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2015-11-05, 01:04 PM
In the subarctic tundra up north where the winters are harsh and the summers cold there is it where the alfen fight. If not against giants, orcs or other savages it is against their own kin to show from what kind of metal they were forged. They are not necessarily hostile to other humanoids though sharing in the rough lands they live in can be dangerous as food and shelter can be scarce so they won't give every traveller a warm welcome.
Alfen are as studied in fighting as high elves are in magic or wood elves in hunting. They are not xenophobic as wood elves are and only look down on those who have not proven themselves in battle.
In Lots of Alf tribes when one comes of age they will have to prove themselves this can be in different ways per tribe or generation. Because sometimes they have to slay a beast with stronger warriors, take part in a raid or battle or win a fight against a prisoner they got. It depends on what is available at the time. Then when they have proven themselves they get a tattoo of their name and tribe name on their chest to show that they are a warrior. If they gain other feats of battle or bravery they get a tattoo on their limps if all limps have a tattoo they get one on the face but every tattoo has to be a greater feat than the one before.

now is this balanced?

ability score adjustment:
you get +1 on dex instead of +2 and gain +2 on strength

alf fighting:
you gain 1 maneuver from the battle masters class and you gain 1 superiority die for this maneuver which is a 1d4
(this die stand lose from other superiority die)

alf weapon training
you gain proficintcy in: war pik, longsword, javelin.