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Milo v3
2015-10-22, 06:22 PM
Cybertech Variants
The following variants expand the options a character has when they gain cybertech. These options act the exact same as the standard cybertech rules except where stated.

Astral Cybertech
Instead of using technology to fully replace the associated body part, astral cybertech is actually a small technological device attached to the edge of the removed body part, leaving the owners with a smooth metal stump. When a psionic individualís mind is conscious, this technology takes advantage of the strange phantom limb syndrome and automatically creates a replacement limb from the same matter that forms Astral Constructs.

Conscious Limitation: Astral cybertech requires a conscious mind to produce the cybertech, causing the creature to lose all the benefits of the astral cybertech if they fall unconscious or die. Because of this creatures cannot have astral cybertech installed into the body or brain slots, unless the creature lacks a constitution score or otherwise can function without the body parts replaced by the cybertech.

Psionic Fuel: Astral cybertech requires a small amount mental energy for the electronics to mold into the correct shape. As a free action, a creature with an astral cybertech may expend a power point to activate that astral cybertech. Astral cybertech that has been activated remains active until the next time they die or fall unconscious.

Reformation: Damage and effects inflicted upon a body part formed from Astral Cybertech are lost when the astral cybertech is deactivated, meaning next time that cybertech is activated the body part will be in perfect condition.

Crystalline Prosthetics
These crystals are treated and modified through advanced technology to channel and respond to the electrical network inside their bodies as if it was a normal line. The complexity and depth of this is so great that it responds astoundingly well to the efficient nervous system of psionic individuals, though this efficiency is hampered if the individual has other technology interfering with their electrical flow.

Psionic Synchronicity: If all of a psionic creature's cybertech are crystalline prosthetics, the crystals becomes optimized for that individual's mind. If the ability score they use to determine their power points or the ability score they use to govern their psi-like ability is not intelligence, then they may use that ability score in place of intelligence for the purposes of determining how much cybertech implementation they can handle without taking the -4 penalty to saving throws. If a creature has multiple ability scores that are valid, whichever is the highest is used.

Phrenic Symbiotes
A new form of cybertech has recently been discovered, where instead of a cybernetic device the body part is replaced by a specially grown symbiote that attaches and augments its host. The fact these symbiotes are not only still alive while attached to their host but also the fact they were discovered in the aftermath of Phrenic Hegemony attacks, causes many to feel uncomfortable with the idea of using them.

Living Technology: All phrenic symbiotes are living creatures, this acts being an intelligent item were the symbiote a magical item (increasing the cost in accordance to the abilities added to the cybertech) except that the phrenic symbiote counts as an aberration instead of a construct, it is crafted through the heal skill rather than Craft (Mechanical), intelligent item and dedicated powers that would grant spells instead grant psi-like abilities of the same level and number of uses, and it cannot take the following intelligent item powers: Item can use magic aura on itself at will, Item can sprout limbs and move with a speed of 10 feet, Item can change shape into one other form of the same size, Item can fly as the spell at a speed of 30 feet, or Item can teleport itself 1/day.

Psionic Domination: Whenever a creature would have a personality conflict against a phrenic symbiote, that creature can expend a power point to gain a +5 bonus on the will save.