-24, 10:02 AM
A brief flash of light illuminates the top of the roof, signifying that the sun has reached and passed it zenith. The warmth brought by the sun fades quickly as the shadow of the valley returns quickly to impose its ambient light and temperature.

Only twenty seconds pass before the sound of footsteps can be head, and for the stairwell emerge a non-impressive looking boy. He is taller than you by only a dozen centimeters, and certaintly older by only two or three years. His dark hair falls down to a few inches above his neck with only the headband on his forehead to direct the hair away from his soft, blue eyes. On his form is a white gi, grayed slightly by extended use, and over his shoulder is a heavy cloth sack. Particularly noticible are his feet, which walk barefoot on the concrete roof.

He stands at the door to the stairwell as he eyes each of you curiously before, with an expression of child-like confusion, softly stateing, "Strange, you don't look like chuunin."

2007-05-24, 10:42 AM

Probably because we aren't chuunins, but genins... Aoshi replied simply

Who is this kid, anyway? Is he supposed to be... No, impossible... A Jounin that young? young Kaguya disbelived the thought, that this boy could be his sensei.

2007-05-24, 03:26 PM

"Are you a martial artist?" Came the curious question as her face was pulled up once more to regard the new arrival. He looked like the type who practiced taijutsu more then one who specialized in the stealthy and quiet sort of missions that shinobi were hired out for...did that mean there would be less assassination missions?

The hand Hara had been staring at was closed tightly as the lanky dark haired girl rose up to her feet and approached the three others by a couple of steps.

2007-05-24, 03:49 PM
The teenager gives a cheerful grin to the oldest genin of the group. "Is that so?", he asks lightly before turning to Hara. He stretches his arm over his head and looks upwards.

"Well, you could say that I'm Martial Artist, but I do try to learn a bit of everything.", he notes humbly to the group. "I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Mizuno Daichi, and I'm to be your Jounin and sensei."

His eyes are closed playfully as he smiles to the three genin. "So, why don't I start by answering any questions you have, and then let you introduce yourselves."

2007-05-24, 04:58 PM

Introduction? Well I'm Aoshi of the Kaguya clan... extinct Kaguya clan to be more precise. And I'm mostly taijutsu user, though I plan on learning a bit of ninjutsu... I think thats all there is to say. - Aoshi replied hiding the book in his pouch while doing so.

So he is a Jounin and our sensei. I wonder what "chuunin" stuff was all about... a joke?

2007-05-24, 05:42 PM


Don't tell them! You know what'll happen if they find out! Even if that other guy is one, doesn't mean he knows about the Shikotsu Myaku. Best to just keep it simple..

"Hara...of Onee-chan's orphanage. A pleasure Daichi-sensei....why did you think we were chuunin?" Came the next curious question as the female shuffled from one foot to the other, crossing her arms over her chest. Soon enough her brown eyes were drifting around the roof top to the man who had first spoken up upon arriving on the roof. No question or inquiry just an expectant gaze.

2007-05-24, 07:34 PM

Jalin grinned at his Jounin's appearance.

A martial artist, huh? This is gonna be fun.. Just my kind of guy!

I'm Kyuha Jalin. I've got minor training as a medic-nin. Other than that.. I happen to prefer fighting with my fists. Thats about it for me. Now for my question: What about you?

He directs the last part, namely his question, toward his jounin.

2007-05-24, 08:55 PM
Daichi assumes the same position of passive, head-skyward humility as he describes himself. "Like I said, you could say I'm a Martial Artist. I've been a Jounin for six years, but didn't really feel I was mature enough for the rank then. So for a while, I've been doing some independent studying, and now I'm home and have a bright young team to teach." The sweet cheerfulness of his voice continues to permeate the area as he directs his attention first to Hara, and then the group as a whole.

"That's a very good question, Hara. I knew you were not chuunin, but I wanted to know if you thought you could be chuunin. Though it wasn't a question, Aoshi answered for you with a definite no. This brings us to our first lesson.

The young Jounin begins to walk past the group as he talks and out towards the edge. His voice becomes slightly monotone as his back slowly takes position towards the group. "A ninja should not be limited by his choices in a situation. He or she must be able to improvise and adapt. While there may seem to be only one or two answers, in this case, 'you are' or 'you are not', you must be able to see at least one more option among your choices. Answering either positive or negative would overwhelm the fact that at some point you will be Chuunin, or that you may advance to Jounin and cease to be a Chuunin. An excellent answer would be that you will become Chuunin.

Stopping at the edge, he turns around and takes a seat on the barrier. Most of his cheerfulness is now hidden behind a face of seriousness and patience. "With this in mind, let's try a simple question. Would you say that a glass of water is half full, or half empty?"

2007-05-24, 09:38 PM

She remained silent for a long moment, thinking on the question. Unclenched hand rising up to tap an index finger against her chin as she thought about what Mizuno-sensei had said and the question he poised. Think about the other options...with that in mind Hara believed she had a answer. Might not be the 'right' one but it certainly seemed to fit the bill of what was expected.

"You never said how much liquid was in the glass Mizuno-sensei. It could be completely empty or full without that information and not have any halves." Came the slow thoughtful response, her eyes searching the jounin's for a hint she was saying the wrong thing so she could stop without embrassing herself too badly.

2007-05-25, 04:03 AM

And even if we asume that the glass is filled in half, by the merit of how the question was put... Aoshi spoke ...it still doesn't mean we have to use one description or another and thus limit ourselves. Wether we say it's half-full or half-empty we still get the same result: half of a glass of water. Paraphasing what you said earlier we could even say it will become completly full or completly emty in the future... but I'm probably overdoing it. I just hope I didn't sound like an idiot. - the genin chuckled.

2007-05-25, 04:12 AM

Jalin frowned for a moment. The answers proved by his team were nice, but they felt a bit overcomplicated. Certainly if it was a factor, then the amount of liquid in the glass would have been mentioned.

I would say it's a glass that someone has drank out of.

2007-05-25, 09:40 AM
The Jounin takes a moment to lean in and get comfortable on the ledge. He clasps his hands together and holds his elbows at his knees. "Those are all very good answers, and you seem to have grasped the drill quickly. However, only Jalin actually answered the question. 'I don't know', and 'It won't matter' are exactly the sort of answers being sought, but you two focused too much on giving a right answer and assumed too much to reach them."

The Jounin closes his eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath before confessing, "Of course, the question itself does leave a lot to assume. Personally, I'm suprised a liquid could hold it's shape long enough to think about it. Let's try one with a bit less to assume. Why are we here?"

2007-05-25, 09:49 AM

The short and simple answer would be that we are here because we were asked to meet you here. The long and overthought answer would probably be: "We are here because we were reformed in a new team with you as a leader and we are suppose to carry out your orders and learn from you." Aoshi smiled slightly.

2007-05-25, 11:15 AM

"We're already here so...uh...doesn't matter why we're here just with what we're going to do...right?" A light shade of pink fluttered across her cheeks for a moment when she was told that it wasn't the exact answer that Mizuno-sensei had been looking for. But no one could be perfect...could they? Maybe this one would be better in any case.

2007-05-25, 03:15 PM

The older genin scratched his head at the new question. What the hell kind of question was that?

..Uh.. We're here because we want to be?

2007-05-26, 10:52 PM
“Again, all of those are answers that fit, but they are not what is being saught; You’re still trying to find the right answer." Daichi continues, wearing the same expression of patience as he explains. "Think about the question; what exactly was I asking? There’s not much context than can be put to it except what you percieve from experience, so how can you answer the question correctly?”

Daichi stays silent for a few moments after this, but it is clear he is not expecting an answer. He sets his hands behind his head and leans backwards over the edge, using his legs to keep himself from balancing off the building. “Here’s my answer. While this spot is definetly a good vantage point, all that can be seen from here are the old buildings of the East District. Since the war, it has been largely abandoned, and few want to travel in this area, much less live here. Yet, there is still activity. The people who come here now do not do so because of any particular quality this district posseses, but because they can see past the harsh and insisting decay of the area and view the area as vibrant once more.”

“There’s no particular truth behind what I say. Ask any of the people down there and you’ll rarely hear them say that’s how they see things; you’re liklier to hear the truth from them than from me. They need money, they want privacy, they’re supposed to, is what you'll hear, and it will be absolutely right. This is merely my point of view as I see it from this building, and that is why we are here.”

“Let’s try one more time now. Why are you here?”

2007-05-27, 06:55 AM

Uh... we are here because we aren't anywhere else? But seriously speaking if neither of previous answers weren't correct then I have no idea what the correct one is... - Aoshi shaked his headd in confusion

((OCC: Yeah, I'm seriosly confused... Perhaps I missed something obvious for people who use english as a primary language, dunno...))

2007-05-27, 08:57 AM
((OCC: Yeah, I'm seriosly confused... Perhaps I missed something obvious for people who use english as a primary language, dunno...))

The question would have been more clear if it was phrased as "Why are we here?" instead. "You" implies self, not the group as a whole.


Jalin gets quiet for a moment, a look of concentration masking his normally calm features.

We're here to look on the past mistakes of this village so that we do not repeat them. We are here to take our first step toward greatness, but we must first gaze into the eyes of failure so that we are hardened against it should we see it again. We are here because this place is a gateway of sorts, a gateway into the past of this village.

2007-05-27, 02:29 PM

"Isn't this a point of view sort of thing? Any answer we give is 'right' to some extent but its what you want to hear that we're supposed to say and I don't know what you want to hear Mizuno-sensei."

Hara said with more then a little confusion in her voice. Thats what she thought was going on anyway. It didn't sound right though. He had said why he was there...sort of...and wanted to know why they were here. So why was she here? Because she had been called here. Because it was meant to be. Because she had too. Because...

"And I'm...because I passed the test to become a genin and I'm supposed to meet you and Aoshi and Jalin."

2007-05-31, 04:17 PM
"Point of view is exactly what I'm trying to get you to see. I wanted to hear you give a type of answer, not a definite one. Not like the type of answers you would be given on a test at the Academy. Those questions are easily answered in real-life; 'How far can you throw a shuriken, or what is the opposing ninja team after?' It's important that you be able to identify a point of view away from the simple facts. 'Is it the right thing to put someones life at risk if it gives you a shot at your target? Why are your opponents after their goal, and could you make them want to lose for you?' Those sort of answers are rarely the same, and cannot be answered directly.

"The truth is set, and if you rely on it, so too shall be your options. It's when you understand all the ways that you can see what's in front of you that you will have the ultimate ability to improvise and adapt." The Jounin stands up and leans down to pick up his bag.

"That should be enough for the first day. So if your up for it, I have a mission for you three." he says, holding the bag out to the three.

(OOC: Inside the bag are 8 explosives and a detonator. Your mission for today is to place the explosives in the building in such a manner as to have the building fall in on itself. There are twelve floors and three support beams, one on each of the North, South, and East sides of the building. There is a stairwell leading from top to bottom on the North-West side. You are then to return to the top of the building and await further orders.)

2007-05-31, 05:02 PM

Just one question before we go to make sure: The target building uninhabited I assume?

((OOC: For next 2-3 days I might be slow to post if something happens since O'm going to school for the weekend. Thankfully I'm studying computer sience so I should have access to the net.))

2007-06-01, 08:19 PM
The Jounin tosses his head for a moment before answering Aoshi's question. "As far as I can tell, nobody's lived here for a while, so it's safe to assume nobody else is here. However, it's still a good idea to take a look before doing anything."

He takes the detonator from the bag, and sits back down on the ledge to begin fiddling with it.

(OOC: On an additional note; you are not required to make any demolitions checks to properly place the explosives. All you must do is convene and decide where in the building it would be best to place the explosives.)

2007-06-05, 05:10 AM

Ah, I think that we should take at least briefly check the place - there is always an possibility of some homeless person or a kid beeing there. Anyone else has other questions to sensei or can we start the mission? - Aoshi asked his teammates.

((OOC: If nobody else does Aoshi will take the explosives))

2007-06-05, 06:45 AM
[roll0]. Checking to see if someone had used a style of controlled demolition before as part of some sort of plan.


The other boy picks up two of the explosives and sticks them in a belt pouch before handing the bag to his compatriots. The relatively old ninja looked down, toward the building they were on. His right hand absentmindedly began to stroke his jaw. He wears a look of intense concentration, as if he were thinking long and hard about the task given to them.

It's not hard. If we place explosives inside the building, theres the risk that the explosion will force debris outward and potentially harm someone. So, what we want to do is force debris inward. As such, we should place the explosives on the outside of the building.

Upon realizing what he looked like from the outside, Jalin immediately popped his head up and grinned widely.

..Or I could be wrong and the explosion kills everyone involved!

2007-06-05, 10:32 AM
As Jalin attempts to recollect any strategies used to bring down buildings to share with the group, few come to mind. Rarely do ninja bring down tall structures to achieve their goal. In the few cases they have, explosives are used to destroy the support structures on the first floor, and occasionally on the 12th and 15th floors as well to fragment the building further and prevent the debris from falling too far. It was noted that staircases often carried as much support as the rest of the building.


After a thorough search of the building, it is clear that there are no others present. During your search, a few details about the building become evident. While the buildings is made of concrete, the walls inside each floor are wooden, making the structure equivalent to a hollow shell. The supports on the midpoint of each outer-wall are made of concrete as well, though the staircase does seem to have certain elements of steel.

2007-06-06, 06:56 PM
((So how about setting them up at the three support beams, one on the stairwell, one on the sixth and 12th floor, and another on on the west side with the last one...somewhere?))

2007-06-07, 04:48 AM
((Presumably we'd have to set the explosives so that one explosive mirrored the other, to prevent the structure from falling one way or another))

2007-06-07, 05:14 AM
((I think that Callos's plan is probably the best - I suggest to put the last one also on stairs - they're reinforced with steel so they might need a little more strength to destroy))

2007-06-10, 11:31 AM
Over the next hour, the three of you move around the building, placing explosives as you go. Most of the explosives end up on the first floor, either on a support beam, at the base of the stairs, or against the empty wall. As you make your way back to the top, you leave charges on the sixth and twelfth floor.

At the top, Diachi can be seen sitting upon the empty cloth sack and fiddling with the detonator. He ceases his tampering and stands up to greet you again.

"Hello students. I take it all of the charges have been properly placed? There is one last thing I want you to do today." The Jounin takes a moment to toy with the detonator before holding it out face-forward. On the front of the detonator can be seen a digital counter.

Daichi's voice takes a more sinister tone. "This building is now prepared to be demolish thanks to your work. Unfortunately, you are at the top, and even at your fastest pace you won't make it down the building in less than three minutes. That limit is why I have set this timer to two minutes." The Jounin presses a switch on the side and the counter lights up with '2:00'. He takes a single step backward and falls into stance. His body begins to glow with a faint hue of blue.

"Your orders are; Do as you must." The timer moves down a second.

2007-06-10, 01:00 PM
((Initiative (1d20+3=22) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1095039) woohoo nice... awaiting for the turn order before doing anything else ;P)

2007-06-10, 01:03 PM

Taking it in stride, Jalin thinks for a moment.

How are you guys going to get off the top of this building? Hopefully, everyone has some way of either moving fast or.. Well, flying.

([roll0] Initiative)

2007-06-10, 05:44 PM

After planting the explosives, with the guidance of her fellow team members, it was a welcome relief to come back up to the top of the roof to report to their sensei that their task had been completed without too much of a hassle. How hard could it be to bring down a building after all?

Thats when the hammer fell and so did her jaw.

He's going to blow up the building with us on it?!

It was as if something had froze inside of her head, making it impossible to hash out a plan with the others. Instead she observed them with the same shocked and dismayed expression as chakra flowed smoothly through her thin bony frame, making her stronger and faster. A simple combination of jutsu that most ninja at least knew of, but Hara knew it still wouldn't be possible to run all the way down through the building to escape the blast. Instead she took a more direct route.

The words had hardly left Jalin's mouth before a black haired blur went whipping past, the young genius sprinting towards the west edge at full speed and showing no signs of stopping. At the very last second Hara bent her leading leg and and pushed. The result was to send her flying over the edge towards the next building, one that was a good two stories lower.

Wind ripped past her face drawing a smile form the subdued girl as she closed the distance to the other ledge and began the free fall towards the roof of the other building. For the first time she didn't have a care in the world..for a little bit anyway. Hara didn't want to physically harm herself in this little stunt after all. Hands pulled through the motions of some hand signs, hard to do with the wind pulling at her...

"Kawarimi no jutsu!" Came the ghostly call from down the ledge as Hara called into a slab of stone to act as her substitute underneath of her. Focusing once more, the slip of a girl planted her feet on the substitute's back and pushed off at the last second, pulling her arms and legs in and rolling nimbly across the roof top. Wincing some, Hara pulled herself up and looked amazed when she noticed only a couple of mild bruises and scrapes and nothing serious. Turning to look over her shoulder to were the rest of her team was, she cupped her mouth and shouted loudly "C'mon! You don't have much time!"

Iniative: [roll0]
Shodan check: 1d20+5=21 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1095367)
Namidatsu Check:1d20+5=24 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1095378)
First Jump Check and Action point: 1d20+4=24, 1d6=2 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1095396)
Substitution check: 1d20+6=15 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1095391)
Second Jump Check: 1d20+4=23 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1095399)
Tumble check: 1d20+3=20 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1095402)

2007-06-10, 05:58 PM
((Well since the initiatives are there))


I suspect that you don't give us the detonator if we ask for it? If so... - Aoshi quickly made a few handseals and disappeared in a puff of smoke leaving only a piece of debris behind.
... then we'll have to try to take it. - split seconds after his disappearance Kaguya appeared behind his sensei and attempted to snatch the detonator from his hand.

Shodan Kousoku (2 extra chakra to add +4 to perform) (1d20+13=27) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1095432)
Kawarimi no Jutsu (1 extra chakra to add +2 to perform) (1d20+11=20) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1095445) [Yeah, the roll had a wrong description, I know/ I'm attempting this in hopes of catching sensei flat footed xD]
Attack Roll (vs the detonator, touch attack I think) (1d20+7=20, 1d6=5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1095455)
CP 11/16
AP 5/6

2007-06-10, 07:21 PM

The older shinobi didn't move as Hara ran past and leap off the building. Glad that she was safe, Jalin simply shut her out of his mind. The important thing now was to get Aoshi off the building before it exploded. He mentally counted down the time, keeping tabs on it to ensure he didn't shave things alittle too closely.

He wasn't surprised by the threat of the explosion. And certainly the idea of dying wasn't a big problem to him. He was alittle worried about Aoshi getting out alive, and right now that was all that mattered. Jalin quickly formed a plan, something that would let him help in atleast a minor way. He began speaking, addressing the jounin directly and ensuring that, at best, he'd distract the jounin with his various questions.

But why? Assuming we fail, we'd have died. Theres not alot of other genin around here, and our deaths would reflect badly on you. So why allow the risk of our deaths? Are we even in danger? Is this just another test of our ability to react?

Even as he spoke, he slowly worked the hand-seals of one of his jutsus. If he succeeded in distracting the jounin, then the hand-seals wouldn't be necessary. If he failed in distracting the jounin, he'd have to save Aoshi anyway. Jalin grinned as an idea formed in his head. There would be time to save Aoshi, and certainly enough to save himself.

Unless you want me to roll, I'm not gonna bother. With an innate +11 and no modifications done to the hand-seals, I auto-succeed on the perform check.

2007-06-10, 11:40 PM
As Aoshi and Jalin prepare to face their sensei, Hara makes a desperate jump across to the next building. The Jounin doesn't even bat an eye towards her as she runs, standing incredibly still in his stance. He stays completely stationary until Aoshi disappears in a blur, raising only an eyebrow cleverly.

When Aoshi appears behind the Jounin, Jalin can see a look of surprise on the sensei's face. Aoshi's maneuver to catch Mizuno off-guard succeeds, but is short lived as he opens himself up to grab at the detonator. The sensei turns and strikes his palm against Aoshi's shoulder, sending a shock into Aoshi's arm and forcing him to withdraw.

With a similar hand-sign to Aoshi's, Mizuno becomes a single blur between his current position and directly in front of Jalin. Seven inches taller, he towers over him menacingly and laughes. Jalin cannot see an attack, only feeling a sudden sharp pain in the center of his chest radiating to the rest of his body.

His heart skips a beat.


Aoshi makes a Disarm Attempt and provokes an AoO. Aoshi takes 6 Raiton Damage and fails the disarm.

Daichi performs Sandan Kousoku, converting hit points to Chakra. He attacks Jalin once for 11 Raiton Damage.

Turn order is:

2007-06-11, 10:04 AM

Damn. I could try a bit longer but Jalin got hit badly. I don't think that he could handle another hit.

Jalin, get over here! - Aoshi shouted while simultanously concentrating chakra on his feet and pulling out something from his pouch.

Kinobori - Autosucces due to Harmony feat
CP 10/16
Ready action to throw Makibishi if Jalin comes to me to block off senseis path
Now the building has 12 floors. Floor is about 3 meters high, so 3 floors otal to 9 meters or 30 feet. That means the whole building is about 120 feet tall, ame I missing something? :smallbiggrin:

((OOC: Zero do you wan't to go suicide and risk getting hurt/killed while I attempt to get the detonator, or do we follow plan B i.e. getting the hell out of here?))

2007-06-12, 10:57 PM

Grinning, the smaller ninja ducked away and begin moving toward Aoshi. He finished the handsigns for his transformation jutsu just as he arrived.

Grab on!

Running toward the edge, Jalin reaches out to grab Aoshi. He waited a moment, then yelled to the other ninja to jump. As soon as Aoshi was in the air, the missing-nin from the Land of Fire exploded into a cloud of smoke.

Jalin had used Henge no Jutsu to transform himself into a glider, and using Aoshi's downward momentum as a spring-board to force the glider to go forward faster than it would fall. They'd easily get space away from the building that way.

Performing Henge no Jutsu, auto-success. Not converting Chakra to hit points. Based on Aoshi's jump check, we could easily clear the area since I am a glider.

2007-06-14, 10:57 AM
Though Jalin has turned his back on his sensei to run, he does not take the opportunity to strike, nor does his follow after Jalin as he transforms into a glider and flies Aoshi and himself to safety on the next building.

It takes a few moments before realizing that your sensei has not followed yet. You only have time to blink to be proven wrong as he tumbles in on a blur, then stands and takes stance.

Aoshi and Jalin successfully fly the gap, joining Hara. Combat breaks for one round, and Daichi successfully jumps the gap. Re-roll initiative.

2007-06-14, 11:08 AM

Hmmm. Since we're no longer on the mined building, and we shouldn't be caught in the explosion unless we messed up setting up explosives, then what is the "goal" now? Getting the detonator stil? Or just trying to beat you? - Kaguya was was puzzled, and perhaps this dulled his reactions

Initiative (1d20+3=5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1101574)
Shodan Kousoku is still in action under the new rules.
Actual actions will come when I'll learn my place in initiative order and/or get some explanations from sensei assuming that he is willing to talk :P

2007-06-14, 11:44 AM

The moment he lands, Jalin rolls and lets go of the Henge. He immediately pulls out one of his smoke bombs and flings it against the ground. Once their sensai arrives, however, he readies himself. Since he was effectively invisible behind the smoke-wall, he immediately went through the hand-seals of Bunshin no Jutsu.


During the one-round break in combat, Jalin is going to ignite and throw a smoke bomb centered on his square, hopefully he'll catch Aoshi in it as well.

On my turn, I'm going to perform Bunshin no Jutsu, make only one clone. The rest of my plan will depend on Hara's and Aoshi's ability to grasp the plan. :smalltongue:

2007-06-15, 09:22 PM

A sigh of relief came from the bony girl as both of her team mates came flying over the edge of the building to land on the same roof top that she had chosen to land on. But when their sensei came hurtling over as well and took up a fighting stance she...she looked very puzzled. Just to be safe though Hara pulled out out the fuuma shuriken concealed in her belt and held it in her good hand with a confused look on her face.

"Isn't the test over sensei?"

2007-06-16, 12:52 PM
The sensei continues to hold onto his recently serious demeanor as he answers his students questions. "Jalin continues to have the right ideas. Consider that I am the aggressor of this situation. With your assistance, I am going to destroy a building. If you do not stop me, is it not possible I will try to set up more explosives in other buildings?" Daichi taps his foot on the roof, shoving around a loose block of concrete. He shifts his stance and holds out the detonator.

"Perhaps I already have?"

With out further warning, Daichi runs into the spreading smoke, joining Jalin and soon Aoshi in visual obscurity.

Turn order is;

The smoke will be at 15ft next round. Time remain is 1 minute and 36 seconds at the end of this round.

2007-06-17, 07:02 AM
((Hmm, it seems I'm the only one that didn't post actions ahead of initiative count))


So he did it afterall... or at least he wants us to think so. Anyway getting rid of the detonator is probably the only way now. - the boy thought to himself. Under the cover of smoke he slipped the kimono from his arm slightly and then proceeded to pull the bone that went through his skin. After a few seconds he was holding an sharp ended weapon, typical for his clansmen in his right hand.

Now to find him in that smoke... what is Jalin planning?

Create bone weapon, medium size.
CP 9/10
Left arm unusable: 1st round of 7
Annd thats about it for the round

2007-06-17, 12:24 PM

Finishing the hand signs for Bunshin no Jutsu, Jalin moved away from the point where his teacher had charged into the smoke. The bunshin clone immediately began to run toward the edge of the wall as Jalin began working on the handsigns for Henge no Jutsu.

From outside the smoke, it'd appear as if Jalin had just fled and was dashing toward the edge rather quickly. The real Jalin would be invisible inside the smoke, however.

2007-06-17, 10:34 PM
Everyone tenses as Aoshi, Jalin and Daichi all vanish in smoke. Nobody can tell what is going on, or who is where. Hara sees the smoke break as Jalin exits and makes a mad dash for the edge. He does not even turn his eyes to notice her.

Nothing seems to happen.

You may make a DC 15 Listen Check to find Daichi's square, but take a 50% miss chance if you try to attack him while he is obscured.

2007-06-18, 01:34 PM

Because he gave no other commands, the Bunshin simply runs off the edge without any thought. Jalin immediately repeats the jutsu, creating another clone in the spot he was at before dashing out of the cloud toward where he remembered Hara had been.

The moment he bursts from the cloud, his index finger goes up to his lips, signaling to the kunoichi not to make a sound.

2007-06-18, 03:37 PM

The billowing of smoke made the girl freeze up as all of the other genin and her sensei went plunging into it to attempt a resolution. But when Jalin came running out and went straight over the edge she paused before joining them. Was he attempting to do what she had? But that wouldn't work! At best he'd only slow a tremendous fall!

Then another Jalin came out from the smoke and raised a finger to his lips she understood and nodded. Creeping over to were he was, Hara leaned close with her mouth practically right next to his ear and whispering as softly as she possibly could.

"Do you have a plan Jalin-kun?"

2007-06-18, 04:08 PM

Staying quiet, the older ninja ran through the hand-signs for Henge no Jutsu quickly. He did his best to keep from making any sounds, and the moment he finished his run-through he pointed toward the large shuriken in her hands. Jalin immediately jutted out a thumb toward the smoke cloud, hoping to convey the exceptionally simple message with an equally simple hand-gesture.

2007-06-19, 04:56 PM
Hara and Jalin exchange signals to silently convey their plans. They do so efficiently, but do not have enough time to enact a plan before spotting their Jounin carrying a struggling Aoshi by the neck at the far end of the smokescreen. Aoshi's left arm is limp, and held in his right hand is undoubtedly the bones for the limb.

The Jounin is smiling once again, sinisterly. "I hope you aren't planning anything while I have your teammate here. Be careful what you say or do next, you just might kill him!

"Then again, what is there to say? Just how much sense can you make out of all of this to say anything?"

Aoshi and Daichi are now grappling. Aoshi fails a second grapple check and is moved 15ft.

2007-06-21, 11:25 AM
If you kill me... you will loose... so go ahead, make my day! - Aoshi hissed while simultaneously making an desparate attempt to struggle free.

Grapple (1d20+5=25) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1114739) Escape grapple, should be 23, forgot to add penalty for one arm being unusable.

2007-06-23, 08:53 AM

"Negotiations then Daichi-sensei. Shinobi have multiple tools to solve problems, what are your demands? If you have none we should assume your merely a crazed arsonist and seek out the ANBU to stop you."

Hara's voice came from behind Jalin who had his back turned to Daichi. With a flick of her wrist, the pale girl opened up the four long blades and held the weapon at the ready as she saw Aoshi struggling to get free from their Jounin teacher.

"Daichi-sensei, I also ask for a prisoner exchange. Aoshi-kun is injured and Jalin-kun can at least prevent him from getting worse. Aoshi-kun for me, sound fair?"


Readying an action: If Aoshi gets free, throw the fuuma shuriken at the detonator (In a 'knock it out of his hands' kind of way not 'cut it in half' kind of way).


If he agrees to the prisoner exchange then Hara will step forward though once Aoshi is a good distance away.

2007-06-24, 06:38 PM
Aoshi makes a brief struggle to break free of Daichi's grasp, only to strafe around the Jounin and end up back in the same position. Once again maintaining a good hold on his hostage, Daichi directs his grin towards Hara.

"Demands? Sure, I have some demands, maybe even an exchange. I'll give you my prisoner here and the detonator, and in exchange, you all hand over all the money you have." Daichi anchors his glowing hand particularly close to Aoshi's head. "I trust you have your wallets with you, or else I just might do as my hostage dares."

2007-06-25, 04:05 PM

The ninja stayed where he was, keeping himself quiet. With his back turned to his jounin, keeping the more powerful ninja from seeing the hand-seals he was performing, Jalin begin to perform Henge no Jutsu.

As soon as he was finished, he turned around. Jalin now looked exactly like Aoshi, even down to the clothes he wore and the limp left arm. The Aoshi look-a-like pointed at the Jounin and yelled out rather loudly.

Now! Attack him!

In that instance, the bunshin he had left in the smoke cloud rushed out toward the jounin. Without being able to identify the real Jalin, it would have appeared as if Aoshi had escaped.

Auto-success on Henge, not converting to HP.

2007-06-27, 09:16 PM
Daichi raises a brow as Jalin transformed into Aoshi. On command, Hara lobs her fuuma shuriken, and both it and the clone descend upon Daichi. The jounin ignores the clone, letting it run at and hit him square in the face with little consequence as it burst into smoke upon contact. He tips the hand with the detonator in it, and hits the fuuma shuriken from below, sending it clattering off to the side.

The jounin pauses for a moment, then looks out towards Jalin/Aoshi, confused. "I don't get it. Either your pretty bad at impersonating voices, or I'm failing to see a very clever trap hidden behind this." He squeezes Aoshi's neck before adding, "If you do have a trap, spring it. Don't wait."

2007-06-29, 06:56 AM
Okay this is getting absurd. For one the the "hostage" issue - like I said before if you kill me your defense vanishes - hostages work only if you're crazy enough not to care about it or if you are able to scare the others to belive you. I don't think you're crazy, and I don't think you can scare them with this anyomre. As for "money for hostage" - we'll I can't speak for others but I don't take money with me on meetings that can turn in missions - it would be just dead weight. So that option is probably out too. Plus unless you're suicide you'll want to get away before detonation yourself, and that would leave time window for us to get the hell out of here. We also have exhausted possibilities of beating you - I can't get free, Jalin is out of chakra and Hara won't be much challenge by herself - if this would be an real life or death situation only option that would make sense now is for me and Hara to stall you while Jalin tries to find someone capable of dealing with threat fo your level. By ourselves we are yet to weak to deal with an jounin - even if he's holding back. - Aoshi shrugged.

((OOC: I'll be +/- unavailable for the coming week due to exams. Afterwards I will probably start work, but I should be able to update once-twice a week)

2007-06-29, 12:49 PM

"Sensei...we we're never supposed to try and get the detonater were we? I don't think you even really gave us explosives to set up in the building or that there's even other ones in other buildings since you'd be killing yourself in the process which would be pointless." Hara said pointedly with frustration lacing her voice after the shuriken had failed to hit its mark. That was indeed something she'd have to work on in the future before trying such a thing again. But something about what Aoshi had said had rang true in her head, especially when she thought back to what Daichi-sensei had said before to one of Jalin's actions or words.

"Well...its that or you collected the bombs even as we set them up...Jalin-kun, can you go check the rooftop? Sensei had a bag up there that might hold some more answers for us."

2007-06-30, 08:16 AM

Frowning, Jalin released the Henge. When Aoshi made his speech, he kept quiet and didn't say anything. After all, that was Aoshi's business, not his. However, he took notice when Hara addressed him directly and asked him to expend more chakra. Jalin's frown deepened. He kept his voice low as he responded to Hara's question.

I could, but I don't think I could help Aoshi if I do. Honestly, it doesn't matter. I'm gonna venture that we have about 45 seconds or less left now. If he wanted to escape the blast, if there is one, alive then he'd have to end this quickly. Which means either killing Aoshi and us, or running away and giving us a chance to escape as well.

2007-07-03, 12:46 AM
"Shut up, shut up, shut up!", Daichi shouts as he tosses Aoshi back and forward in his arm with each repetition. "I can't stand people when they drag themselves out like that!" Slowly (ever so slowly to Aoshi's chagrin), he stops shaking him and turns his attention to Hara.

"Pointless?", he says with equal curiosity as when the trap failed. "What are you saying, that I can't do anything here? Is that so? If there really is no reason for me to be doing any of this, what do you plan to do?"

2007-07-03, 07:02 AM

My plan? My plan is to stand here for the next.. oh.. 40 seconds? Or atleast until you move off this building. Even if you wanted to seriously hurt one of us, you wouldn't put yourself at the risk of death. And since this is training, you wouldn't put us at risk of death either. Ultimately, you'd have to be here to be away from the blast or on another building to be away from this blast. So no matter what we do now, we can't stop the explosions from going off. But we can keep ourselves alive by staying close to you. Either way, I don't intend to die today and if that means staying near you until that bomb goes off then so be it.

Jalin spit abit of his own blood on the floor. It was starting to back-up into his mouth from that last punch, and he couldn't keep ignoring it forever. Even as his legs strained to keep himself standing, he didn't let anyone seem him weaken.

So, Daishi-sensei, what's it going to be?

2007-07-08, 08:15 PM
The Jounin tenses up once more, putting a further squeeze on Aoshi's held neck. "Is that your final answer?", he says more in confirmation than question. "I suppose if it is, then I have no other choice. I surrender. As you pointed out, I have no intention to hurt you, of course." As his says this, he releases his grasp on Aoshi.

"I think that's about all we should do for today. We should get you some medical attention to make sure I didn't cause any serious harm, but first, back to questions for a moment. You knew this was training, and from that knew I wouldn't hurt you. If you knew this, and figured this was all pointless, why did you have to wait for me to quit before it ended?"

2007-07-09, 07:17 AM

Wel if I'm understanding the question right, the answer is that you were the tester, and thus you had to decide when does the test end. In other words to end the test we had to convince you that the test no longer has a reason - in other words provide an correct answer. But if you ask why we didn't try to end it this way from the beggining - well perhaps we needed some time to actually see through to grasp the true point - or lack of such - of the test.

While speaking Aoshi slowly hid the bone he'd pull out earlier behind his back - no reason to freak out others, and his left arm should heal any second anyway.

2007-07-09, 08:42 AM

Grinning widely, he looks toward their sensei.

Because anything else would be giving up in the face of adversity. If we surrender, then we've proven to be incapable of facing near-death, if we died, then we've proven that we were not fit to be jounin in the first place. So there was only one course of action for us.

2007-07-11, 11:20 PM
Daichi raises a brow at Aoshi as he hides the bone in his hand, as if it wasn't visible while he was being held. "I suppose it's true, I did give you a test and there is an unspoken obligation to at least answer the questions. If I recall though, I've never taken a test where I couldn't just leave, or at least set down my pencil. I remember doing that on a few less interesting subjects. They said I was an underachiever, but I never saw any reason to take the pointless tests." he says, losing his awareness slightly as if about to describe a story of his past. He does not, however, begin to monologue about himself, instead moving on to address the whole group.

"I guess this isn't the place for that sort of talk. What do you say that after we get a medical nin to examine all of you, we go someplace to eat and get to know each other? We should still be able to get lunch by the time we're done."

2007-07-12, 12:15 AM

"Daichi-sensei...were there ever really bombs?" Hara asked with more then a hint of curiousity coloring her tone as she went over to Jalin-kun and peered at him with a side-long glance. The both of them seemed injured but Daichi-sensei was close to Aoshi-kun so he wouldn't need any help getting to the medical nin.

Once she was close enough the pale skinny girl cast a glance down to the ground and asked the boy softly. "Jalin-kun...I think I hurt myself in the jump from the other building, could you help me down the stairs?"

2007-07-12, 01:24 AM
Jalin looked away for a moment, swallowing the little pool of blood that had collected in the back of his mouth. He choose to ignore the fact that the other kid was just holding a piece of his own arm for the time being. What with all kinds of jutsu floating around, it probably had an entirely reasonable explanation. The older ninja plastered on a grin, trying to keep his team from worrying too much, and limped over to help Hara.

You gotta be careful with crazy jumps like that. It's dangerous to go alone, ya know?

A cookie if you get the reference.

2007-07-12, 04:53 AM

Perhaps you're right sensei... But then pencils don't follow us after we put them down, don't they? One could say that by removing ourselves from the other building we tried to "end the test". - replied Aoshi and shrugged. He wasn't to keen on the idea of "getting to know each other", but then it would probably prove impossible to find an good excuse to disappear. The best he could do is to sit quiet and hope they won't bother him too much.

2007-07-13, 02:04 AM

"I know Jalin-kun. I'll attempt to be more careful in the future." Hara promised though what she said was odd in and off itself. One did not become a ninja so she or he could be safe, they usually did it out of some sort of patriotic need or of the need for excitement. If one wanted safe then they went into something calmer and less fatal...like baking.

But those sort of thoughts probably weren't what was going through Hara's mind as she slipped one arms underneath of Jalin's arms. Subtly supporting the older boy as she faked a minor limp of her as she had told the others.

2007-07-14, 10:27 PM
"I suppose pencils do not follow you, Aoshi, but I did get yelled at quite frequently none-the-less.", he says, clearly with some less than fond memory a short distance from his tongue. He takes the detonator in his hand a chucks it over the edge. On the way down, Aoishi hangs back and does the same with his bones.

Carefully, everyone makes their way down the building, with Hara helping Jalin down the stairs. Occasionally, Jalin receives a feeling, like a hiccup, except from high in his chest instead of his diaphram.

Once down on street level, you exit the complex of buildings and alleyways and head towards the main road. As you do, you have to duck under some red tape which had been placed there in your absence. After crossing more tape, this time yellow, you reach the main street which is surprisingly empty compared to when you saw it from above. Only a small group wearing yellow jackets hangs around, towards which Daichi shouts, "You can go ahead once we're clear."

A few minutes down the beaten path, you hear an series of explosions behind you, tenths of seconds between each other. Looking back, a large cloud of dust spreads several hundred meters out. Of twelve buildings, nothing remains amidst the rubble of the ones you had stood on.


At the hospital, everyone is examined. Hara is told that nothing serious is hurt, but it would be best to avoid putting any more major stress on her legs today. Aoishi's neck, though sore, is perfectly fine. His shoulder, however, should not be expected to respond quickly for a few hours. Jalin's blood pressure is high, and his heart is skipping beats randomly. Though the rest of you are informed that you are free to go providing you get some rest tonight, Jalin is to stay at the hospital so his condition can be monitored for application.

Before leaving, Daichi can be seen being scolded by one of the taller, intimidating nurses.


After the hospital, the two genins and the jounin head back to the East District, and fall into a relatively empty restaurant. Daichi seems rather sullen as he mentions that everything is on him. After a waiter comes by to ask what drinks you want, Daichi smiles up at the two, though with less radiance than previously.

"So, where is it you two live?", he inquires, trying to strike some conversation.


Jalin is taken to a hospital bed, and is hooked up to a heart monitor. After the nurse leaves upon comforting him that he'll be just fine, he is all alone in the room except for the rhythmic beat of the monitor. Every few minutes, the monitor goes flat for a beat, then after forcing the beats closer together as he watches the screen.

Jalin needs to make a fortitude save.

2007-07-15, 12:06 AM
Jalin's Save (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1151839).

2007-07-15, 05:31 PM

Just a small room I rented. - Aoshi replies hestiantly.
Nothing special, just enough space to sleep and keep some stuff.

((OOC: Should I assume that I got healed by medics from those 4 points of damage, or whatever little I took?))

2007-07-16, 04:13 PM

Hara quietly ordered a plate of dango, waiting silently as Aoshi explained where he lived and Daichi asked where they lived. How was she supposed to answer? Was the test still going on? Maybe she was just over thinking the matter again...So instead she took a large bite of the sugary treat and chewed thoughtfully before answering the man.

"I live Sakada-senpai at the orphanage...what about you Daichi-sensei? Where do you live?"

2007-07-22, 08:22 PM
Jalin continues watching the heart monitor as it stops occasionally. Eventually, the pauses become placed further apart as his heart reasserts it's rhythm, until the only pause heard is between individual beats.

After a few more minutes of waiting, one of the nurses returns to examine you. She goes through all the measures, checking your blood pressure and shining a light in your eye (whatever that may be for). She moves on to performing a Jutsu, and placing her hand on your chest for a moment. The nurse then informs you that if you'll just stay and rest for a few more minutes, you'll be free to go.


Daichi seems slightly surprised, but says, "Right now, I'm temporarily staying with my parents until I find a place. Finding an apartment wasn't my first priority on returning." He looks at his glass of water for a few moments before asking.

"Are you brother and sister, or is Kaguya a clan name? I guess since you two don't live together, your probably not that closely related."

The Nurses use Mystical Palm Technique on Jalin. He will recover twice the rate of hit points so long as you take not strenuous activity, as if resting. You may go ahead and join the others.

2007-07-22, 08:45 PM

Her world came to an abrupt and shuddering halt as Daichi-sensei mentioned the fact she used to be a member of the Kaguya clan. How did he know? Who had told him and what was he going to do with the information? Would she be driven out of the village as a monster again?

Then her head swiveled around to look at Aoshi and she could feel her heart pounding in her chest. So he was one too...had he done the same sort of things she had or was he different from her? More....normal. It was something she'd have to find out some day...but not now...maybe later on after she tried covering her tracks...

"Brother and...? Not at all Daichi-sensei, you must be mistaken about me. I'm just Hara. No Kaguya or anything else....and why do you still live in your parent's house?" She said with a hint of bite in her tone. For the first time since the team had met Hara seemed downright hostile...in a subtle sort of way that girls and women had perfected the world over and just seemed to proclaim "Drop it and no one will lose something they like."

2007-07-24, 08:16 AM

Daichi's question caught Aoshi completly off-guard. Hara an Kaguya? Another member of the clan alive. Unbelivable... yet Hara's reaction seemed a bit to hasty and agressive. As if she was hiding something. Aoshi tried to hide his surprise and responded.

- I know nothing of what you seem imply sensei. I can only say that I've met Hara for the first time on that roof. - the answers coudl wait - either Dachi will push the matter, or the truth will reveal itself during combat - Kaguyas clan abilities were obvious enoguh. And in the meantime...

- Which reminds me - what did you use on Jalin and me? He looked pretty pale when we left him, and I can't say it tickled either.

2007-07-24, 09:39 AM

While the nurses were getting ready, Jalin got dressed. He waited patiently until he was told he could leave. Once given that freedom, he exercised it. The young shinobi made his way away from the hospital. He wandered for a bit, but avoided going to the diner where the rest of his team would be. After about thirty minutes of wandering, Jalin started heading home. It was getting late, and he certainly didn't want to talk to Daichi anymore today.

I'm just gonna assume that, unless disturbed, Jalin is going to do his daily routine then head to bed early.

2007-07-26, 05:10 PM
Daichi seems a bit taken aback by Hara's hostility. "Well, hey, I'm just sixteen, you know?" He blushes a little bit at the thought. He turns back to Aoshi.

"That technique was called The Heavenly Body. It's a mix of Taijutsu and Elemental Ninjutsu, and I'll say that it didn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside either. It forces chakra of your affinity into you, and if you don't have control over it, it really starts to wear on the body. I should have thought about how much control I had over it before using it.

"That was an interesting weapon you had back there, Aoshi. I didn't think you had it earlier, so I guess you summoned it, right? It's strange though that it looked alot like the bones from someones arms."


Jalin heads home after the ordeal, looking to get some rest. By his estimate, it was still only early afternoon. If he went home to rest now, he might be able to get a bit of training in before going to sleep late.

2007-07-30, 08:36 PM

"Daichi-sensei...how did you become a Jounin at sixteen?...And shouldn't you have earned enough to move out of your parent's house by now?" Despite the somewhat...inquisitive and private nature of her questions, the bite has disappeared out of Hara's voice when he stopped pressing about her last name. It was bad enough she had done it in the first place and she could hear Sakada-sempai's voice scolding her in her head about her rudeness.

What a way to start off the first day of being on a squad.

2007-07-31, 12:15 PM

Yes, it was a bit special weapon, and you're close enough on what it was and how I got it - but I'd rather not discuss the details right now, unless it's necessary. Afterall secret weapons aren't very usefull if they aren't kept secret. - Aoshi smiled just for a second - Sooner or later you'll probably learn more about it anyway.

2007-08-05, 06:48 PM
Daichi nods to Aoshi and takes a sip of his water before raising his head in thought to Hara's question.

"I think those two can be answered at the same time. With a lot of hard work, I took and passed the Jounin exam six years ago. A few thought I was a prodigy, but a few others thought otherwise about me being a Jounin. After a bit of discussion with the later, I went on a journey, during which I... Ended up spending all of my money before the end." He looks down, a bit embarrassed of having spent all his money. "I haven't had enough time since returning to build up enough to get my own place."

2007-08-06, 01:14 PM

"You spent it on gambling, didn't you sensei?" Hara said a bit playfully as she picked up another stick of dango and took a bite out of it. Despite her paranoia she honestly felt herself relaxing here among the company of these two strangers. Well not really strangers since she was finding out more about Daichi sensei every second and already she knew something very important about Aoshi-kun.

2007-08-11, 04:30 PM
Daichi picks up on the playfulness, pretending to frown and act crestfallen, "Aw, that's not very nice. You should have more faith in the integrity of your teacher. Besides, isn't it illegal to do so at my age?"


The rest of lunch goes pleasantly, each of the three passing on little details and jokes to the others, enjoying the company and the free meal. The whole team heads home at their own pace, some before and some after the meal. It seems a bit early to do so, but Daichi reassures the two that they'll get down to training tomorrow.


The next day comes too soon as your Sensei goes around to each of your homes early in the morning to pick you up, heading to Hara's, Aoshi's, then Jalin's residence. He drags all you out to a plain, open field a few hundred meters from the training grounds, motioning you to sit down on the grass as he takes a seat on a stray boulder.

"Okay guys. I've read over the profiles I've received, and it would seem skill-wise, we're one of the most similar team. We all have high aptitudes for taijutsu, and from there our skills branch out in vary degrees and styles.

"When the next chunin exam rolls around I want you all to be prepared, and if we focus on martial-arts as the core of your training, I know you won't have much trouble passing. However, before I start any kind of training program with you like that, I want to hear from you yourselves what you think you're good at, and what you're most interested in getting better at."

A single 4-hour period (1/2 training day) is available for use between the previous day and the current if you wish to take it.

2007-08-11, 07:01 PM

Hara still remained a little withdrawn during the chat but she did open up just a little. It was when she got back to Sakada's that she truly got excited and spent a good bit telling the orphanage owner just what had happened all through out her day. After that though she went out back where kid's usually played and got to work herself on her own training.


Sweat leaked down her brow and her muscles ached in ways she didn't know they could ache and still she hadn't made any progress with the technique! Desperation made her impatient and impatience made her careless. The more she tried the harder it got! In the end she almost wanted to cry from frustration but instead her shoulders sagged and she retreated inside for some sleep.

Just in time for Daichi-sensei to come and get her. Yawning sleepily as she followed after her sensei until she got to the training ground and struggling to stay up on her feet as he spoke. "Um...well the teachers always said I was good at taijutsu...I use some suiton based jutsu and my chakra control is probably a little below average. I'm...hard to take apart into individual categories Daichi-sensei."

2007-08-12, 12:34 AM

During the night, Jalin spent his time meditating quietly. He went over his studies, replaying his training bouts in his mind to sharpen his technique. He thought back to a technique he had remembered reading about and thought to try and learn it.


He made some progress during the early morning hours before the sun rose. He had even moved the wind around his finger just a tad. Most of it was due to luck though, but he did find a natural knack for moving the wind. He immediately went to the library to see what he could learn about the Wind element and whether certain people were more or less capable with it.

When Daichi-sensei arrived, Jalin was sitting on his front porch, contemplating what he had learned. While they made their way to the field, Jalin picked up a couple of sets of kunai from a street-merchant. "Uh, Daichi-sensei, I only know one taijutsu technique. I feel my talents lie more in the realm of ninjutsu. As for what I'm interested in getting better at.. Well, I have horrific chakra control. It's bad enough that I can barely control even the most basic of techniques."

2007-08-14, 05:23 AM

After the lunch Aoshi quickly disappears. He spends some time at the office, filling the papers for a license, yet to his frustration he learns it'll take another day before he gets it. Having nothing better to do he heads back home to train a little, but despite his best attempts something seems to be going wrong.


The next day Dachi-sensei found Aoshi already waiting, and enjoying an book in the meantime. When they got to the training field he sat down and listened to both Dachi's question and his team-mates answers before replying.

- As you guesed I'm primarly an Taijutsu user. Some teacher in academy claimed that I have wind-type chakra, but since I havn't had an occasion to learn any ninjutsu except for Kawarimi it's of no consequence for now. Apart from that I think I have quite decent chakra control - even though I don't seem to have natural talent for it I try to make up with training - but no skill in genjutsu. I also learned a bit about tactics from a... family friend... when I was young.

HP 24/27
CP 16/16
Zentai Bougyo (1d20=3) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1207911) (Blah failed. Aaand since it takes 3 days with development I'll waste another 2.5 day of future training sessions >>)
Buying Licensed licence - autosuced

2007-08-16, 12:54 AM
Daichi smiles and nods to each of you. "Okay then. There isn't much I can do to help you guys with ninjutsu, since all of mine are elemental based. I could teach you a few Aoshi, but I'm not sure if you two would pick up on any of them."

He sighs and looks down from atop his boulder. He talks a bit under his breath, as if only to himself, but still loud enough to address you. "If I had any money I'd buy you guys some scrolls and such to get you some real training.... But, I'm still your teacher, and know quite a few Taijutsu techniques I can teach you, and I have a friend of mine whom I sure wouldn't mind helping you guys out with your Chakra Control." he says, blushing a bit and wrapping an arm behind his head, "I could use a few lesson on that myself."

He straitens his back, and does his best to look official in his announcement. "So, this how we'll do our training. You guys will need to acquire any scrolls or equipment yourselves. If you being me a technique you want to learn, I can provide assistance and tutor your some. I can teach you myself any Taijutsu you're looking for, and my friend can handle your Chakra control training starting some time next week.

"As for today; We'll all start with a long distance run around the village, then come back here and do this list of exercises I worked out for you.." he says, casually pulling a scroll from his pockets, rolling out it's several foot length full of writing, "Should take us 'till lunch, then you guys can go ahead and do your own thing for the rest of the day."

Two full training days, from dawn to dusk, are here for you guys to exploit.

As a policy (from now on), when you begin training a technique, you'll announce the technique at the beginning of training, then make the roll for it at the end. This way, if anything has happened in-between, you might have a higher modifier, and the time spent might feel less wasted than if you rolled at the beginning.

2007-08-16, 02:40 AM

- I have a bit money left over so I might help buying scrolls, as long as they aren't worth a fortune, and you sensei are willing to help by flashing your license before shopkeepers eyes. - Aoshi grinned - Not that I have anything better to spend it on.

OOC Stuff

1. Aoshi is willing to pay for scrolls with Purchase DC equal or less than 10 - since I have +10 wealth it won't hurt my budget ;)

2. Nice houserule, but what will happen if someone rolls enough to learn in half time?

3. My two days are wasted on continuing the failed Zentai Bougyo - 0.5 more days before I can start learning something usefull xP

2007-08-16, 07:24 PM

In between the training days, Jalin goes by to pick up a very simple battle vest. He's not really proficient in it's use, but he needs some form of armor to protect himself. He still practices with the Zankidan, successfully moving the air around his arm. Unfortunately he still doesn't have the amount of chakra control required to actually form the wind-spear.

2007-08-21, 01:37 PM

It was during that mile-long run that Hara showed her true specialty to her fellow team members, running along with her easy lanky stride that kept her up at the same pace as everyone else even after the hard workout she had gone through the night before. It was only during the workout after the run that she started to show her fatigue.

After Daichi-sensei's workout however she was quick to drag him into scroll shopping with her, finding some of the ones she was looking for to be too expensive for her meager budget. Two of them were still within her price range though and she was quick to purchase them after getting Daichi-sensei to show his license. On the walk back to the training grounds she was quick to confide in him. "I want to be faster Daichi-sensei, can you help me?"

Purchase checks:

Lesser Scrolls of Seal:

Suizou no Jutsu (Rank 3)
Kage Buyou (Rank 3)
Roll: [roll0]

Suisendan no Jutsu (Rank 2)
Shundou (Rank 4)
Roll: [roll1] (+1 if the first one fails)

Kyouran Suji!
Roll: [roll2] (+1 if one of the above failed or +2 if both did)

Gatotsu Isshiki
Roll: [roll3] (I'm sure you've noticed a pattern by now. :smalltongue: )

2007-08-21, 02:10 PM
((OOC: Did you buy an License, or did KoG agree on "Sensei uses license, we provide the money" thing? Anyway some purchases for me below)

I assume I go on buying after getting the License I bought earlier ;)

Second Belt Pouch (DC 4) - Autosuceed
Garrote Wire (DC 6) - Auto
Kousen (DC 4) - Auto
3 Exploding Tags (DC 10) - Auto

Following only if KoG agrees on the license thing
Lesser Scroll of Seals 1 (DC 9) - Auto
Gatotsu Isshiki

Lesser Scroll of Seals 2 (DC 9) - Auto
Gatotsu Nishiki

Lesser Scroll of Seals 3 (DC 9) - Auto

End stuff bought only with KoG approval

And for a finishing touch - 4 Ninja Com devices xD
Wealth rolls (DC 14 each) (1d20+12=31, 1d20+11=24, 1d20+10=20, 1d20+9=17) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1217807)
All suceeded Wealth drops to +8

Card will get updated after KoG checks in cease he won't allow something ;)

2007-08-22, 01:47 AM
Kunai(5) - DC 6: Auto-succeed.
Ninja-to - DC 11: [roll0]
Total +8 Wealth afterwards.

2007-08-26, 06:22 PM
The rest of the day goes by uneventfully as you all train and make your purchases, some with Daichi's 'help'. He seems to be a bit against it at first, but agrees to do so as long as he holds onto the scrolls when you are not using them. After all, it would be a felony if you were caught with them.

One day rolls into the next, and Daichi comes back to your doors to fetch you at the crack of dawn. On his way to pick up Aoshi, he hands him a letter, the contents informing him of a place at the academy he needs to show up at this morning to take a test for his license.

Aoshi heads off for his license exam, and Daichi takes Hara and Jalin out to the same field, giving them instructions for a heavy warm up this time instead of a full run around the village and accompanying exercises.

"Once Aoshi finishes his examination, we're going to get our mission briefing, so don't tire yourselves out too much."


The academy is awfully quiet as Aoshi walks through the halls, perhaps the fact that it's a Saturday lending to the feeling of loneliness. Heading to the assigned room, he sees four ninja waiting patiently, three taking seats and one at the head of the room.

The examiner explains the rules while he passes out the test to him and the others; Three sections, three hours, no cheating. Any further attempts to register for the license will be ignored if you do. Upon activating a stopwatch, the group is told to begin.

Hara and Jalin get half a training day to finish things up while Aoshi takes his test. Aoshi needs to submit one roll each of Knowledge: Ninja Lore, Tactics, and History. If you don't have one of them, make an intelligence check in its place.

2007-08-27, 03:51 AM
[OOC: Tsk... except for Ninja Lore I got my "Typical Low Rolls" (tm)]
Knowledge (Ninja Lore), Knowledge (Tactics), Knowledge (History) (1d20+2=16, 1d20+9=11, 1d20+2=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1227696)

2007-08-29, 03:59 PM

The genin showed up dressed in a new outfit. He grinned haphazardly toward Hara as the training began. The boy carried himself with a much more serious air about him, all more accented by the relatively large ninja-to hanging from dark blue sash.

A large shinobi battle vest covered his chest, while his arms were exposed and uncovered. A pair of dark blue pants covered his legs, while the final touch came from the dark sunglasses that bridged his nose and obscured his eyes completely.

Greetings, Hara-chan. Greetings, Daichi-sensei. Rather than risk being injured for our mission, I'd like to do some stretching and mental preparation instead.

2007-09-16, 08:16 PM

There seemed to be little different about Hara by the time the next day had rolled around, she showed none of the exertion from the day before and seemed as withdrawn and quiet as the previous two. But like Jalin she had apparently decided a change of look was in order on officially becoming a genin.

The faded green gi had been replaced with a faint pink one that had red cherry blossoms stitched into the bottom hem with a red sash tied tightly across her mid section. Her shuriken holsters was concealed under the edge of her gi behind her back. A pair of red pants covered her from the waist down, ballooning out with excess clothe and ending in simple shoes instead of the sandals from the day before. A blue ribbon had been used to tie back her black hair to leave her pale face exposed to the sun. Wordlessly she complied with the orders to conduct her warm-up excercises and gave a small smile to Aoshi when he greeted her.

"Morning Jalin-kun...what do you think our mission will be on? Do you think...enemy ninja might attack?"

2007-09-16, 09:39 PM
Training seems to go slowly after the warm-up, to the point where Daichi takes more to lying on the solitary rock than instructing Hara on Shodan techniques. Hours pass by before Aoshi returns, rather unenthused with the long test he had taken. Back together once more, the group heads away from the fields to get their first mission.


The group enters the bunker-like compound that stands in the place of a true Kage building, much in the same way the group of men that you stand before are stand-ins for a true Kage and elder council. Kinzen Ihesamo greets the four of you in a friendly manner, but gets to buisness quickly.

"A series of robberies in a City in the Earth Country have left their local peace-keepers scrambling to find the culprits. They’re spread a bit too thin for their liking, and have purchased a ninja team from us to help keep the peace while they investigate further."

"There may be some complications to the mission, since the events you will be taking care of may be quite varied under the term 'peace-keeping', but so long as you stick to your mission, there shouldn't be any trouble.

"Enough information has been contributed for us to go ahead and approve of this mission, but if you have any question you'll have to ask the chief of peace-keeping forces. He will be the sole person you take orders from, and you should seek to get as much clarification on your duties as possible when you arrive.

"We suggest you travel light for this mission; The peace-keeping forces have volunteered to pay for accommodations, as well as provide any equipment necessary to complete the task they give you.

"Though we can't answer much ourselves about this, we'll do our best to address any questions for your mission before you accept."

2007-09-18, 02:17 AM

With a sigh, Jalin asked the question that was on every genin's mind. He might as well get it done with now, before it became an issue during the mission.

Will the chance of harming civilians come into play? What is the general state of the city at large? Will there be enemy ninja?

2007-09-22, 04:18 AM

- You said we have to travel light - is this beacause of need of mobility or is it some other reasons?

2007-09-22, 11:49 PM
Kinzen Ihesamo patiently addresses your questions one by one in his continually friendly yet formal tone. "There shouldn't be a need to injure any civilians, and should be avoided at all cost. However, you will more than likely be required to detain citizenry if the situations require it, so be careful. Though it is unlikely, I would not like to have any incident occur between us and the Earth Country because some pedestrian was burned to death by some fire-technique.

"Due to the severity of the robberies, the city is all but under martial law. If anything happens, they want to be on it, so have increased 'patrols' to a maximum. We're fairly certain from our perspective that there is only one group involved in this, but you should not run into them at all. Whatever this group might be or composed of, we are fairly certain they are not ninja, nor should you run into any ninja at all unless the city has hired more than one team to take care of things."

He changes direction to Aoshi now, dropping just a bit or formalness. "You do not have to travel light; It was merely a suggestion considering what will be at your disposal."

2007-09-23, 01:39 AM
Thank you, Ihesamo-sama. But I would like it known before we leave that I have reservations about this mission. I feel that we are not being told everything that we could be told. My only hope is that it is our employer, and not you, that is the one withholding information. Hara-chan, Aoshi-san, I'll be waiting outside.

Jalin's face is tranquil and emotionless as he speaks to both Ihesamo-sama and his teammates. He takes a rather long glance toward Daichi, who's almost the same height as he is. That look makes it rather obvious that he made no mention of Daichi when he spoke to his teammates. But Jalin stays quiet. He simply pushes those glasses up, keeping his eyes hidden away. A slight shift of his weight signaled that he was about to begin moving, and before long the young genin was already leaving.

He left the building in silence. I don't like this. I don't like it one damn bit. Something is seriously wrong if they aren't going to their own Hidden Village.. Why here? Isn't Iwagakure based somewhere in the Earth Country? Even assuming they didn't use ninja from there.. Aren't both the Rain Country and Grass Country that much closer than us?

2007-10-05, 07:50 PM

The Kaguya girl remained politely silent as her fellow team-mates talked with the village leader about the mission they were preparing to embark on. Unlike them though she didn't really have any questions and accepted the mission for what it was, a sort of naive trust that probably wouldn't last long in the harsh ninja world. Instead she silently followed Jalin out of the room with a troubled look on her face.

"Jalin-kun...do you really think that theres something off about this mission? I don't think Ihesamo would send us on a risky mission..."

2007-10-05, 08:20 PM
Think about for a second, Hara-chan. Why come to Kagegakure? Isn't Iwagakure, the Village Hidden Among Rock, in the Earth Country? Isn't the Rain and Grass Countries also closer than us? The only reason I can think of for this city to appeal to Kagegakure for a ninja squad. That reason is that Iwagakure, Amegakure, or Kusagakure turned them down.

Now, why would any Hidden Village turn down a mission? Because they have a team involved in it already, and that team isn't on the same side. I don't think this employer told us everything, or Ihesamo-sama is intentionally not telling us something.

I only hope that it's our employer, and not Ihesamo-sama, that is lying to us.

2007-10-11, 05:58 PM

"..." Hara remained silent as Jalin explained his thoughts, nodding when she felt it right but remained silent for a little while after he finished. "...I thought that the Village Hidden in the Rain wasn't accepting any new jobs or something. But I don't think Ihesamo-sama would deliberately send us into danger we couldn't handle Jalin-kun, we're the hope of the village, remember? Doesn't the village suffer with any ninja that is killed?"

Despite some fairly...traumitizing experiences in her youth, Hara still naively trusted those who seemed like good choices for it. Which in this case meant Jalin and Ihesamo and lead to an argument in her mind about which was right. One could tell from the textbook like way she stated her case that she was merely parroting what she had most likely heard elsewhere.

2007-10-12, 01:53 AM
Jalin shrugged and lowered his head.

I dunno.. It just seems weird. Why come all the way out here when Iwagakure is that much closer? The young genin takes note of Hara's oddly stated phrase, and visibly relaxes. He was starting to scare his friend. Listen, I'm sure Ihesamo-sama is doing what he thinks is best for us and the village. Don't worry about it, ok? I'm sure we'll be fine.

Jalin closed his eyes and pulled his sunglasses down. He grinned like an idiot without letting Hara see his pupils. At least putting her at ease would make him feel abit better about doing this.

2007-11-01, 08:29 PM
Daichi walks out behind Jalin and Hara with Aoshi as Jalin relays his conspiracies to the ninja girl. Something seemed to be going on, but surely nothing conspiratorial? Regardless of where this suspicion came from, a clear answer should lie in the Earth Country.

Once outside, Daichi pulls everyone together and outlines the intenary on an beaten up, scirbbled on map. The route to South City is very linier, with little on the plains of hard soil between you and your destination. The only point of interest on the way would be the red line indicating the border of the Earth Country, which should not be a problem to cross. Not even the boulders the countries winds so infamously toss around like tumble weeds will be in the way, as South City is just outside the mountain range on the leeward side.


The walk to South City is as dull as predicted. With Jalin doing his best to ignore Daichi, and Hara and Aoshi still wondering what to make of each other, there is little conversation to ease the journey. The distance seems to drag on forever as nothing provides any means to pass the time, but within two days you spy your destination loom over the horizon.

You pace quickens and within half an hour you stand upon the main street of South City, watching as the people bustle about what seems like an ordinary day. While the fact that the city is under siege is disguised under this blanket of activity, the number of closed buisnesses at this time of day and the visible patrol parties of peacekeepers betray that fact. While some of the officers seem on edge, they gladly point you in the right direction of South City's peacekeeper HQ after a few curious stares at your blank headbands.

The headquarters of the peacekeepers is a small and squat white-washed building, curious in comparison to the two redbrick office buildings flanking it. Walking in through the double doors, you stand adjacent to each other in a hallway streching the withd of the building, but barely long enough to hold two people side by side. A few benches sit agianst the interior wall, one with a group of three ninja and a jounin wearing Earth headbands sitting upon it. All four give your group a harsh look before an officer at a desk blocking access to another hallway to the rest of the building catches your attention.

"Hello there; You must be the Kagekure ninja's we sent for. If you'll wait a few moments, I'll go tell the chief you're here. Please, take a seat." he says, friendly enough in comparison to the the reception from the other ninja thus far. He gets up and dissapears into the rest of the building, leaving you to wait with the other ninja in the hallway lobby.

Sorry for the long wait. The page I worked on this was closed not once, but twice. Third write-up from memory here, but enjoy the moving-on-ness.

2007-11-05, 11:31 PM

Like most of the time she had spent on their little 'test' Hara was quiet for most of the journey. Though if somebody seemed to want to talk to her, the girl seem amiable to the prospect. Once they reached Earth Country though, the genin clammed up entirely and stood with a wide-eyed cautiousness that would make many a ninja proud.

...And promptly wilted once she was brought under the glare of the Stone ninja. Sticking close to her Jounin and Aoshi, the waif-like Hara took the farthest seat she could from the Earth country ninja and whispered softly to the boy. "For just meeting us, their fairly unpleasant...do you think we're supposed to replace them or something?"

2007-11-07, 12:23 PM
Knowledge: Ninja Lore - Are Earth-nin as bad as Mist-nin or Rain-nin? Or are they just a more irritable group than normal? [roll0].

Jalin asks the generic questions. "What's your favorite color/food/pasttime/what-have-you?"


Jalin doesn't speak to Daichi unless directly questioned by the jounin. He had better things to do than talk to someone like him. He does, however, offer polite conversation to Hara and Aoshi. At least he can try and make his teammates feel more at ease around him and possibly learn a little about them at the same time.

When they arrive at the Earth Country, however, Jalin stops the conversations. They were in hostile territory now, and conversation made them stand out from among the foliage. "They're probably just that way all the time. Don't let it get to you."

2007-11-07, 05:41 PM

Maby the ones we met just don't like strangers. - Aoshi shrugged - Either way we only saw a few of them - we'll have more than enough time to find out if such behavior is typical for the country.

To KoG - what was the result of my "license test" anyway?

2007-11-26, 08:58 PM
Jalins original assumption is correct; Ninja of the Earth Country were generally distrustful of others, more so of those not from their own Hidden Village. Isolation behind its mountains does not serve the country too well in it's attitude towards outsiders, though the city you are in may have enough regular contact that most do not end up even slightly Xenophobic.

The Earth Ninja stares do not abate, distrust mixing with stiff curiosity as they seem to evaluate your group. With not much else to do while you wait than look at your shoes, you make your glances and investigate them in turn. The teams Jounin is a big man; tall and muscular without a hair on his pristinely shining head. He wears a full tactical outfit, looking ready for a full assault, and perhaps would not look out of place donning the O-yoroi armor of old warrior castes. The three genin are composed of two girls, nearly identical with their bright red hair and matching camouflage cloaks, and one short kid with brown hair, who had resorted to looking sullenly downwards after his brief gaze.

The Earth Ninjas do not speak to you as your wait continues. It is not very long at all before the officer returns with an old, gray haired man, with only an identifying badge on his brown suit to identify him as the peace-keeper chief. "Hello there shadow-ninja!," proclaims the old man with a cheery mood as he steps into the lobby, progressing towards you all at a slow pace. He gives a similar inspecting stare at you as the Earth Ninja, but without the coldness. "I must say, you're not as dark a group a name like 'Shadow Ninja' would suggest. My name is Chief Yamada."The chief extends an arm, which Daichi promptly shakes.

"Mizuno Daichi, Chief Yamada," he says, his own friendly attitude parallel to the Chiefs. "Now that we're hear, how about some clarification about what we'll be doing while we're here?"

"You and your students will be temporarily given peace-keeping powers in the city. You'll be able to make arrest as needed if you find a charge, and will either be patrolling for our current suspects, or waiting at the station to be issued a call to attend to. You'll be dealing mostly with the latter, none of which should be difficult or complicated for you."

The chief looks over to you three and ask, "Would any of you have any questions?"

2007-11-26, 09:38 PM

"Uh.. Ya, right here. Are we going to be working with anyone else or are we on our own? Do you know if anyone else has hired out any ninja? Can we get a list and a photo of these suspects? Or atleast a description?"

2007-11-27, 03:31 PM

Following after her fellow team-mates, she remained silent as the mayor spoke to the jounin and Jalin spoke up with his questions. They covered most of the things she would have thought up, so she stayed silent with her eyes going back towards the Stone nin and then to the mayor...what role did they play in this?

2007-11-30, 06:54 AM

How dangerous the suspects can be? Also what are laws here in your country - they might be diffrent than in our, so if we are to present charges to someone we should make sure we know them. - asked Aoshi.

2007-11-30, 10:13 PM
Chief Yamada lowers his head as he takes a deep breath, then looks up and exclaims, "Except for in here, you'll be on your own in your duties, though our officers should be happy to give you any information you require. Nobody else in town should be hiring ninja, though as you see we have a few of our own here, and we sent out messengers to the Leaf and Rain Villages. They haven't returned yet, so for your purposes assume we're not getting any more ninja.

"Our suspects right now are few, and only two are not already in our custody. We'll provide you with their photo's, as well as a few witness descriptions of our thieves. All of them should be treated with caution; Were are unsure as to their abilities, beyond stealing of course.

"There are no outstanding laws that apply in our city. While in the interior there certainly are, we receive enough out of country trade to overrule any such laws by ignorance. Every law we have do have here is common sense, or applies only in certain legal circumstances like immigration. When we send you out to a call scene, we'll tell you what you should be looking to enforce and arrest upon." He says as he comes to a full stop. He waits a moment before taking another breath since his first, and smiles at Aoshi and Jalin.

"Is that everything you need to know, little ones?"

2007-11-30, 10:48 PM

"I have a question actually...Chief..sir...umm...What are the Stone ninja supposed to do? What I mean is..should we avoid them? And uh...how do the people in this town react to ninja? Is it safe to walk around without hiding where we're from?" For the first time since the entrance room, Hara spoke up about something that was beginning to bug her. And it didn't quite look like Aoshi or Jalin were going to bring it up either, which was the only reason the meek girl had even opened her mouth.

Afterwards though she seemed to shrink inwards on herself and shuffled uncomfortably. Even if it would be safe to go out there...Hara would probably still stay behind in the this place incase a call came in.

2007-12-08, 08:20 PM

His only other question was already voiced by his kunoichi companion. He busies himself by stretching alittle. After all, if they were about to get involved with peace-keeping then he'd need to be limber.

2007-12-09, 03:45 PM
The Chief smirks at Hara, "I don't suppose since you wore those headbands coming inside, you encountered any difficulties on your way here because of them? No little girl, there shouldn't be any problem with were you've come from. People will recognize you as ninja, and anything after that would be a lucky guess."

"As for our Stone Ninja, do not worry about them. They have their own similar tasks with us to worry about, and should stay out of your way while you're here. Now, if you'll wait a moment for me, I'll go fetch a few copies of our suspects photographs and descriptions."

It takes only a few minutes for the Yamada to return with a thin folder which he passes to Daichi, who in turn passes it over to the three of you for a look after he takes a quick glance. There are no more than four suspects in the folder, two of which have check marks next to their photographs. Ignoring those two, the remaining suspects do not seem very interesting; One a short, brown haired man named Miamoto Ren with strong ties to local gangs, who is noted as being 'too stupid for anything more than petty theft, and too weak to carry out harm to others without the greatest luck.' The second, a tall, thin, dark haired man with a clear sunburn at the time of the photograph named Koga Nobu, but called Noburun among his associates. He is marked as ' Completely lazy, and having no ambitions what-so-ever. He posses only slightly more intelligence than the average thug in that he is actually capable of stealing what he needs to get by, and then stops at only that.'

Behind the profiles lies the descriptions of the thieves, though they are not too helpful. All of them were dressed in black, had their faces concealed, and said little if nothing. The first two were average to tall in height, and thin in build, while the third was short, but also thin. It is mentioned that the short one, when tripping while running away, had the vocal qualities of a 'small house dog that had been fed nothing but sugar for the past month'.

"You can go ahead and keep that file," mentions the Chief, "and for now, if there are no more questions, you can wait here until we need your services."

2007-12-09, 10:57 PM

Without a purpose, the young genin simply studied the rather poor descriptions of their targets.

2008-01-03, 06:40 AM

- They say that waiting is the worst part... - Aoshi muttered under his breath, and took a quick peek at the files above Jalin's shoulder. Seeing that those won't be too usefull he rested his back against the wall and produced a book, seemingly out of nowhere.

2008-01-05, 09:29 PM

Whenever Aoshi stands close, Jalin whispers to his teammate. "I still don't like those Stone Ninja. I don't know, something about them rubs me the wrong way.. And that director.. This place is all sorts of wrong. Why go as far as Kagegakure to secure ninja? Why two teams? Shouldn't Iwagakure suffice?"

2008-01-31, 11:34 PM
Chief Yamada heads back into the hallway beyond the desk, leaving you with the files and what seems to be, after an hour of sitting the the small, near-silent lobby, a long and boring wait.

As you sit about, you notice the short, brown haired Earth ninja taking several repeated looks over at Aoshi before quickly looking back down at his shoes. His companions seem to notice as well, and whisper teasing remarks to him before the Earth-nin stands up and walks over to your group silently. He stands before you for a moment, continuing to look down, although more sheepishly than sullenly.

"Um.... Hey," he says in a soft, high voice, now staring at Aoshi's feet, "Uh... I don't think I've seen that book before. May I ask what it's about?"

Life has settled down... Somehow. Real post coming on the 2nd.

2008-02-01, 12:01 AM

For a long moment Hara stared at the boy who had crossed over to talk to them, unblinking as if in surprise that they had been approached so readily before taking a slow blink. Was this the normal set of rules when two different shinobi-types met? Wait then look for a chance to break the ice? Well...how hard could it really be to do?

A quick glance at her own team-mates wasn't exactly inspiring though. Aoshi looked involved in his book and...well Hara didn't have a handle on what Jalin was thinking...ever. Hesitating for just a moment the lanky girl rose up from her seat and cross the same space that the Earth-nin had to stand in front of the almost identical kunoichi.

"So...uh...are you two twins or just regular sisters?" Practically the moment the question left her mouth it sounded utterly ridiculous to her. Obviously they seemed to be twins, did she really need to know the difference?

2008-02-02, 08:57 PM
As Hara speaks to the two red-headed girls, they giggle in synch and give her a light glare and looking-over. "I told him one of them would come over and bother us if he did..."

"Yeah, but I also said one of them would come over and ask that question anyway," said the other as an aside to the first. "We're not twins, and we're not sisters," the second states informatively, "One of us just has a better grasp of Henge no Jutsu than the other."

The first seems to grin at the statement and childishly responds, "Well, it was your idea to transform into the other. You should have helped me out more beforehand."

"I did help you as much as I could; You know you're a slow learner. It's going to wear off in half and hour anyway."

They both look at each other in silence for a moment, a seemingly loving gaze before they shake their heads and look back up at Hara. "So, we're Aiko and Akio, what about you? Mind if we ask what's with your headband? There's no symbol on it."

2008-02-02, 09:12 PM

"Our headband have symbols, you just have to look extra hard to see 'em." Jalin doesn't look up from the reports, and doesn't speak with any sort of malice in his voice. He could be talking about the weather or the color of his clothes.

The young genin readjusts his ninja-to. He didn't have a proper sash for it's sheath, so it was just tucked into a belt and twisted around once to stay in place but allow for easy drawing. He doesn't look toward the girls or toward the boy bugging Aoshi. He was all business on the job.

2008-02-04, 12:22 PM

- The book? It's an old fantasy novel I found out on the attic - it's about a guy guy hitchhiking through the galaxy after earth's destruction. You can borrow it if you want. - Ahoshi smiles slightly as he responds. Turning attention to the girls for a second he comments:

- Aiko and Akio? Doesn't it get confusing during the missions?

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2008-02-06, 11:57 PM

It was the glare and giggling that confused Hara the most, what exactly had she done that was wrong? All she did was ask a simple, easy to answer question. Then the answer came and it all made more sense then it had been...sort of...not really.

"But why would you two want to look like each other if your not twins, it doesn't make any sense to me." Was her puzzled response before reaching up to awkwardly push some black strands from her eyes and look down to her feet, mumbling. "Hara. I am just Hara.

2008-02-07, 12:42 AM

Without waiting for answer, the genin responds loudly. "So that they can confuse an enemy by attacking from multiple locations whilst appearing to be one person moving very quickly. No doubt because separately they're both inefficient fighters."

2008-02-11, 10:26 PM
Any playfulness or curiosity between the two Earth genin stops the instant Jalin speaks again, the first one standing up swiftly and marches halfway across the room. "You wanna put that to a test!?" The Earth genin advances menacingly, a smoke bomb and kunai in each hand, "Because if you do, we got a pick of city blocks we can trash!"

The other ninja turn and watch their teammate, and both Jounin stand stolidly as they wait to see if they need to make a move.

2008-02-11, 10:43 PM

Every muscle tensed as the other ninja stormed past her with weapon in hand, but she was practically un-noticed. Relief was momentary though as the stone-nin confronted Jalin. What was she supposed to do? Stand and watch like every one else? that didn't seem right. It seemed the opposite of right to her actually. Should she attack? No...that didn't seem right either. She really shouldn't provoke a brawl in this building, especially since..well she didn't know what the other was capable of.

"Jalin-kun wasn't trying to be insulting. I'm sure he was just being honest, your probably very efficient fighters." Hara said, hoping to pacify the angry nin and keep things from going bad...but if they would anyway..."And...and Jalin-kun probably just needs a demonstration is all. Maybe you and I could have a sparring match later so you can prove it but we really shouldn't fight here...or wreck a city block."

Hara may have been shaking with fear on the inside but her voice was firm and resolute. Better she trade blows then Jalin...who knew if his wounds were healed or not? The pale girl knew she could take it.

2008-02-11, 11:29 PM

(Common)"Rule number 1: Don't show your trump card. I believe that was a big deal for most ninja.

You've already shown me that you aren't prepared for a conflict. You planned to throw the smoke bomb, then your friend would attack from the smoke while you snuck around to attack my back. Your choice of weapon reveals that you're a taijutsu specialist, and given your headband you probably have a passing knowledge of doton techniques."

He doesn't waver, his voice is the same flat matter-of-fact tone that he'd used to describe their last technique.

(Wind Language)"I doubt he'd attack me. Even if he does, please don't step in. I called this on myself by speaking my mind."

(Common)"Either way, this isn't the place to fight. Though if you really want to demonstrate your abilities, I'm up for it. We have another obligation right now, but it might be nice to finally see an Iwagakure shinobi in action."