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I just have a whim to make a system based upon the GBA Game, Cima: The Enemy.

The year is 6041. The world as we know it has collapsed, and has restarted. owever, an Alien race has seen fit to invade earth. These aliens are called "CIMA". The CIMA Feed off of a human's emotions, and have to bring the Humans (or, Meatbags, as they call them) to their dungeons and harvest on their hope and fear.

The Humans have mounted a resistance to this. They are called Gate Keepers, a Group of soldiers that fight the Cima and protect travelers on the lost frontiers. For a while, it seemed as if the Humans managed to beat back the Cima. However, the Cima began to evolve, and moved much more quickly than before into the Human territories. Will the humans survive this final onslaught?
Useful Terms
Majesty: When a Cima is Killed, it drops a small Crystalization. People use these crystalizations to manufacture objects and items.
Gate Keeper: A Person sworn to defend travelers.
Six Stars: The 6 Most powerful Gate Keepers. Currently, 2 have Died, and their spots have yet to be filled.
The Crimson Nine: The 9 Most powerfu CIMA. 3 Have Died.

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Character Stats
All characters get 5 Stats, which begin at 1. They then get 10 Stat points to assign to stats for a 1:1 Basis. No stat can be raised beyond the Characters Level+3.

The 5 Stats Are


Build covers Physical Prowress. It represents Strength, and other such things.
Your Build affects the following.
Carrying Limit: You may only carry an amount of items equal to 10 times Build.
Attack: For Every Melee attack, you may add your build/2 (Rounded up) to the damage
Grapple: You may add your build to grapple checks

Agility covers Physical Speed. It determines the following:
Speed: You add your Agility to your All dodge checks
# Of Attacks: You may make X Attacks a round, where X is 1+Agility/2 Rounded down, Minimum of one.
Ranged Attack: You may add half of your agility (Agility/2) to ranged attacks

Stamina represents, well, stamina. It determines the following:
HP: You add your stamina to your HP Rolls
Fortitude: You add your Stamina to Saving Throws
Focus: You add your Stamina to all rush checks.

Perception is your view of the world around you. It determines the following
Common Sense: You may add your Perception to X Checks, where X is the amount of perception you have. (A Person with 3 perception could use this ability 3 times, allowing him to add +3 to a check)
Instinct: You may add your Perception to any flee atempts
Magic Attack: You May add half of yoru Perception to all Magical Attacks

IQ Represents your Characters Knowledge. It Determines the following
Speed of Thought: You may add your IQ to your Initiative
Thought Attack: You may add your IQ to your Intelligence Attacks
Mind Meld: You may aid another player, adding your IQ to their next check.

Now, once you have your base stats, you Attach a Template. Templates add Bonuses to your character.
There are 5 Templates:
Quick Learner
Staunch Defender

Quick Learner
Quick Learners gain TWO Feats instead of one at first level
Quick Learners gain an extra Skill Slot

Staunch Defender
Staunch Defenders gain +1 to ALL Attack Rolls
Staunch Defenders double their HP Gaind at level ups

Mysterious's add +2 to two attack styles of their choice.
Mysterious's gain the ability to Select two special quailities at 1st level

Brutes increase all HP Die into d12s
Brutes add +1 to all attack styles..

Children Gain the Small size quality for Free
Children can Cross weak bridges without penalty.

Now, we determine HP. HP Is 1d10+Stamina. You add a d10 every time you level up.
So Now your Sheet should look like this:


Now, you have Attack Values. Their are 4 kinds of attacks: Melee, Ranged, Magic, and Thought. Each value starts at 1, and you are given 3 points to spread amongst them as you see fit. Certain CIMA Are resistant to certain attacks and vulnerable to others.

So Now your sheet would look like:


Now, We can choose feats. You get 1 feat at first level. Quick Learners get two. All Feats Stack.

Weapon Specialization
Effect: Add +1 to your Damage with that Weapon. This Only works with Melee Weapons.
Rage Pre Req: Weapon Specialization
Effect: +1 Element to Weapon
Effect: Add +1 to your HP

Gun Specialization
Effect: Add +1 to your damage with the Selected Gun Weapon. Only works with Ranged Weapons.
Gun Modification: Pre Req: Gun Specialziation
Effect: +1 Element to weapon.
Spell Focus
Effect: Adds +1 to your Damage with The Selected Spell. Only works with Magic Attacks
Metamagic Pre Req: Spell Focus
Effect: +1 Element to Magic Attack
Speed Talker
Effect: Adds +1 to your Damage with the Selected Language. Only works with Thought attacks.
Fluency Pre Req: Speed Talker
Effect: +1 Element to Thought attack

Effect: Add +1 to your Flee Rolls

Effect: Add +4 to your Build for the purposes of Carrying items

Effect: Add +4 to your stamina for the purposes of Saves

Instinctive Dodge
Effect: You may chose to add your Perception to Dodge checks instead of Agility.

All characters get 1 Skill Slot. Quick Learners get two. You may choose which one you want.

Allows you to calm fear

Allows you to heal 1d10 HP.

Allows you to find hidden switches

Allows you to add +1 to all players escape rolls by using flashy mirrors and illusions.

Lets you repair items

Lets you Refine Majesties to make Materials.

Allows you to cure poison

Lets you reduce damage taken by 1, at the cost of 1 temporary staimina damage.

Allows you to make Ammo

Allows you to cross weak bridges

Allows you to drive vehicles

Allows you to Identify CIMA Based upon appearance.

Now once you have your skill chosen, you get to Pick a Special Quality. Brutes get the Basher for free, and the children get the Small size for free.

Acrobat: Acrobats always take half damage from Failed Dodges
Basher: Bashers can multiply damage by 2 for all Melee
Black Ops: Black Ops Multiply Damage by 2 for all Ranged attacks
Spiritual: Multiply Damage by 2 for all Magical Attacks
Politician: Multiply damage by 2 for all Thought attacks.
Dragoon: Reduce Damage from CIMA By 1
Small Size: Add +2 to Flee rolls, +1 to Agility, -1 to Stamina.
Large Size: Add +2 to Damage rolls, +1 to Stamina, -1 to Agility.
Pyro: +4 Damage with Fire Attacks
Cyro: +4 Damage with Ice Attacks
Zapper: +4 Damage with Thunder Attacks
Hardened: +4 Damage with Earth Attacks
Pure: +4 Damage with Light Attacks
Corrupted: +4 Damage with Evil Attacks.

So A Sheet thus far... for a Gunslinger,

Level: 1
HP: 9 (Rolled a 6, add Stamina for +3)
Template: Quick Learner
Build: 2
IQ: 2
Melee: 2
Gun Specialization (Pistol)
Gun Modification (Pistol): Fire
Civilian: To Get materials
Chemist- To Make Ammo
Quality: Pyro: +4 Damage with Fire Weapons.

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Without Gear, a Gate Guardian is defenseless. "Protect Everybody" is the Guardian's Motto. Think you can?
Now you roll 3d20+IQ to determine how much material you have. This material does not carry over after character creation.

All Weapons come in 5 Stages:
+0 (Basic)
+1 (Red)
+2 (Purple)
+3 (Blue)
+4 (White)
The Bonus adds to the damage done. It costs the Bonus x 5 in materials to upgrade a weapon. Anybody can upgrade weaponry.

Melee Weaponry: All weapons cost 10 material.
Melee Weaponry is divided into 3 types: Swords, Spears, and Axes.
Swords are Faster than spears, but do less damage than axes. Spears are faster than axes, but do the least amount of damage. Axes are massive damage, but very slow. A Sword attack counts as 1 Action. It deals 1d8 Damage.
An Axe attack counts as 2 Actions. It Deals 1d12 Damage.
A Spear attack counts as 1/2 of an Action. It Deals 1d3 Damage Per Hit..

Ranged Weapons.
Ranged weapons come in 4 Varieties: Pistols, Shotguns, Rifles, and Launchers. It costs 1 Action to fire, but 1 action to reload.
Pistols deal 2d4 Damage, Ammo cost: 5 Material. Clip Size: 10
Shot Guns deal 1d12 Damage Ammo Cost: 10 Material: ClipSize: 8
Rifles deal 4d2 Damage Clip Size: 5
Launchers deal 3d6 Damage. Clip Size:1
Pistol Ammo costs 5 Material
Rifle/Shot Gun Ammo costs 10 Material
Launcher Ammo costs 15 Material

Magic Weapons
Magic Weapons come in Two Varieties: Arcane, and Divine. It costs 1 action to fire. You must expend 1 Material every shot to use it though.
Arcane Bolts deal 1d8 damage.
Divine Bolts deal 2d4 damage

Thought Weapons
Thought Weapons come in 5 Varieties: Ancient, Dead, Modern, Dialect, and Custom. It costs 5 Materials to get a language.
Ancient Deals 3d4
Dead deals 1d12
Modern deals 2d6
Dialect deals 5d2
Custom deals 1d10+2d2

Armor Increases HP. It costs 5 Material per +2 Bonus.
Light=+2 HP
Medium= +4 HP
Heavy= +6 HP

Boots Increase Flee Rating. It costs 5 Material per +1 Bonus.
leather= +1
Light= +2
Running Shoes: +3

Adding Bonuses.
To Add bonuses add 10 Material to the cost of the weapon per element you wich to add. So a Fire Type Pistol costs 20 Material, instead of 10.
When an elemental weapon is used, replace half of the damage with the elements damage. So a Sword that got a 4 would deal 2 normal damage and 2 Elemental damage.

Light and Dark damage is different.
LIGHT When damage is rolled and gets a maximum, then it deals 1.5 times the normal damage.

DARK: When damage is rolled and gets a minmum, then it automaticaly deals the average amount of damage possible. (IE: A 1d6 weapon would deal 3 damage when a 1 was rolled.)
Now we have our sheet again.

Level: 1
HP: 10 (Rolled a 6, add Stamina for +3)
Template: Quick Learner
Build: 2
IQ: 2
Melee: 2
Ranged:3 (8 With Pistols: +1 from the Specialization, and +4 if the Gun is a Fire Type Gun.)
Gun Specialization (Pistol)
Gun Modification (Pistol): Fire
Civilian: To Get Materials
Chemist- To Make Ammo
Quality: Pyro: +4 Damage with Fire Weapons.
5 Clips
Leather Boots
Light Armor

Majesties and Materials
These are two main factors of the system. Without Majesties, you cant make Materials. Without Materials, you cant do squat.

CIMA, when they die, drop two kinds of objects: Majesties, or Materials.

Majesties are materials in their most basic form. A Civilian can take a Majesty and make Materials out of it. Depending on the Majesty, any number of Materials can be made.

A Character with the Civilian Skill may take a Majesty, and refine it. It makes xd2 Materials, where X is the Character's level.

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CIMA Appear as strange abberitions. Often, they haev tentacles, mutliple eyes, and gemoetric-shaped bodies. Each CIMA is different.
All CIMA Are your enemies.They have the folowing profile:
35 HP
Deals 2 Damage Per Hit.
Has -3 Flee.

Additionaly, a Cima can be equiped with one of the folowing atributes. Feel free to make your own: These are just examples.

Charger, Zapper, Flamer, Freezer, Runner, Bulky, Ancient, Slow, Fast, and Smart.

Charger: Charger CIMA Gain +1 to Damage
Zapper CIMA: DR 5 against Electric attacks, but +1 damage from Rock attacks.
Flamer CIMA: DR 5 against Fire Attacks, But +1 damage from Ice Attacks.
Freezer CIMA: DR 5 against Ice Attacks, but +1 damage from Fire Attacks
Runner CIMA: Runner CIMA's Flee are at +1, instead of -3.
Ancient: Ancient CIMA Gain DR 5 against Earth attacks, but +1 Damage from Electric Attacks.
Bulky CIMA: +5 HP
Slow: -1 to Flee, DR 2 to all attacks.
Fast: +1 to Flee, DR 1 to all attacks
Smart: Gives a +1 HP Bonus to all Other CIMA.

All CIMA Drop 1d4 Majesties.

Determining How Many CIMA:

For Every 2 Characters, add 1 CIMA
For Every 3 Levels the party as a whole posesses, add 1 CIma
For every CIMA Nest, add 1 Cima
For Every 2 Points of Hope, Subtract 1 CIMA
If The Party Outnumbers the amount of CIMA 2 to one, Add 2 CIMA
If the CIMA have more than 1 Smart type CIMA, add One CIMA

CIMA Give off 20 EXP if killed.

Crimson Nine CIMA

These CIMA are the leaders of all CIMA. These CIMA Take on human form, but often are accompanied by CIMA They developed themselves.

Their are 7 of the Crimson Nine Left. To make one, follow these instructions:

First, determine the average Party level. Multiply that by 2, and you have the CIMA's Level.

Now, roll Xd20, where X is the CIMA's Level. This is its HP.

Roll 1d4: This is the CIMA's Best attack form. 1 is melee, 2 is ranged, 3 is magic, 4 is thought. Alternatively, you can pick to fit with whatever background you want.
All attack values start at X, where X is the CIMA's level. Then add 1/2 of the level to the best attack form.
Add 1/2 of the CIMA's level to its attributes (BUILD, IQ, AGILITY, ECT...) and add 6 points to be spread out amongst them.
A Crimson Nine CIMA Deals 2d8 Points of damage a hit.
Crimson Nine CIMA Have a flee of +5.

Now, Pick three of the Following for every 5 CIMA. You can make your own qualities, these are just some examples.:

Runner: Adds +3 to Flee
Scanner: All Attacks are at d12 damage
Flamer: All attacks deal Fire Damage
Zapper: All Attacks deal Thunder Damage
Freezer: All attacks deal Ice Damage
Stone: All attacks deal Earth damage
Shaded: Attacks are Dark Damage
Arch-Type: Attacks are Light Damage.
Diehard: has an extra 2d12 HP

Once picked, you choose 2 of the following for every 5 Party Members. These are just examples, And they do stack. For every ability picked twice, double any positive effects:

Charge Storm: Once every 3 rounds, the CIMA may deal 2d6 damage to all party members. Add +2d6 for every selection beyond the first.
Corruption: If a PC Is killed, he comes back as a normal CIMA. Add another CIMA for every selection beyond the first.
Sheilded: The CIMA Is immune to one kind of Attack type (Ranged, Melee, Thought, Magic). This ability can be taken only once.
Summon CIMA: May create 1d3 Basic CIMA. They have no special abilities. +1d3 for every selection beyond the first.
Displacement: All attacks have a 10% chance of missing (Roll 1d10: On a 1, the attack deals no damage) Add +10% per selection, maximum cap of 40%.

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Rules of Play

The World

A Cima's World is comprised of many levels: The First being the Entry and Exit level, and the lower levels being the Dungeon levels.

To Escape a Dungeon, you must be proceed through each dungeon till all have been cleared.


Corridors are the rest spots inbetween rooms. After a room is cleared, the party can move into a corridor. Corridors can sometimes have special bonuses: For example: A Corridor could contain a table with playing cards, allowing you to take a break and play a game of blackjack.

Rooms are where Combat takes place. A Room has X Amount of Nests in it, with Y Amount of CIMA in it.
A Room must have a Nest/CIMA in it for it to be considered a Room. If not, its empty space. Often, Rooms have switches that must be activated to get to the next corridor.

When the world/dungeon is complete, the players move on to the next dungeon/world.


Heres how combat works.

All actions take place at the same time. You can simotaneously kill a CIMA as it kills you.

A Character gets 3 Actions per round. He can use these actions to do whatever he wants. Usualy, this is attacking.

A Character decides what method of attack he wants to use. He selects one of the 4 methods: Melee, Ranged, Magic, or Thought. He adds that to his damage roll for that weapon (IE: I use a sword at Melee 2. I rol 1d6+2.).

The CIMA Does the same, except it has a fixed Damage Rating. The Damage is dealt, and the values subtracted from HP.

Now, Lets say the CIMA is too powerful for you. Well, you can flee. Roll 1d10+Your Flee Modifier. THe CIMA does the same. If you roll higher, then you flee. If you roll Lower, then the CIMA gets a free hit on you, and you flee. Ties are re-rolled.

NOTE! You may only make a number of attacks equal to 1/2 your Agility rating.

Simple, Eh?
Other Action Uses
You can use an action for anythign: Making ammo, gathering Chemicals, annoying the other players. Anything that can be preformed within six seconds is considered an action. Others might take two actions (Such as swining a hefty axe), or possibly three (Such as making a complicated chemical compound).

Escaping the World
Once you have defeated all the world's dungeon floors, you are given two options: Escape, or Return.

Escaping frees you (And any Followers you control) from the CIMA world, and back outside into the normal world. Note, that if you came Via a SINGLE transport (IE: You all began on the same train), then you take that transport and leave the rest inside the dungeon as CIMA food.

Returning Lets you go back into the Dungeons to search for anything you might have missed: An NPC, a special item, or perhaps a simple bunch of materials.


In the dungeons, you can find 2 kinds of NPCs: Followers, and Vendors.

Vendors sell healing and can ammo if traded materials. These are useful if your Civilian Character dies, or your seperated from the group.

Followers are NPCs that follow your orders. Usualy, you have to get them to the exit of the world. However: They can also fill extra party rolls. 1/3 of all followers have a single atribute (Generate Randomly), the other 2/3 dont have anything.

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Special Notes and Generic Tables

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