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2007-05-27, 08:52 AM
Throughout history, mortals rose to prominence, above others of their kind, through magic. The path of the arcane leads to great power and the majority of legendary mortals have been spellcasters, many of them even rising to immortality. A man's skill with a blade cannot challenge the powers of the mind. Mortals discovered that quite early in the history of Arnor as the Council of Mages dictated life. Those that still wanted to make legends of themselves and did not have the talent for spellcasting sought other paths. There are those that took up service as agents of the White Lords, Hands of Order that used destiny to guide them and Gatekeepers that enhanced their abilities with control over time. Others still sought to empower themselves through the elements or abandoned their physical forms in service to the shadow. Few, those with little use for morality or ethics, opened up their souls to the powers of the Abyss, sharing the same form with demons. This sharing, this fusion led to the creation of a new breed of warriors with little use for weapons other than their own bodies whose many fearsome unnatural powers enabled them to defeat any still-human warriors in combat. Their bond with demons gave them a name that would cause nighmares to most common people for generations to come: Posessed.

Class purpose: This is a base class for the meatshield slot in magic-heavy worlds. The concept of skill-based meelers such as the fighter is entirely dropped to be replaced by meele ability enhanced through unnatural means. Posessed is considerably stronger than the classic fighter or barbarian especially in later levels where the more powerful abilities make a difference. It is on par with spellcasters in total power but focuses far more in surviving a beating and drawing enemy fire. It is reccomended for campaigns with alot of magic where meelers lag behind after level 8. It aims to replace Barbarian and Monk, barbarian because it is the most durable meatshield and causes good damage, monk because monks fight without weapons and are difficult to harm with either weapons or magic.

Hit Die: d12
Restrictions: chaotic or evil (usually both)
Skills: 2 + intelligence modifier. Class skills are Knowledge: The Planes, Knowledge: Arcana, Intimidate, Bluff, Climb, Swim, Spot, Listen.
Armor/weapon proficiencies: simple weapons only, no armor or shields.

1st|+0|+2|+2|+2|Demonbond, Damnation, claws, ability 1
2nd|+1|+3|+3|+3|DR 1/cold iron, +1 natural armor
3rd|+1|+3|+3|+3|ability 2, +2 strength
4th|+2|+4|+4|+4|DR 2/cold iron, +1 natural armor
5th|+2|+4|+4|+4|ability 3, +2 constitution
6th|+3|+5|+5|+5|DR 3/cold iron, +1 natural armor
7th|+3|+5|+5|+5|ability 4, +2 dexterity
8th|+4|+6|+6|+6|DR 4/cold iron, +1 natural armor
9th|+4|+6|+6|+6|ability 5, +2 strength
10th|+5|+7|+7|+7|DR 5/cold iron, +1 natural armor
11th|+5|+7|+7|+7|ability 6, +2 dexterity
12th|+6/+1|+8|+8|+8|DR 6/cold iron, +1 natural armor
13th|+6/+1|+8|+8|+8|ability 7, demonic mastery
14th|+7/+2|+9|+9|+9|DR 7/cold iron, +1 natural armor
15th|+7/+2|+9|+9|+9|ability 8
16th|+8/+3|+10|+10|+10|DR 8/cold iron, +1 natural armor
17th|+8/+3|+10|+10|+10|ability 9
18th|+9/+4|+11|+11|+11|DR 9/cold iron, +1 natural armor
19th|+9/+4|+11|+11|+11|ability 10
20th|+10/+5|+12|+12|+12|DR 10/cold iron, +1 natural armor[/table]

Demonbond: A posessed is part mortal, part demon. He or she counts as an outsider with the native subtype instead of a human. In addition, the demon within is always part of the posessed. A posessed can never multiclass with any class that has divine magic or abilities or requires a nonchaotic or nonlawful alignment. A posessed that changes alignment into nonchaotic or nonevil loses all special abilities except for his damage reduction and natural armor increses.

Damnation: Demonic entities are an anathema to the divine. As such, posessed unconciously oppose the powers of the divine. A posessed cannot benefit from any helpful divine magic effect except for restorative magics. Restorative magics that heal HP damage operate at half strength on posessed, healing 1 point of damage for 2 points they'd otherwise heal. Other restorative magics such as remove disease/poison, restoration or raise dead only have 50% chance of working. Posessed are immune to curses and negative energy.

Claws: While unproficient with armor or weapons, posessed can attack quite well with their clawed hands. They get 2 claw attacks at an attack bonus equal to their posessed class level, each doing 1d6+strength modifier slashing damage. Posessed don't get iterative attacks with their claws.

Abilities: Posessed get unnatural abilities by chanelling the power of the Abyss. Such abilities are either extraordinary or supernatural in nature (see ability description). They get one ability at 1st level plus one at every odd level thereafter. The posessed chart shows what ability level a posessed gets each time though a posessed may choose to get a lower level ability in place of a higher level one. Abilities are divided in seven disciplines:
Chaos: The posessed develops abilities and qualities commonly attributed to demonkind as well as some control and summoning over other demons.
Suffering: These abilities enable the posessed to cause, control and feed off pain and suffering. They usually manipulate negative energy.
Destruction: Abilities of the destruction discipline cause direct damage or increase the ability of the posessed to cause such.
War: Meele combat prowess is enhanced through the war discipline. The posessed gets faster, stronger and more attacks.
Corruption: Corruption abilities include poisoned claws, disease and curses that are inflictied by the posessed's natural attacks.
Treachery: Warping the minds and intentions of others as well as misleading them with illusion, the treachery discipline controls the battlefield by turning enemies against themselves.
Terror: Fear is a weapon for the wicked. Terror abilities create auras around the posessed that leech off enemy morale and combat ability.

Chaos Abilities-DCs are charisma based.

Thoughts in Chaos (Ex) Posessed is continiously protected as if by protection from Law.
Demonic Thrall (Su) Summons a mane for 1 minute/class level. Posessed may control up to 1 mane/class level. If a mane is slain, it cannot be replaced for 1 hour.
Demonic Resilience (Ex) Resistance 5 to ice, cold and fire. half damage from lightning. Resistances become 10 after demonic mastery, half damage becomes immunity.
Energy Resistance (Ex) Resist Energy as per the spell to one energy type. Ability can be selected multiple times.
Improved Damage Reduction (Ex) Add law component to damage reduction if posessed is chaotic, good component if he's evil. If posessed is chaotic evil, this can be taken twice, giving both good and law components.
Demon Warrior (Su) Summons a demon for 1 minute/class level with HD equal to 1/2 class level or less. Posessed can control up to 2 such demons. If a demon is slain, it cannot be replaced for 1 hour. The demons can't use their spell-like abilities while thus summoned.
Eyes of Chaos (Su) True Seeing, as per the spell, on the posessed.
Walk the Abyss (Su) Posessed can greater teleport once per minute, plane shift to the Abyss once per day.
Demon Champion (Su) Summons a demon for 1 minute/class level with HD equal to 3/4 class level or less. Posessed may control only one such demon. If demon is slain it cannot be replaced for 1 hour. Unlike demon knights, the demon may use its spell-like abilities normally.
Demonic Might (Ex) Half Fiend bonuses to physical ability scores (from Demonic Mastery) are doubled.

Suffering abilities-DCs are constitution based.

Wounding Claws (Ex) Natural attacks are wounding, causing 1 point of damage per round until healed.
Minor Drain (Su) Inflict light wounds on touch. Posessed heals up damage equal to damage dealt.
Sadism (Su) Posessed benefits from sadism, as per the spell. Bonuses cap at 1/3 class level.
Feed on Death (Su) For every living creature killed, Posessed heals damage equal to the creature's HD+constitution modifier.
Blinding Pain (Su) If the posessed deals damage to a living creature, the victim must make a fortitude save or be stunned for 1 round. The save is constitution-based.
Undying (Ex) The posessed has an unnatural resilience to punishment. Roll an extra d4 for HP for all previous and future class levels.
Ignore Grave's Call (Ex) The posessed is immune to death effects, slaying effects and critical hits.
Wounding Aura (Su) The posessed continiously radiates an aura of negative energy with a radius of 40 ft. Every living creature is subjected to inflict light wounds (as the spell) once per round on the posessed's turn. The posessed heals up damage equal to the maximum damage dealt to any one creature. The posessed may lower or restart this aura once per round as a free action.
Destruction (Su) The posessed can use Destruction (as per the spell) once per 1d4 rounds.
Pain Reflection (Su) Every creature dealing damage to the posessed must make a fortitude save. If it fails, it takes nonlethal damage equal to the damage it would otherwise deal to the posessed and the posessed takes no damage. Creatures immune to nonlethal damage are not subject to this ability. Other effects that are part of the damaging attack are still dealt to the posessed-only hit point damage is reflected.

Destruction abilities-DCs are strength based for Ex and charisma based for SU.

Burning Hands (Su) Natural attacks do +1d6 fire damage
Rend Armor (Ex) Each claw attack deals damage to the target's armor or shield in addition to the target's HP.
Darkbolt (Su) As a standard action, ranged touch attack that deals 1d6 damage/2 class levels with 10 ft/level range. Fortitude save for half damage.
Retaliation (Su) Whenever the posessed takes HP damage by an attack or spell in range, they can retaliate againt the attacker with a Darkbolt as a free action. Can only retaliate against the same attacker once per round. Requires Darkbolt ability to be used.
Searing Aura (Su) Fireshield as the spell. The posessed may surpress or restart the effect once per round as a free action.
Shadow Pounce (Su) The posessed may teleport up to 10 ft/class level and full attack as a full-round action.
Darkfire (Su) Abilities that deal fire damage now deal corrupt damage instead.
Incinerate (Su) Creatures damaged by Burning Hands, Darkbolt or Searing Aura must make a fortitude save or lose their regeneration for one round.
Flesh-ripping claws (Ex) Claws deal critical hits at 17-20 range with a 3x modifier.
Hands of Destruction (Su) Once per round as a standard action the posessed can perform a meele touch attack. In addition to normal damage, the target is subject to Disintegrate, as the spell. Hands of Destruction can dissolve force effects and conjured objects just like disintegrate can.

War abilities-DCs are strength-based.

Fury (Ex) Posessed gains rage as per the barbarian rage usable 1/day plus once per day per 5 class levels.
Ironskin (Ex) Posessed gains a +3 natural armor bonus to AC that stacks with any existing natural armor bonus.
Rapid Blows (Ex) The posessed gains one additional claw attack due to unnatural quickless.
Shrug off Punishment (Ex) The posessed develops extraordinary resilience to harm. He gains +2 HP per class level.
Lightning Strike (Ex) The posessed gains one additional claw attack due to near-supernatural speed and reflexes. This bonus stacks with Rapid Blows.
Greater Fury (Ex) The posessed's rage gives a further +6 strength bonus. In addition, enemies up to one size category larger must make an opposed strength check with each blow or be thrown back five feet for every point they failed the strength check then fall prone.
Unholy Speed (Su) The posessed's number of claw attacks in a full attack during a rage double as if he has taken two full attacks. In addition, the posessed may take a five-foot step between attacks. Every round the posessed uses unholy speed counts as three rounds against the rage's duration.
Mighty Blow (Ex) The posessed may forego additional claw attacks when performing a full attack action. For every additional attack skipped, the damage of the first attack doubles. In addition, the victim must make a fortitude save or be stunned for 1d6 rounds. (2 doubles equal a tripling and so on)
Increased Damage Reduction (Ex) The posessed's damage reduction increases by 4 points. This ability can be taken more than once-the effects stack.
Slayer's Avatar (Su) While raging the posessed grows to the next largest size category, with all the bonuses and penalties this gives.

2007-05-27, 04:22 PM
The alignment restrictions fit the fluff, but not really the intended purpose.

2007-05-27, 04:33 PM
Erm...what exactly do the abilities do? Excuse me if I'm being dense, but I can't see anywhere what the crunch of the Abilities actually is.

2007-05-27, 05:54 PM
Added Chaos and Suffering abilities. More abilities coming up-hopefully it will be done by tomorrow.

2007-05-27, 07:50 PM
Wow... Just wow. I mean, it's a base class available to any Chaotic or Evil character (CG works, though unconventional) and they can get some really powerful things, very quickly. To start, they gat permanent ability enhancements, natural armor every other level, immune to negative energy, and natural weapons. THEN, they get things like permanent True Seeing, Wings, a Healing Drain attack (Minor drain), or alternatively, a 40 ft radius that does the smae thing automatically, Greater Teleport 1/minute, any of which at 1st level. Wowwy. A 1st level character wins any combat with the Wounding Aura in about 3 rounds, at most, and kills his allies along with him. As written, it's far, way, and totally too strong.

2007-05-27, 08:38 PM
Jake i believe the abilities kind of stack... like you have to take the first one before you can take the second one and so on...

2007-05-27, 09:23 PM
The Claws ability is awkwardly worded.

Might I suggest full BAB and just making the claws normal natural weapons?

2007-05-27, 09:25 PM
The claws are severely under powered. Make then a normal weapon so they get the full power of BAB. Melee attacks still get the +Str Modifier.

2007-05-27, 11:33 PM
Considering there are 11 Chaos abilities, and you only get 10 abilities through you're career, it doesn't look like it. Also, it doesn't read that way.

2007-05-28, 03:20 AM
Abilities are written in level order. Wounding Aura is 8th level so it can be taken at 15th level in the earliest. Demonic Might is a 10th level ability so it cannot be taken earlier than 19th level.

For the 11 Chaos abilities-my mistake. Wings should not be there-it should be part of the Demonic Mastery ability.

Now, for the very, very powerful thingy. Let's compare, shall we?

Natural Armor Bonus? A monk gets a better armor bonus type (counts against touch attacks) and may get an even higher bonus than +10 by level 20. (+4 from levels, +4 from 18 wisdom, +3 from +6 wisdom item). Duelist and Ninja also get better AC bonus types.

Ability bonuses? On lower levels, they are a plus of the class. On higher levels, they are easily overmatched by buffs. How about Bite of the Werebear? It gives more than three times higher strength bonus. How about Veil of the Deity? It gives slightly higher bonuses to ability scores plus energy resistances. How about Giant Size? +32 to strength, +12 to constitution and a reach of 30 ft. And I'm not even getting into Polymorph: War Troll or Shapechange: Pit Fiend-these are broken. If you add up all the abilities the Posessed may get, it might-just might-match a combat oriented buffer. Which was the classe's aim in the first place.