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2007-05-30, 12:59 PM
Nulu, Lady Wild
Nulu used to be a powerful nymph, in control of the most magnificent tree one could ever behold. One day, a shamanic tribe moved into a clearing in her forest. Nulu let them stay in the forest at first, though a few years later they began to cut trees down to make homes and to clear the forest for more room to build on. Nulu, angry at the tribe, struck out at them and commanded her animals to attack the once peaceful tribe. The attacks proved futile and Nulu was eventually kidnapped and sent before the Shaman. The Shaman put a curse on the nymph, a curse that would make her become a feral animal that would attack anything the same way that Nulu sent her animals after the tribe. Nulu, now distraught, tried everything to rid her body of the curse; in the end she took away her own life. The bond between Nulu and her tree was so strong that she was unable to enter the afterlife; however, she was unable to return to the material plane and now resides in between the planes where all unwanted spirits are sent.

Special Requirements:
Must not be wearing metal armour and must be of at least partially neutral alignment.

A small rabbit appears, as if it was always there, at the circumference of the summoning circle. It hops into the centre of the circle and slowly changes into a tall, slender, nude woman, her long, leaf-like hair falling down over her shoulders in modesty. She stretches and you notice her left arm is covered completely in fur. As if she has just noticed it for the first time, she begins scratching the fur, almost as if she were trying to scratch if off her long, slender arm, though you can tell that she is paying full attention to you.


You grow an itchy patch of fur on a random part of your body, removing this fur makes it disappear and the fur reappears on another part of your body.

Due to Nuluís past, she requires that you do not harm any animals for the duration of the pact. If an animal is in trouble, you are required to assist it.

Granted Abilities:
Nulu grants you abilities to do with animals and the woodlands she used to live in.
Wild Shape: As Druid except without plant and elemental shape, but treat uses per day and size of the transformation as half your Binder level.
Summon Natureís Ally: As Summon Natureís Ally spell, the caster level is treated as half your Binder level. Once you've used it, it can't be used for another 5 rounds.

{table=head]Effective Binder Level|Spell
1st-8th|Summon Natureís Ally I
9th-12th|Summon Natureís Ally II
13th-16th|Summon Natureís Ally III
17th+|Summon Natureís Ally IV[/table]

Nuluís Stride: As Woodland Stride (see Druid). Nulu allows you to move through any sort of undergrowth at normal speed without taking damage or suffering any other impairment.
Nuluís Senses: Nulu grants you a +4 bonus to spot and listen checks.


Any comments, criticisms and ideas are welcome.

I'd also like to thank Fax for helping me with my first homebrew.

Fax Celestis
2007-05-30, 01:06 PM
I'd personally alter the Summon Nature's Ally levels a bit. Say, 1-6: SNA I; 7-12: SNA II; 13-16: SNA III; 17+ SNA IV.

Also, how often is it usable?

2007-05-30, 01:07 PM
You gain access to the vestige at level 7, so anything that counts for below that is useless. I knew I forgot something... Once every 5 rounds maybe?

2007-05-30, 01:38 PM
New vestiges? Delightful.

SNA should be once every five rounds, like most vestiges, and I I'd go with Fax's suggestion for the spell levels. I'd increase the Senses ability to +4, and you might consider Spot and Listen instead, as those tend to get a bit more use.

Other than that, it looks okay.

2007-05-30, 01:56 PM
I've made a compromise with the spell levels, I think I may change Nulu's Senses...