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2007-05-28, 01:01 PM
Two Weapon Fighting (Special Attack): You can attack with a second weapon in combat. If you do so as part of a full-attack action, you sustain a -4 penalty on all attacks that round. This penalty is reduced to -2 if your off-hand weapon is a light weapon. You may make one additional attack that round with your off-hand weapon. This attack occurs at your highest base attack bonus.

Alternately, once per round, you can spend an attack of opportunity to make an attack with an off-hand weapon. This attack takes a -4 penalty on its attack roll (-2 if the weapon is light) but does not assess any penalty to your primary hand.

Two Weapon Fighting [Fighter]
You are skilled at fighting with two weapons.

Prerequisites: Dex 13+.

Benefit: When fighting with two weapons, your penalty on attack rolls is reduced by 2 points; you take no penalty if your off-hand weapon is light, and only a -2 penalty otherwise. Additionally, you apply your full Strength modifier with your off hand, rather than half your Strength modifier.

Improved Two Weapon Fighting [Fighter]
You are highly adept at two weapon fighting.

Prerequisites: Dex 15+, Two Weapon Fighting, Base Attack Bonus +6.

Benefit: Every time you make an attack with your primary hand, you may also make one with your off-hand. This ability does not apply to bonus attacks to your full attack routine, such as from a flurry of blows or a haste spell. It does, however, apply to attacks made using a standard attack action, attacks of opportunity, cleave attacks, whirlwind attacks, and the like.

Greater Two Weapon Fighting [Fighter]
You are wickedly precise with paired weapons.

Prerequisites: Dex 17+, Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Base Attack Bonus +11.

Benefit: When you make a full attack action while fighting with two weapons, your iteritive attacks are more accurate. You get a +1 bonus with your secondary pair of attacks, a +3 bonus with your third attacks, and a +6 bonus with your fourth attacks. Your iterative attacks can never have a higher modifier to your attack roll than your primary attacks. You do not gain any bonus on other extra attacks (such as from a flurry of blows or haste).

Two Weapon Defense [Fighter]
You are skilled at defending yourself with two weapons.

Prerequisites: Dex 13+, Two Weapon Fighting.

Benefit: When you are wielding two weapons and not flat-footed, you gain a shield bonus to AC equal to the number of attacks you could make on a full attack action.

2007-05-28, 01:23 PM
Heh, heh. No end to this sort of thing. Looks okay to me, but it probably won't solve the problems. Here's my take:

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2007-05-28, 07:40 PM
The tree overall looks good. I have two complaints:

1) The first feat is really weak. Nobody would ever take it unless they are planning to take ITWF too. ITWF, on the other hand, gives a ton of benefits all at once and is a great feat. Maybe even them out a bit?

2) The ability to change iterative attacks' interval penalties isn't inherently broken, but it is something 3.5 has religiously avoided, which means there is probably some obscure ability out there that could break it in a combo. It also means that this feat will lead to some pretty obscure and annoying bookkeeping. Maybe you could just grant a bonus to iterative attacks? (If the bonus was +1/+3/+5, you'd even have the exact same effect as your current feat, but without breaking the sacred "-5 on iterative attacks" rule of the game.)

EDIT: Personally, I like the idea of building the TWDefense system into TWF automatically with the prereq of Combat Expertise. No need for extra feats for it IMHO.

2007-05-28, 07:43 PM
Good suggestions, I'll get right on that. Thanks for the input. With regards to Two Weapon Defense, my aim is to keep the tree somewhat feat-heavy. I see two weapon fighting as superior to two handed fighting, but more difficult to master (naturally, this offers the two hander fighter more feats to place elsewhere, which should hopefully keep them relatively balanced).