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2007-05-29, 02:04 PM
I'll skip the introduction and get straight to the crunch.

I'm trying to finish up a Bleach d20 Manual for playtest so I can run a game, so I'm going to transcribe everything from the Big Black Notebook to here for critique.

Now, originally I and a group of friends had as a project for our D&D group been working on a manual... but stuff happened... and now I have only part of it.

So let's kick it off with what I DO have. The class, Quincy

The Quincy are a clan of spiritually aware humans who once fought against the hollows, using weapons composed of spiritual energy to slay them. As opposed to shinigami, Quincy absorb and channel energy from their surroundings to fight. Unlike the shinigami method of killing hollows which allows the hollow to enter Soul Society, the Quincy technique simply destroys the hollow's soul entirely. This method has the propensity to shatter the balance of the universe, because when souls are destroyed, the number of souls entering and leaving Soul Society cannot remain equal. This issue prompted the shinigami to conduct a campaign to exterminate the Quincy about 200 years before the main storyline. However, a few Quincy remain. Only humans may be Quincy.
Hit Die: d6

+1____+0____+2____+2____Soul Bow
+2____+0____+3____+3____Bonus Spiritual Feat
+7____+2____+5____+5____Bonus Spiritual Feat
+8____+2____+6____+6____Sanrei Glove Training
+13___+4____+8____+8____Bonus Spiritual Feat
+14___+4____+9____+9____Cross Bow
+18___+6____+11___+11____Bonus Spiritual Feat
+20___+6____+12___+12___Unnamed Ultimate Quincy Ability.

Class Features
Soul Bow: As a move action, a Quincy can use their Quincy Cross to create a bow composed of spiritual energy drawn from around him. The bow is identical in all ways (except visually) to a long bow of a size appropriate for its wielder. The wielder of a Soul Bow gains the usual bonus to his attack based on his dexterity and a bonus to his damage roll from a high reiatsu bonus.

The bow can be broken (it has hardness 10 and 10 hit points); however, a Quincy can simply create another on his next move action. The moment he relinquishes his grip on his now, it dissipates. A soul bow is considered a spiritual weapon for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

A Quincy can use feats such as Point Blank Shot or Rapid Shot in conjunction with the soul bow just as if it were a normal weapon. He can also choose the soul bow for feats requiring a specific weapon choice, such as Weapon Specialization. Special attacks that upgrade weapons can be used on a soul bow.

A Quincy's soul bow improves as the character gains higher levels. At 4th level and every four levels thereafter, the soul bow gains a cumulative +1 enhancement bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls (+2 at 8th level, +3 at 12th level, +4 at 16th level, and +5 at 20th level).

Arrows are also forged from spiritual energy, and as long as a Quincy can draw in spiritual energy, they can create an infinite number of arrows. Creating the arrows is merely part of drawing the bow, and does not require any sort of special action on the part of the Quincy.

Even in places where spirit effects do not normally function, a Quincy can attempt to sustain his soul bow by making a DC 20 Will save. On a successful save, the Quincy maintains his soul bow for a number of rounds equal to his class level before he needs to check again. On an unsuccessful attempt, the soul bow vanishes. As a move action on his turn, the Quincy can attempt a new Will save to rematerialize his soul bow while he remains within the spiritual power negating effect.

Sanrei Glove Training: With special training, a Quincy can learn to summon an even more powerful bow through the use of a Sanrei Glove. The Sanrei glove triples the power of a Quincy's bow, increasing the base damage to 3d8 as well as doubling the range and critical range of the base Soul Bow.

Cross Bow: After a Quincy reaches a certain level of Spiritual Power, the appearance of their bow takes on an entirely new form, an immense cross resembling the Quincy symbol. It still functions as a bow despite the new appearance, but it is incomparably more powerful. It now deals 6d8 damage a shot and it's critical multiplier is doubled, as well as having all the bonuses of a Sanrei Glove created bow. A Sanrei Glove is not required to use a Cross Bow.

Hirenkyaku: Once per day per level, a Quincy may teleport a distance equal to the maximum range of their bow as a free action.

Ransotengai: Ransotengai is a high level technique that allows the user to control their body parts using strings of spirit energy controlled by their brain. By using this technique, they are able to control their body as one would a puppet, essentially allowing them to continue fighting even if their limbs are broken or their body was paralyzed or immobilized in some other way. This ability acts as though the Quincy were under the effect of a "Freedom of Movement" technique. This also allows a Quincy to continue fighting without penalty at 0 and lower hit points.

Playtest Quincy Ability: By expending their ability to create a Soul Bow for one day, a Quincy can fire a single arrow that deals damage equal to their Quincy character level times their Reiatsu Bonus to a single target. They must succeed at a ranged touch attack, and there is no save for the target.


As you can see, Quincy are not quite done...

And you're probably wondering what are spiritual Feats...

Well, that just too me almost an hour to transcribe, so I'll answer those question later.

2007-05-29, 06:45 PM
I love Bleach!!!! do you have any thing about death gods or holows?

2007-05-29, 10:12 PM
Hollow is tomorrow's project, it'll be mostly from memory.

I didn't work on Shinigami.... but we had almost 20 pages on the rules for them because of zanpakuto... so I'll save that for when someone wants to help.

2007-05-30, 08:25 AM
Hollow are evil ghosts who reside in Hueco Mundo but travel to the living world to feed on the souls of the living and dead alike. Like shinigami, hollows are made of spiritual matter and cannot be detected by ordinary humans. While most hollows can be overcome by the average shinigami, some can surpass even the most elite shinigami in strength. All normal hollows wear white masks. Only minuses can be Hollows.
Hit Die: d10

+1____+2____+0____+0____Hollow Form
+2____+3____+0____+0____Hollow Evolution
+3____+3____+1____+1____Cero 1/day
+5____+4____+1____+1____Hollow Evolution
+6____+5____+2____+2____Cero 2/day
+8____+6____+2____+2____Hollow Evolution
+9____+6____+3____+3____Cero 3/day
+11___+7____+3____+3____Hollow Evolution
+12___+8____+4____+4____Cero 4/day
+14___+9____+4____+4____Hollow Evolution
+15___+9____+5____+5____Cero 5/day
+17___+10___+5____+5____Hollow Evolution
+18___+11___+6____+6____Cero 6/day
+20___+12___+6____+6____Vasto Lorde

Class Features
Hollow Form: As a hollow, a minus takes on a new and distorted dark form, in addition to gaining a mask. This new form's powers are more like an animal's than a humanoid's. A hollow begins with the following natural abilities.
Natural Armor: A level one hollow has +1 Natural Armor. This ability improves by one point every third level. So at level 4, it becomes +2, +3 at level 7, +4 at level 10, +5 at level 13, +6 at level 16, and +7 at level 19.
Natural Weapons: A hollow evolves natural weapons to compensate for their lack of the ability to wield normal weapons. All hollows gain a bite attack that deals 1d4 damage as a base. In addition, they gain either a pair of claw attacks that deal 1d4 damage or a tail slap that deals 1d6 damage and uses 1.5 times their strength mod for bonus damage, or an improved bit attack that does 1d8 damage.
Scent: A hollow is able to smell characters with Reiatsu, but only if it is above 10. They may try to smell it out with a wisdom check of 25. The check decreases by one point for every point the character's reiatsu is above 10.

Hollow Evolution: As a hollow grows in power, it begins to aquire special powerful abilities. These abilities may be chosen from the following list.

Size: A hollow may use one of their evolutions to enhance their size up a grade. They gain all bonuses and penalties for an increased size.

Improved Natural Weapons: A hollow may gain a new natural attack set, or choose two of their original natural attacks to improve by one size step.

Two Tentacles: 1d3 for each, +5ft reach.
Tail Slap: 1d6 damage, 1.5 times strength mod
Tail Sting: 1d4 + poison
Two Claws: 1d4 each

Wings: Hollows are able to evolve wings, and fly at a speed of 30ft with normal maneuverability. Each time this evolution is adopted, the speed improves by 30ft and the maneuverability improves by one step.

Faster: Hollows can evolve to move faster, their base land speed improves by 30 feet and they gain +2 dex.

Powerful: Hollows can evolve their bodies to be thicker and stronger, granting them +4 strength.

Tough: Hollows can evolve their bodies to be thicker and stronger, improving their natural armor by 2 and granting +2 constitution.

Genius: Some hollows are able to evolve their minds, allowing them to formulate complicated strategies and fight more effectively for it. The first time a hollow takes this ability, they gain +2 intelligence and can add their intelligence score to their AC. They lose this bonus whenever they would be caught flat footed. Each time after, the hollow gains an additional +2 intelligence and an additional ability.

1st: May take a 10 on Battle Expert checks.
2nd: For every time an opponent uses a special attack or ability against the hollow, the hollow gains a +1 to their AC against that attack and +1 to all saves versus the attack.
3rd: Uncanny Dodge (Cannot be Flanked)
4th: If the hollow has at least an hour to observe data on an opponent before a battle, they gain a +1 bonus to all attacks, AC, and saves versus that opponent for the duration of that fight.

Aware: +2 to Wis and an ability.

1st: Wisdom To AC
2nd: Uncanny Dodge (Un-flatfoot-able)
3rd: Blindsight 60ft
4th: ?
5th: ?
6th: ?

? = Cannot remember

Convincing: Some hollows are very good at playing with words, or even people's minds Each time this ability is taken, the hollow gains +2 charisma, and an ability from below.

1st: Hollow may take a bluff check in battle as a free action.
2nd: Touch attack Charm Person with no save a number of times per day equal to their Reiatsu bonus.
3rd: ?
4th: ?
5th: ?
6th: ?

Unique Abilities ((Not even gonna try to remember all of this ability. Basically allows for lower level spells to be used as special abilities. I could really use help working on this one))

Cero: A certain number of times per day, a Hollow can unleash a blast of their focuses spiritual energy. The blast hits a 10ft radius and deals one d6 for each hollow level. Reflex save is equal to 15 + The hollow's Reiatsu bonus.

Rank: As a hollow grows in power, they increase their rank. Each time a hollow increases in rank, they have the opportunity to adopt new forms and abilities.

Gillian: Once a hollow has reached Gillian form, they have the opportunity to chose one evolution and enhance it twice. Typically, hollows choose to increase their size, and almost all Gillians are Colossal, though this is not necessary.

Adjucas: A Adjucas is allowed to enhance an evolution they have already taken, but only in a unique manner, as listed below..

Size: An adjucas is able to reduce their size, without taking a penalty to any of the abilities increased through their large size, but gaining the ability benefits of a smaller form. They may not increase their size again after this point.

Ability Power: An adjucas gains +4 to the ability of their choice. Any of the ability score based evolutions qualify.

Enhance Power: An adjucas becomes a master of their unique power, and can use it at will.

Vasto Lorde: The ultimate hollow evolution. A Vasto Lorde is medium size, but applies only half of all penalties, when reducing the hollow's size, while still gaining full benefit of all bonuses. All of a vasto lorde's natural weapons improve a step, they gain +2 to all abilities and an additional +2 to the ability of their choice, in addition they gain damage reduction 10/-.


Need suggestions for the empty parts.

As you can tell, this is balanced within it's own world, NOT regular D&D. And I really need to get to explaining the Reiatsu ability score and Spiritual Feats.

2007-05-30, 04:13 PM
they have death gods and holows here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38291&highlight=bleach), it may help you out.