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2015-11-07, 04:42 PM
Well, I had enough fun in the last let's play that I'm ready to try it again -- this time with Choice of Robots (https://www.choiceofgames.com/robots/).

I don't suppose there's anyone here who read Asimov's Robot novels? Or saw I, Robot? At any rate, the story starts in 2019. We will play a grad student working on his/her robot creations -- and from there, so many things can happen.

-- Create a matrix-like cloud to control the planet.
-- Create a companion robot with human-level intelligence.
-- Create military robots that can win wars -- or carve out our own country from the existing superpowers :smallamused:.
-- And, of course, Skynet.
-- Or any of the above.
-- Or colonize the moon.

The game is extremely well-written and a lot of thought has been put into it -- not least because the author (http://kevingold.net/personal.shtml) actually *has* a Ph.D. in computer science. The educational background, and the thinking , show quite clearly.

So .. who would be up for this? Same rules as last time; read a paragraph,vote, wait two days, rinse and repeat until the story is concluded.

I should warn you that this game is quite a bit tougher than some of the others; there are a number of ways to be killed out quickly. Though not so often as to make it unplayable, of course :).

This should be a lot of fun -- I was thinking in starting up in about a week or so. Is anyone interested?


Brian P.

2015-11-07, 05:44 PM
You can definitely count me in as interested!