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2007-05-31, 01:04 PM
Hey im thinking of making my own Starcraft D20 thought be a cool idea. Im going to be using mostly the D20 modern sytem and a lot of the rules and damge based of that for the terrans protoss ill be really homebrewing and zerg ill pick up a monster manual and make some cool zerg her my idea for a protoss zealot. tell me what you thinkand if its too over powered or not

Zealot Saves:Fort: good branch Reflex: poor branch Will: Good branch
Lvl Ab Special Psionic ability
1 +1 Psi blades, two weap
2 +2 Psionic strike 1/day
3 +3 ---
4 +4 Psionic strike 2/day
5 +5 --- 1
6 +6/1 Improved psi blade 1
7 +7/2 improved two weapon fighting 2
8 +8/3 Psionic strike 3/day 2
9th +9/4 Perfect mind 2
10th +10/5 Psionic blow 1/day Psionic 4/day 2

Abilities: Psi blade- using there psi powers they can create two blades as a free action. the blades deal 1d10 damage. do not treat as unarmed strike.
Psionic Strike- Using there powers they can focus it into there blades giveing them extra power at the cost of lowering the zealots defence. +1d6 damage on attack -2 Ac next round
Improved psi blades the psi blades become even powerful doing 1d12 damage each.
perfect mind-you are able to better with stand the effects of mind effecting spells and psion abilitys gain +4 on will save. if you roll natural 20 or over 30 you can throw the ability back at the person who cast it no saves on there part.
psionic blow- you center your foucus of psionic energy in to one large faital blow that will target the defenders weakest mental and physical point. defender rolls will dc(18) if faills dies instantly if dosent die roll extra 3d12 damage.

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There was a Starcraft D20 game, posted free online... but I can't find the link. GAH.


2007-05-31, 01:46 PM
This has been done before.

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2007-05-31, 03:25 PM
Ah, a starcraft d20. I've considered doing this. I will lay out my plans for you, so you may use anything you like.

Terrans would not progress by experience. Merely by rank. get a promotion for doing some mission, get better gear. There would be ground troops, which can take multiple paths (marine, firebat, ghost, or medic) and there would be pilots, which are for vehicles.

Zerg would progress by experience. When they level up, they gain 'mutation points' which are spent on either mutations, which add to some aspect, or give them a new ability, faster attack speed, whatever, or an evolution, which changes them into a new form (zergling to hydralisk, etc.). You'd have to write up whole trees for that though.

Protess would progress psionically, because that is what their culture is based around. They start as zealots, and progress into templar (and lose the wrist-batteries they use to produce psi-blades) and gain other psionic abilities. Probably they'd be more like Tassadar, with a straight damaging attack.

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2007-05-31, 09:16 PM
I know there are probley already version im just trying to make my own. never made anything yet so i thought i start in a area im very interested in. thanks for the links to the zerg im going to be making them monsters in the campain so i needed stats for them.

2007-07-29, 12:45 PM
I'd like to help. Can I help? Tell that I can help!