View Full Version : D&D 3.x Other Stat & classless revamp for 3.5 / PF / D20

2015-11-03, 09:27 PM
This is the beginnings of my system revamp.

Why classless? I want to be able to make whatever character I want since I'm playing a fantasy game.

Why so many changes to stats and casting? An attempt to simplify things without loosing options and make the system cater to our play style instead of catering our play style to the system.

Instead of BAB everything is based off being proficient and having your proficiency dice. Instead of negatives you just don't get to use your proficiency dice in some situations. The weapon in heavily inspired by The Real if any old MMO players remember that from back in the day. I love the idea of magically enchanting weapons this way. The alternate ways of leveling are there because I don't like having to tally XP after a session so I usually have level up points in a campaign anyways.

The idea is that any ability could be thought up, discussed, taken to a majority vote and be listed as official in the proper category.

This is very early and I haven't added racial stuff yet but after much discussion with people I play with we are ready to get outside comments and questions.