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All done!
Size, Medium(0 RP): No bonuses/penalties

Racial mods, Mixed Weakness (2 RP): +2 WIS, -4 CHA, +2 STR, -2 DEX

Type, Outsider (Native) (3 RP): Gain darkvision 60 ft. Ties to Axis.

Speed, Slow (-1 RP): Slow and steady, base speed is 20 feet and is never modified by armor or encumbrance.

Language Quality, Standard (0 RP): Utopiaspawn begin play speaking Utopian and Common. Utopiaspawn who have high intelligence scores can learn Protean, Infernal, Celestial, Abyssal, Sylvan, Terran, and Aquan.

Light Blindness (-2 RP): Axis made Utopiaspawn sensitive to light to encourage them to become night guards. Abrupt exposure to bright light blinds members of this race for 1 round; on subsequent rounds, they are dazzled as long as they remain in the affected area.

Offense Traits

Weapon Familiarity (2 RP): Originally designed by Axis to serve as city night guards, Utopiaspawn are innately skilled with the Earthbreaker, Ghandasa, Longspear, and all Bows.

Ferocity (4 RP): Imbued with the strength of will to fight to the death, if a Utopiaspawn falls below 0 but it is not yet dead, it can continue to fight. If it does, it is staggered, and loses 1 hit point each round. It still dies when its hit points reach a negative amount equal to its Constitution score.

Magic Traits

Spell-Like Ability, Lesser (1 RP): Utopiaspawn may cast Protection from Chaos once per day as a spell-like ability.

Feat and Skill Traits

Camouflage (1 RP): Utopiaspawn gain a +4 racial bonus on Stealth checks while within an urban environment. They often pose as statues to befuddle invaders before moving in for the kill.

Movement Traits

Flight (4 RP): Utopiaspawn possess metallic golden wings that grant them a fly speed of 30 feet with clumsy maneuverability. This was given to them so they could better catch theives and other criminals in the city, even if they are several stories up.

Just as there are Aasimar and Teiflings, so there are also those with ties to the planes of law. These creatures are known as Utopiaspawn. Somewhere between urban fey and Axiomites, Utopiaspawn are among the rarest of the plane-touched on Galorian, outnumbered by Aasimar and Teiflings by roughly 10 to 1. This feeble number is due to the fact that the city of Axis had to complete a council before it was approved to send lawful energies to further the cause of civilization. The intent was that these Utopiaspawn would become city guards and increase people's faith that collectivism was better than individualism, thus they created Utopiaspawn to be very perceptive of their environments and very strong--both in will and in physical might. That said, the law in their blood makes Axiomites clumsy when moving over the material plane's comparitively chaotic terrain, and their stern nature makes social interactions more than a little awkward. Like Aasimar and Teiflings, Utopiaspawn can come from any of the world's races, but the only difference in their nature is size.

Appearence: Usually appearing as flawless versions of their other parent's race, Utopiaspawn often have skin that glitters with gold flecks in bright light, and that becomes more visible when they move. They also possess metallic gold wings that sprout once they reach purberty.

Alignment and Religion: Utopiaspawn who embrace their destines tend to be Lawful Neutral and worship Abadar. Those who take their own path may be any alignment, though chaotic Utopiaspawn are rarer, and Irori, Imoedae, and Asmodeus are popular dieties.

Height: Same as Human, unless Utopiaspawn is from another race.

Weight: Same as Human, unless Utopiaspawn is from another race.

Starting Ages: Same as Aasimar and Teiflings.

Fighter: Gain 1/4 of an extra bonus feat.
Barbarian: Gain +1/4 on all attack and damage rolls.
Rogue: Gain +1/2 on Fly and Acrobatics checks.
Wizard: Gain +1/2 on Fly and Acrobatics checks.
Paladin: Add 1/2 to the number of uses per day of the Lay on Hands ability.
Antipaladin: Add 1/2 to the number of uses per day of the Touch of Corruption ability.
Cleric: Gain +1/5 on Will Saves.

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All done!

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The Barbarian fav class bonus is maybe a bit strong, the rest looks okay

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