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2007-05-30, 06:42 PM
Barren Legacy [Exalted]
The lone survivor from the brutal battle steps away from the carnage of the hordes of slain orcs. Only the old trusted blade in hand, that hero makes way to the last standing keep. The final battle for justice is still at hand, and it is only justice for which the hero stands.
Prerequisites: Vow of Poverty
Benefits: With Barren Legacy, possession or use of a single weapon of legacy does not break the character's vow of poverty. In addition, any ritual costs in coin do not need to be paid for further unlocking the weapon of legacy's abilities.
At character level 10 you become closer to your weapon of legacy ensuring it rarely stays long away from your exalted grasp. After possessing a weapon of legacy for 5 days, you become the sole keeper of that weapon of legacy. This status is removed if the weapon of legacy is not in your possession for 5 days, though you may later become the keeper again of the weapon of legacy should it befall your possession again. As the keeper, you may summon your weapon of legacy to you at will. This summoning is done only by thought and takes a move action to perform. The weapon of legacy is instantly teleported into your possession or correct worn body location. This teleportation can cross planes.
Special: A character with Barren Legacy may not trade away or otherwise sell the weapon of legacy in forms greater than giving it away. Doing so will cause an immediate violation of their vow of poverty. In addition, if a character's vow of poverty is violated, all benefits of this feat are also forfeited.

This feat serves two purposes:
1, reading through weapons of legacy over again, I'm increasingly becoming more fond of them. They have great style and many campaign hook possibilities attached to them. One of the styles I imagined that I believe fits with many a heroic story is the wielder who bares only their trusted item - no desire for anything more, not blinded by greed at all, just their honor and passion for good to see through.
2, to give a slight power boost to the 'trap' that is considered to be VoP. I really like the flavor behind the feat, once again, the ability to RP this is very tasty to me. The feat, however, just doesn't stack up very well in power comparatives. This is a way to hopefully fill in this gap slightly more, as well as make this feat much easier to perform with other more equipment reliant classes, such as most melee classes.

2007-06-11, 03:00 PM
Very interesting, this. I think it's a good idea, personally, but that's just my opinion. Only problem is that it can open the floodgates to exceptions to Vow of Poverty, which could be quite a bad thing.