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2015-10-24, 09:47 AM
I was looking at m&m2e and found that it is much similar to 3.5 than m&m3e.

The pathfinder classes have been created using m&m3e.

I wonder if anyone could help me recreate them using m&m2e rules instead? Including cp calculations, cleric domains, warlock, warlock invocations, warmage and other goodies?

I believe that 2e will be much more suitable to recreate 3.5.

I tried on my own and failed since I amongst many things just can't figure out how spellcasting works in m&m2e.

I am hoping some friendly souls could help me out....

I have not seen any similar threads yet on this forum.

2015-10-27, 09:38 AM
Perhaps the d (liberation) 20 rules could be useful.

Does anyone have some links with sample d (liberation)20 builds?