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2015-11-16, 03:44 PM
So, over the years I have played plenty of characters who may not have been the best at what they did, the makes of which to have a power builder to cry. Why would I build these mismatched/'bad' characters? Because they were FUN. It was a character I could enjoy and the party could have a laugh with. So my fellow die rollers, what are some of your crazy fun builds?

Over the years I gave had a few great crazy builds including:

Epsilon the warforged hexblade. D&D 4e
Tina the technowizard. RIFTS
Benny the emotionally damaged chemist. And now Sean the "psychic" detective. Both shadowrun.

2015-11-16, 08:30 PM
Heh. Well, in my reasonably long, but somewhat limited, Tabletop Gaming career, there've been a few decided oddballs;

In 4e, Paik, the Stretch Armstrong Goliath Paladin (I think he had... reach 4 or thereabouts at level 12?). Completely ridiculous, but rather fun. I still have no idea how he could swat things forty feet away with a 10' spear he was still holding on to, but whatever :smalltongue:

Also in 4e, the (as yet unnamed) Pixie Brawler I haven't been allowed to play yet, who specializes in grappling. There's part of me that still can't quite resist giggling childishly at the mental image of this 6" fighter grabbing and throwing around creatures twenty-plus times his size. I seriously doubt I'll be able to resist playing him as a machismo-crazed fight-happy goofball (with the battlecry of "I don't believe in size modifiers!". Or maybe just "Nae King! Nae Quin! Nae Laird! Nae Master! We willnae be fooled again!" That or "Hae yerself a faceful o' heid, ye scunner!") :smallbiggrin:

From Shadowrun, there was Headjuice, the Troll physad not-quite ninja. Pretty much your typical huge tusky guy could punch you in the face so hard your nose ended up in one of your ears, except that he was rather faster than he looked and sneakier than he had any right to be. I typically described him as 'an eight-foot Yiddish Jackie Chan' :smalltongue:

2015-11-17, 02:06 AM
Wolfgang Asmodeus Mozhart. A tiefling bard playing the violin and specialized in enchantments, illusions, and the occasional healing/buffing spell.

Sir Chuckles
2015-11-18, 04:26 AM
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I've also played a two-weapon fighting boomerang Scout, instrument throwing Bard, instrument smashing Magus, Neanderthal Wizard, and once wrote, but didn't get to play, a Prismatic Dragonwrought Kobold Sorcerer//Battle Dancer.

2015-11-19, 05:33 PM
Chieroch the awakened animated object (Cabinet) Warlock 1 with a custom least invocation allowing Amanuensis at will.

OK this was an NPC.