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2015-11-14, 03:23 AM
The main problems with WoFE monks is that they burn through ki points quickly and don't get a lot back in return. Some posters have come up with (fantastic) fixes for this problem, but they often involve more or less re-writing the entire sub-class.

I wanted to come up with a way to give the WoFE monk a niche that involved tweaking the base class as little as possible.

Ritual Casting
You may cast any elemental spell as a ritual. Unlike most spellcastes, casting an elemental spell in this way only adds two rounds to the casting time. No Ki points are spent for a spell cast as a ritual. You must have at least one ki point in reserve to cast an elemental spell in this way.

I imagine the ritual as an elaborate kata. Too impractical to use in combat, but opens up a whole new world of utility spell casting. Need to create a diversion for your rogue? Fist of Unbroken Air at the other side of the room. Iron Door blocking your way? Gong of the Summit. Want to watch the world burn? Sweeping Cinder Strike to your hearts content.

I don't think this is overpowered. Rituals have to be cast at the minimum level, and most of the long lasting ones need concentration. Not to mention the extremely small spell selection limits just how much you can accomplished compared to a true caster.

The only real problem I can see is that it makes it easy to quickly create entire castles of ice using Shape the Flowing River. However, given that regular elemental monks can already cast it twelve times a day at level 3, and it hasn't broken the game so far, I don't think it will be that big of a deal.

Any thoughts/suggestions?