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2015-11-17, 10:18 AM
I always wanted to play with these players but never got much chance, and i love introducing new players so i made this home-brew campaign. The system is BESM 3.0 and the world is full of humans with animal aspects (mostly psychological but can have physical aspect's too) divided into animal clans.

Characters - i started with two and i expect to add few more.

is a rat clan witch with few skeletons in a closet. A versatile spellcaster but weak in close combat. She is played by new player. Her full name is long list of Spanish names but everybody calls her Rosie.

is wolf clan warrior with two handed sword, general lack of intelligence and bad temper if things get too complicated for him.

Story so far:

They are returning to the kingdom from northern regions in a trade caravan laden wit furs, exotic bones, ice crystals, whale oil, musk and so on (big money if they make it). They are employed by Jimmy who is rabbit clan trader as guard and animal tender for Rosie. They have been away for an year.

Session 1.
The caravan scout Maki, a woman with red hair, returns. In the pine forest they are crossing she found something awful that looks like witchcraft. Jimmy sends a witch and Madh to protect her to investigate. As they reach strange totem made of bloody bison head and other parts and some plants Rosie feels the pressure of her magic sense build up and she can tell it's a summoning totem and that it's active but not much more. They hasten back to the caravan and report to Jimmy who decides to change the course.
Shortly after they are attacked by pack shadowy wolves and defeat them without much effort. But as they continue their voyage Rosie starts feeling change in weather and that change is magical and very rapid. As she is very inexperienced and thinks that everybody will think she is crazy if she says anything she keeps it to herself. As night falls snowstorm rises and not being able to navigate caravan stops and makes a camp. Everybody is on the edge with recent attacks and not much time passes when they are attacked again. This time it's much harder to spot shadow wolves sneaking around and backbiting. They even spot a figure in the blizzard. The battle is chaotic and this time wolves exact bit heavier toll and one guard is dead. The situation is bad.

But than, through the storm, they hear a drum and chanting. Having not much options they follow the chant and arrive upon the razed deer tribe village. Only person present is shaman and he is dead but somehow still chanting and drum beats of itself. Jimmy identifies the man as his old acquaintance, deer tribe elder Skridfin.
We end the session with them debating should they interrupt the elder.