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2015-11-10, 02:54 PM
Hello there, my fellow D&D Fandangos~
It's Korasyl, here with a new, exciting franchise!

Here are the rules:

- Come up with an ORIGINAL idea for D&D 5e. Something unique, that can fuel my creative kink.

- Submit it into the responses. NO SPAMMING~ Everything will be read.

- Wait for the contest to end!

It's that simple! :D

The Top 3 entries that kick-start my creative juices wins! These 3 chosen ideas will become a reality as I post them into existence!
(For specific details on various things, I will contact the owner of the idea in question via Private Message.)

This thread will close within a week, so post quickly!


2015-11-10, 03:43 PM
Lobotomized battle-servitor.

Ghosts, as a race or class.


A start to your campaign. :P

2015-11-10, 03:46 PM
A start to your campaign. :P

That's not something your or I could build though...

Ooh, how about a bard sub-class that summons ideas?

brian 333
2015-11-10, 04:28 PM
Dragon Nip

In the Jungles of Chult a cult of druids, dismayed by the depredations of dragons and their devastation of natural lands, prayed for and received relief. It came in the form of a plant which has come to be known as Nepeta Dracos. It is a leafy herb which produces very large, fibrous leaves, sometimes as broad as one foot, with serrated edges. Most humanoids claim it smells of bitter mint, but dwarves have been known to comment that it smells of gold.

The resinous green sap of this plant can be harvested and used as an ingredient in the various potions of dragon control, which grants the potion an increase in the saving throw required to resist the potion's effect.

The live green plant itself is the most potent form of this plant. A growing bed of Dragon Nip, whether naturally occurring or cultivated, proves to be an irresistible lure to any dragon which smells it. The afflicted dragon will wallow in the herb, eat small bites of it, and otherwise ignore anything else other than another dragon attracted by the scent. If a second dragon approaches the bed of nip occupied by a dragon there will be a fight. If the two dragons are of the same sex the fight will continue to the death, but dragons of opposite sex will attempt to subdue one another and mate, regardless of species. After 1d3 of hours of wallowing, in which the dragon takes no note of anything else which is not another dragon, the effect begins to wear off, and the now exhausted dragon must seek a place to rest for a number of days equal to the number of hours spent wallowing. During this time the only effect of dragon nip is to annoy the dragon. Creatures carrying dragon nip in an unsealed container will automatically be treated as hostile during the 'rest' phase of this plant's effect.

Harvested dragon nip is less potent, generally occupying the attention of the dragon for a number of turns or rounds rather than hours. Its potency is dependent upon the method of harvesting and storing:

Harvesting by a druid using a golden sickle and catching the leaves in a wooden bowl before they touch the ground allows the nip to retain most of its potency. A dragon will wallow in such nip for 1d3 hours, thereafter becoming irate until allowed to rest for a like number of days.
Harvesting by a druid using any lesser instrument and/or allowing the harvested leaves to fall to the ground or into a non-wooden receptacle reduces the potency of the herb, and a dragon will only wallow in it for 1d3 turns, thereafter becoming irate until allowed to rest for a like number of hours.
Any character who is not a druid may harvest the plant, but its potency will be limited to 1d3 rounds of effect, leaving the dragon irate until allowed to rest for a like number of turns.

Preserving the herb for later use is best accomplished by a druid, but any character with Herbalism skill may attempt to do so.
A druid who preserves the herb by drying it in the sun upon a bed of gold coins allows the dried herb to maintain its maximum potency. Such treatment will allow it to retain its effect on dragons for up to one year. The DC of this treated herb is the same as that of the living plant, but after one year its potency fades.
A druid who preserves the plant in any other way allows the preserved herb to retain its potency for six months, but the plant's potency is reduced, allowing the dragon an increased opportunity to resist its effect. The DC of this treated herb is less than that of the living plant.
A non-druid herbalist may preserve the herb for up to one month, but the DC of this herb is greatly reduced from that of a live plant.

Any dragon sensing the presence of dragon nip will automatically assume a hostile attitude towards the bearer, and it will demand that all nip be left in its custody, even if the dragon resisted the lure of the plant. Refusal of the demand will always lead to violent attempts by the dragon to recover the plant.

2015-11-11, 12:27 PM
A paladin Oath designed for chaotic neutral characters.

2015-11-11, 02:41 PM
Chatoic Neutral Paladin Ick...

Well thene again it could be a good teaching tool like the Oath of Devotion Having lots of stipulations written in to avoid the Lawful stupid stereotype.

So it could teach people how to play Chaotic Neutral without being Chaotic Stupid...

I am working on a Chaotic Good Paladin Based on the 3.5 Divine Liberator.