View Full Version : Pathfinder [Kineticist Feat] Chaokinetic Channeling

2015-10-21, 06:29 AM
-Prerequisites: Negative Blast, Worship a deity or demigod.
-Benefits: For the purpose of qualifying for feats and prestige classes, as well as utilizing such feats, you may treat your kinetic blast as channel negative energy. To this end, kinetic blast 3d6 counts as channel negative energy 3d6, 4d6 would count as 4d6, and so on. Any feat that alters the nature of channel negative energy is treated as a substance infusion. Any feat that would normally expend a use of channel negative energy costs burn instead. The amount of burn is based on the requisite amount of channeled energy, as listed on the table below. Should the feat normally expend multiple uses of channel negative energy, this amount is multiplied. Effects that are normally applied to channel negative energy can only be applied to kinetic blasts that deal negative energy damage. In any instance in which channel negative energy can be advanced, damage done by kinetic blast can be advanced but only for the purpose of using kinetic blasts that do negative energy damage.

PrerequisiteBurn Cost
Channel Energy 1d61
Channel Energy 2d62
Channel Energy 3d62
Channel Energy 4d63
Channel Energy 5d63
Channel Energy 6d64
Channel Energy 7d64
Channel Energy 8d65
Channel Energy 9d65
Channel Energy 9d66