View Full Version : I need some suggestions making a Wardstone Chronicles RPG

2015-10-22, 01:18 PM
After looking for an RPG to play a game in the setting of the Wardstone Chronicles book series and not being able to find one that worked mechanically I eventually decided to do some homebrewing/hacking to try and make something suitable.

I'm currently throwing ideas around in my own head to see what sounds good and figured that if I included more people in that there'd be more ideas being thrown around and therefore more good ones. I'm taking suggestions for any mechanics you think should be included and I'll be posting any ideas I have (it occurs to me that if no-one else responds this will end up being more of a diary of the game development).

So far I think:

and investigation/knowledge mechanic more interesting than making an ability check but also more mechanically enforced than the GM giving out info. Maybe a 'dark lore' points system like in Tremulus.
a corruption stat of some kind, maybe more of a sanity mechanic, something to show the corrupting effects of magic. The only sanity system I remember liking was trail of Cthulhu's and it seems overly complicated for a game where it won't be the focus
a social currency or favors, something so the players can keep track of NPCs who owe them
illusions and compulsions are a big thing in the books but I don't want them to be resolved by making or failing a will save, this is more a request than an idea because I'm honestly stuck

Any ideas for what mechanics the system should probably include would be appreciated, this is currently just a brainstorm. Thank you in advance.

2017-03-20, 07:37 PM
I am currently reading the wardstone chronicles and think this would make a perfect tabletop game. Have you made any progress?