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2007-05-24, 01:10 PM
I liked the results and turn out from the other "can I do this RAW" thread, as I get to see how a lot of people's interpretation of the fluff text I wrote.

As such, I've decided to do this with another Martial Scholars organization that I've been working on in my short Wuxia campaign.

The Nine Veins

The human body is like an intricate plumbing system. Each vessel is a crucial path in which the very essence of our life force travels. People have called this different things in the past: the "chi", the "chakra", the "soul", what have you.

Some believe that there are a total of 9 main vessels that are key to the channeling of this energy. Each one of these veins are called a "Mai", and each one carries the key to greatly enhancing the human performance beyond it's normal limitations. The training of these "Mai"s, is known as the art of the Nine Veins.

To this exclusive group, a powerful internal Chi doesn't just means you have a lot of it, but also that you can use it efficiently. Within the single flick of the wrist, the master of the Nine Veins can move mountains. With a single twist and step, he can harmlessly push an oncoming bull aside, deflect it's attack. But when pressed, the master of the Nine Veins can also release the power that is within him, and become a true force of nature. Some have witnessed a master at his peak send out a wave of energy from his palms that could bring down a building, some have even seen a master of such dispatch a dozen foes with a single punch.

This, is the power of the Nine Veins.

More to come...

2007-05-24, 01:30 PM
Much like many of the martial scholars of their time, the Nine Vein is also not void of their own philosophy when it comes to the paradox of violence vs. self-actualization through violence. (This seems to be the paradox that many martial art schools must deal with when it comes to the subject of using martial arts as a means to a greater self)

Most Nine Vein masters see the world through a balance of the ying and yang. The development of these two energy types has been the focus of many martial scholars. Those who develop the ying tend to be more embracing, and take on what is commonly thought as "feminine" characteristics while those that take on the yang tend to be more muscular, and take on what is commonly thought of as "masculine" traits.

The Nine Veins seek not to promote one over the other, but to develop both. For too much yang causes one to be aggressive and too much ying causes one to be unable to assert themselves in any meaningful manner.

Detractors of this school while might have one focus over the other, they usually do maintain a semblance of balance of some kind.

2007-05-24, 02:01 PM
To the Nine Vein master though, the mind set to the perfect mind starts not with the mindset, but with the body. One cannot think without one's strength. As such, in order to allow a person to be able to think, one must train the body and soul first.

Thus, to them, many of their warriors train not just to be contemplatives, but to also be strong unarmed combatants, capable of using their chi to power their body to perform fantastic feats of strength and agility.

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2007-06-01, 09:30 PM
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