View Full Version : DM Help Hiatus One Shot line up being created, recommendations?

2015-11-16, 09:29 AM
So my current 5e campaign is going into Hiatus as the schedule I have with another player is at odds. To combat this I've devised a way of us having small campaigns (3-4 sessions) with definitive endings, but utilizing different systems.

This allows me to go through the back catalog of RPGs I've collected or have heard about. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions that I could add to my list. Currently I am looking at:

Firefly Cortex Core
d20 Modern
Mekaton Zeta
Call of Cthulu
Through the Breach
40k Only War

Plans for my campaigns are:

Space Western - Firefly Core System, possibly set in Firefly Universe
Custom Space Setting - Possibly using 40k Only War.
The Matrix Movie campaign - d20 Modern or Spycraft
Space Station 37 - A combination of System Shock and Fallout that was an RP during Starcraft Modding Days. I will probably run with a modified Paranoia system.
Urban Fantasy Game - either d20 Modern Urban Fantasy or Dresden Files.

Any suggestions would be appreciated I need refreshers of what is out there.

Note: This is a Google Hangout group so its unlikely that we will meet in person.