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2015-11-05, 10:38 PM
'Ello 'ello! So I am playing a campaign with 3 players: Melchior the Warlock/Sorcerer. 'Red' the Bard and Jean the Rogue. I asked each of them to give me themes for a magic item that would become iconic for their character. I've also included a plot-related device called the Setilium(Set-eel-ee-um) which allows them to spin their experiences and story-worthy feats into power to fuel the progress of their chosen item. I intended these to be a little OP and not easily overshadowed by anything they are likely to find.

That said, I could use a little help fine-tuning things which turn out to be underpowered, or horrifyingly unbalanced, especially when compared to the other two items. Please take a look at the items below. I've listed them according to how the powers develop as they level up. If reading all of it (and it is a bit of reading) is too much, I ask if you would kindly pick and comment on one of these. Thank you!

(The level listed is the level the player must be before the ability can be unlocked by the Setilium)

The Heartbeat's Thunder: This set of drums goes to our party Bard. He asked for an item which would help him buff his allies and boost his combat potential. He also wanted to be "a Lord of the Undead." So I made a set of drums that can play the rhythms of life and tap into the inspirations that move people.

Lvl 3: Pounding Thunder- As an action you pound on these drums, causing a cacophony of thunder to explode over a 10ft radius spread, cantered on a point within 60 feet of you. 2d6 sonic damage, dexterity save for half damage. 1/long rest. You may recover one charge of this power up to once an hour if you are exposed to a loud, thunderous sound, or if you take sonic damage.

Lvl 4: Inspiration- You can spend your action playing a rousing song of inspiration on these drums. Each time you use this ability, choose an ability score. Yourself and all living allies within 30 ft. of you receive a +2 bonus on all ability checks involving that ability score for as long as you continue playing. You may expend a bardic inspiration as a free action to cause this ability to linger for 2 rounds after you stop playing.

Lvl 5: Rhythms of the Dead- Once per day you may spend your action pounding out a heart's rhythm on these drums. The quickening melody taps into the residual life that remains in the bones of the fallen, animating the dead for a short time. This power animates one skeleton within 30 ft. of you to serve you for 1 minute, after which time the bones fall lifeless to the ground. The skeleton follows your basic commands (stay, attack, defend, wait, etc.) but complex, multi-stage orders are beyond it unless you personally spend your action directing it. The skeletons animated by this effect use your attack bonus for the purpose of rolling to hit, but otherwise function as ordinary, animate skeletons.

Lvl 6: Pounding Thunder- the damage is increased to 3d6.

Lvl 7: Inspiration- now automatically persists for 1 round after you stop playing. You may use a bardic inspiration to extend it for an additional 2 rounds.

Lvl 8: Rhythms of the Dead- now lasts for 2 minutes (20 rounds). You may choose to divide these rounds of animation as you see fit between up to 2 skeletons. You need not spend all 20 rounds at once, but you may only raise 2 skeletons a day.

Lvl 9: Pounding Thunder- Damage increases to 3d8. Base charges increase to 2/long rest.

Lvl 10: Inspiration- Instead of a +2 bonus, your inspiration now provides Advantage on checks made with the target ability score.

Lvl 11: Rhythms of the Dead- now lasts 3 minutes (30 rounds). You may choose to divide these rounds of animation between up to 4 skeletons per long rest, as you see fit. Additionally, you may choose to raise a Ghoul instead of a skeleton, which requires the full corpse with flesh intact. You may also spend rounds of animation to control undead that have already risen by some other power or effect. You can control undead other than skeletons and ghouls, but this power does not work against intelligent undead. In order to control undead you did not create, you must spend your turn playing on these drums and spend one round of animation each turn per undead you control. If the undead are already under the control of another creature, you must roll a wisdom saving throw against their spell DC in order to seize control. The undead behave normally again when you either stop playing or run out of rounds of animation.

Lvl 12: Pounding Thunder- The base charges on this power are now 3/long rest. Increase the damage to 4d8

Lvl 13: Inspiration- The advantage granted by this power now also applies to saving throws made with the target ability score.

Lvl 14: Rhythms of the Dead- Now lasts 4 minutes (40 rounds). You may divide this duration among up to 6 undead per long rest.

Lvl 15: Pounding Thunder- deals 5d8 damage. Base charges is now 4. The area of this ability is now ten 5 ft. squares. You may shape this area as you see fit, but every piece of the area must be in contact with the rest, forming one continuous area.

Lvl 16: Inspiration- You may now target 2 ability scores with your inspiration ability.

Lvl 17: Rhythms of the Dead- now lasts 5 minutes (50 rounds). You may divide this duration up among any number of undead you choose to create.

Lvl 18: The Dance Macabre- Once per long rest, you may choose to continue playing when you activate your Rhythms of the Dead power. If you spend 10 minutes using your action to play the Rhythms of the Dead, you consume all rounds of animation for the day, but the undead you animate are permanent and will obey your commands for 24 hours. You cannot use this power to control more undead than you have hit-dice.

Lvl 20: The Dance Macabre- The undead you create with this ability are now immune to your Pounding Thunder ability and may benefit from your Inspiration ability as though they were living.

Demon's Pride: This silver ring with onyx stone goes to our party Warlock/Sorcerer who is possessed of demonic ancestry(not a feat or mechanic, just an RP element.) He asked for an item to bring out his demonic heritage in a brimstone and fire sort of way. This is the result.

Lvl 3: Dread- You terrify your opponents so that they have trouble acting against you. As an action, you can impose a -2 fear penalty on ability checks and attack rolls in an opponent. This lasts for 5 rounds. 1 charge/long rest. You may restore 1 charge of this power by spending 1 hour among a group of people (more than 5), allowing your ring to feed off of their silent insecurities and apprehension. You may restore only one charge in this way per long rest.

lvl 4: Burning Gaze- You can set foes ablaze with a glance. As a bonus action, you set target creature on fire. The target burns for 4 rounds and takes 1d6 damage per round. The subject may make a dexterity save at the end of each turn to put out the fire. 2 charges/day. This ability regains 1 charge if you suffer fire damage.

Lvl 5: Fiendstep- As a bonus action, you may teleport up to 20 feet away to a point you can see. You may choose to spend this limit in 5ft increments instead of all at once. Each time you use Fiendstep, subtract the distance you travel from your daily total. You cannot use Fiendstep to travel more than your remaining distance. Reset your remaining distance after you take a long rest.

Lvl 6: Dread- 2 charges/long rest. In addition to its other effects, you may also force the target to make a Charisma saving throw. If it fails, its sense of dread is such that it cannot willingly move closer to you for the duration. The creature is not forced back if you approach it, however.

Lvl 7: Burning Gaze- increase damage to 1d8. 3 Charges.

Lvl 8: Fiendstep- Fiendstep now has a 40 ft limit.

Lvl 9: Dread- Whenever a creature you target with Dread fails its saving throw, you may choose to have them flee in terror from you. The creature travels as far as it can reasonably go without taking obviously self-destructive actions. The creature aims to leave your line of sight and will even expend spell slots to do so. Once the creature can no longer see you, it may make a new saving throw each turn to act normally.

Lvl 10: Burning Gaze- Increase damage to 2d8. 4 charges.

Lvl 11: Fiendstep- Your range-limit is now 60 ft.

Lvl 12: Dread- Subjects who manage to break your Dread early suffer disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks for the remaining duration.

Lvl 13: Burning Gaze- You may expend 2 charges of Burning Gaze simultaneously to effect 2 targets at once.

Lvl 14: Fiendstep- Now has a 100 ft limit.

Lvl 15: Dread- 3 charges. Whenever you could make a subject flee in terror, you may instead choose to have them paralyzed with fear. The subject stands frozen in place as if affected by Hold Person. If you use this version, the subject may repeat its saving throw at the end of each turn to break the effect even if it can see you.

Lvl 16: Burning Gaze-increase damage to 3d8. 5 charges.

Lvl 17: Fiendstep- Whenever you would take damage from an attack, but before you know the amount of damage, you may choose to use your Fiendstep ability to flicker out of the way, vanishing briefly and appearing in an adjacent space. The attack suffers a 50% miss chance. This use of Fiendstep uses up 15 ft of your daily limit. You may use this power no more than once per round.

Lvl 18: Demonic Inheritance- You call upon the powers of demonkind running in your blood and transmute your form into a more fully demonic aspect. For 1 minute, all of the ring's powers are enhanced.
Dread: All enemies within 20 ft of you suffer a -2 penalty to attack rolls and ability checks. Additionally, while using Demonic Inheritance you may cast Dread as a bonus action.
Burning Gaze: Your burning gaze now targets a 10 ft radius sphere. All enemies within that sphere catch fire as if effected by your Burning Gaze.
Fiendstep: While using Demonic Inheritance, you do not expend feet per day when using your Fiendstep ability. You may travel freely up to 1,000 feet away to a place you can see, but no more than once a round.

Lvl 20: Demonic Inheritance: Now lasts for 20 rounds (2 minutes). You may choose to spend these rounds 5 at a time rather than all at once.

Forlorn Memory: This item was born of our Rogue's background choice. He decided to use his "token to remember your parents by' which came with his orphan background. He says that it is a lot like a cork-coin which is double headed. On one side is a women's face, the other, a man's. He wanted it to bring forth the grief, forgetting and dumbstruck terror that is the death of a loved one. This is the result.

Lvl 3: Fickle Memories- Once per long rest, as a bonus action, you may cause a subject to forget about you and refuse to acknowledge your presence for 1 round. They will not attack you or strive to interact with you. This effect immediately ends if you attack the creature or do something to call attention to yourself (shouting, making a scene, stabbing their best friend, etc.) Once the effect ends, the subject's memories return to it and it acts normally. As long as you don't call attention to yourself, the subject forms no new memories of you while under this effect. You may restore a use of this ability, no more than once an hour, by successfully hiding from someone who is aware of your presence.

Lvl 4: Grieving- You bestow upon a subject a portion of the grief that the death of a loved one brings. Once per day, you may use your action to force a creature to grieve, suffering disadvantage on all ability checks for 3 rounds. The subject may make a wisdom saving throw at the end of each turn to end the effect early.

Lvl 5: See No Evil- Once per day you may use your action to reach out and steal away the senses of a creature. The creature must make a constitution saving throw or suffer from either Deafness or Blindness, your choice. The effect lasts for 1 minute. The creature may attempt a new saving throw at the end of each round to shake off the effect.

Lvl 6: Fickle Memories- now lasts 2 rounds and has 2 charges. The subject may make a wisdom saving throw to halve the duration.

Lvl 7: Grieving- now has 2 charges and, instead of disadvantage, the subject is reduced to a sobbing wreck. The subject perceives everything as extraordinarily depressing and can do nothing but shake and cry on its turn. At the end of each urn, the subject may attempt a saving throw to end the effect early.

Lvl 8: See No Evil- now has 2 charges. Additionally, you may choose to silence the target instead of blinding or deafening them. If you do, they are mute for the duration and cannot communicate verbally or cast spells with verbal components. The subject may still make saving throws to end the effect early.

Lvl 9: Fickle Memories- now lasts 5 rounds. Additionally, instead of forgetting you, you may choose for the subject to remember you in a specific way for the duration of this effect. You can choose to charm them or make them hostile to you. You may also still choose to have them forget you as normal.

Lvl 10: Grieving- Now lasts 6 rounds.

Lvl 11: See No Evil- You may choose two effects when using this power (blindness, deafness or silence), applying both simultaneously.

Lvl 12: Fickle Memory-Now has 3 charges. You may choose for the target of this power to forget a creature other than yourself, or to be charmed or hateful towards a creature other than yourself.

Lvl 13: Grieving- Now has 3 charges. You may choose to expend multiple charges at the same time, affecting different creatures simultaneously.

Lvl 14: See No Evil- Now has 3 charges. You may now choose for your subject to suffer all three penalties at once.

Lvl 15: Fickle Memory- Now lasts a minute. You may choose to affect all creatures in a 10-ft. Radius sphere. You must cause all of them to forget the same person, or alter their view of the same person.

Lvl 16: Grieving- When a creature successfully ends you Grieving effect early, they still suffer from it, taking disadvantage on all checks and attack rolls for the remainder of the duration.

Lvl 17: See No Evil- When you activate this ability, you may choose to target different creatures for each sense. So, for example, you could make one creature deaf and blind and another unable to speak. You could also make one blind, one deaf and one mute.

Lvl 18: Painful Remembrance- Once per day you may use your action to summon up the ghost of painful memories. It takes the form of someone you knew who is now dead. This ghost lasts for up to a minute. You choose where the ghost will appear and it stays there until you use your action to move it. If you do spend your action, you may cause the ghost to move up to 30 ft. in any direction (including up). Anyone within 30 ft. of the ghost receives only one attempt to break your Grieving and See No Evil abilities. Additionally, as a bonus action, you may have the ghost one of these abilities for you on your turn. These castings still use up charges.

Lvl 20: Painful Remembrance- You may now summon your ghost for 2 minutes a day, rather than using it as a charge. You may summon and dismiss it at will and may continue to use this ability 1 round at a time until your duration limit is up. Dismissing the ghost is a bonus action.

Thanks again to anyone who can give any advice!