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2007-05-27, 11:54 AM
Hey, I have been kicking around an idea for a presitge class in my head for a bit, but before I sit down to try and systematize it, I thought I'd ask here to see if A) the idea itself has any merit and B) it's been done somewhere before that I can look at.

The general idea for the class is as follows, based on the concept of the Daoist laid out by Zhuang zi. The idea is to allow former melee/minor casters to become "one with the way" and thus gain several minor flavor abilities and three major abilities (at the expense, i think of BAB, requirement of a physical disability, and some class restrictions on gear/behavior).

The three major abilities are shiftable feats, the ability to qualify for feats you normally could not qualify for, and the ability to avoid being targeted in combat.

Shiftable feats basically allows a character to "prepare" a certain number of feats per day, the way a caster would spells, while also allowing a character to repick two of their existing feats every time they gain a level.

the ability to qualify for a feat would be a two-off thing, at say level 3 and level 9. where the daoist can take a feat that they don't meet the non feat requirements for (So a daoist can't take spring attack without mobility, but she could take it if I had the previous feats to qualify but not the necessary dex.)

The third ability, avoiding being targeted, which they would probably get at 4th level, would let them roll against their opponent to make the opponent feel that the daoist can't possibly be a threat, preventing them from targeting the daoist until the daoist committs and attack against them or one of their allies.

As I said, any constructive feedback or opinions would be helpful. I know that this is very raw, but I want to know if the concept itself has merit and is/isn't overpowered on its face, and hasn't been done elsewhere, before I take more time to refine it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Fuum Bango
2007-05-27, 12:47 PM
Damn, I can't help, but keep up with this idea, its really good. :smile:

Grizzled Gryphon
2007-05-27, 02:02 PM
So, for the third ability, you want them to appear to be innocent until they actually attack? That sounds like a bluff check. Or even a possible mind affecting ability.

Not what I thought at first at all. I had this idea of the character moving in such a way that anyone trying a ranged attack on them found it very difficult to aim at them. With that, I was thinking a bonus to AC vs. ranged attacks. Probably a Dodge bonus, that gets better with levels. This would be a nice boon to a chracter as it would make ranged touch attacks harder.

As for the shiftabe feats, I like this, too. But, in order to maintain balance, I would say they can only make use of those feats so many times a day. With that, I would say it is a supernatural ability, and they can use any feat they wish. They don't need to meet any of the requirements, but the feat has to be one they could meet the prereqs for. This eliminates people using epic feats, or other feats that are too high a level, or the like. There should be other restrictions, but none are coming to mind. I would have them be able to gain a number of feats for this equal to half there class level.

Getting two feat they don't meet the non-feat requirements for is good, too. Keep to two, though. I wonder if the restriction of still having to meet the feat requirements is important? Maybe doing it the way I mentioned above is the way to go? It has to be a feat they could have met the requirements for.

As for that, here is a breakdown of what I mean. If you can show how your charcter taking a different set of feats, or using you ability scores in different places, and your ability increases being placed differently, at your level, could have had this feat, then you can take it. This can even go so far as a character getting a fighter only feat, with out having any fighter levels, if he COULD have taken those levels needed to get it. however, I would leave out any bonus feats from other classes they could have gotten.

Well, there is what I think on the matter. Does the feat thing above make sense to anyone else? I am not sure I get what I typed, so let me know, and I will try and explain it in english next time.:smalltongue:

2007-05-27, 02:12 PM
thanks for the vote of confidence Fuum.

Grizzled, interesting. I never really intended for them to be able to grab epic feats til they were epic, but you make a fair point that they should really only be able to take feats they "could" get. In the sense that they have to show they "could" reach, say spring attack, at that level, though they might not be able to actually get there with their current build. I will consider that method, it might need to be stricter (you have to take temp feats to climb to it, or a max amount of "give" based on your level) But I think that will have to wait until later.

As for the not getting attacked they are going to swithc fort with Dex as a primary save generally. the reason I worded it the way I did is based in the philosophy I am taking it from. Zhuangzi tells a lot of stories that exalt the wounded and the lame as examples of following the way and gaining benefits that other people don't realize. It's a way to show that human values aren't absolute.

Your suggestions for the bonus to dodge etc... fall more into the minor, flavor catagory i mentioned in my OP. I wanted to validate these ideas before moving on to those. I may add the dodge bonus, but I'd probably make it temporary and conditioned on giving control of your character over to "the way" (say +5 dodge bonus to AC for 1 d6 rounds, but each round roll on a d6 table to determine your actions, or set a limitation on your actions).