View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Summoner Base Class

2015-11-08, 04:18 PM
Ok I am Beginning on a summoner Base class. I am at a vary early stage on this but I plan to have something playable by Christmas.

What I know:
The Summoner is a Base class that focuses on buffing a powerful summoned companion. This summon is based largely around there Archetype.
The Archetypes and thus the Summons will be Based around Celestial, Infernal and Fey.
The Base List of Spells will revolve around Buffs and general support with a small amount of offence.
Each archetype will come with extra spells Celestial will come with Healing and Holy Spells, Fey Mostly Enchantment and Illusions, and Infernal will come with a lot of damage type spells.

What I need to Know:
I am currently struggling with just how the summons will work. I have considered making it work like the Beast Rangers Pets only you pick the animal type when you summon it (It would always be the same entity in a different form) taking the Rangers rules + adding the Appropriate template (Celestial, Infernal, Fey) to the animal.