View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Races: The Four Humors

2015-10-30, 03:22 PM
I'm building a world set inside a human being, based on the four humors, and I'm just gonna adapt 5e to the setting. I'm taking some liberties with anatomy, biology, and even the humors, but I want each of them to be a race: Sanguine, Melancholic, Choleric, and Phlegmatic. Each subrace will be which side of the hot/cold; wet/dry matrix you fall on. For example, a character could be a Sanguine (hot) or a Sanguine (wet), and I'd ask them to fluff their spells to fit with the setting and their character.

Here's what I have so far

Sanguine +2 cha and hot (+1 dex), wet (+1 int)
Phlegmatic +2 int and cold (+1 wis), wet (+1 cha)
Melancholic +2 con and cold (+1 wis), dry (+1 str)
Choleric +2 str and hot (+1 dex), dry (+1 int)

I want the four (eight) races to be well-balanced within themselves and represent the temperaments well. It's harder coming up with ideas than I thought it would be. Here's some more ideas in no particular order:

--Give Phlegmatic proficiency in history because they are made in the brain
--Give Melancholic resistance to poison damage
--Maybe give Choleric a half-orc "savage attacks" type ability.

That's all I got so far.

What do you guys think? Ideas?