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2015-11-19, 02:21 AM
Hey there!

Recently I've introduced DnD to my 12 y/o brother. He is a really creative person - he often writes up mystery stories or new Star Wars characters, so he really dug in on the idea of role playing a character.

Now, after a quick one-shot, he wants us to start a campaign together. His second love after Star Wars is the Assassin's Creed series, which he asked me to select as the campaign world.

I myself is a fan of AC and a huge fan of the Roman empire, so I wanted to make a DnD'ed Roman period Templars vs Assasins with your usual fantasy elements story. He asked me to fit Ceasar in some place too, so thats also a thing.

He is playing a level 3 rogue-assasin, while I'll aid him with a lvl3 Fighter, Ancient Legionary (A defensive, homebrew archetype of mine, giving me a chance for tests. The homebrew is up on GITP actually, check it out)

I'm kinda running short on ideas, this will be my first brewed campaign. Im open for all kinds of suggestions - combat vise, BBEG, Templars Assasins, unique items etc etc

Thanks for reading, looking forward for replies

Edit:Btw the game is a 5e game

2015-11-19, 04:43 AM
I'd be inclined to set this immediately after Julius Caesar had taken over, and to integrate the AC factions into that takeover - either with the Templar* being the ones behind the fall of the republic and coronation of Caesar, or with them representing the non-Caesar factions that got displaced. Of the two I'd be inclined to go with the former, particularly as it puts the villains in a position of power and positions Caesar, a ruler who was historically assassinated, up against the Assassins*.

I'd also point out that the AC series is big on ancient mysteries, forgotten knowledge, and that general sort of stuff. By Caesar's time, the Roman perception of Greek culture already fit that to some degree, and that can be played up further. Even some of the same imagery can be reused, though a lot of that is religious and as such banned for discussion here. Avoiding the real world side and sticking entirely to AC depictions, there's that whole special apple thing, which can be fit into Greek myth easily enough in a few places.

*Some renaming might also be necessary here. It's awkward sounding enough when the whole "Assassin" and "Templar" scheme gets ported forward in time and away from the crusader states, going backwards just doesn't work. Assassin transfers better, but even there a more roman term may be appropriate.

2015-11-19, 05:08 AM
What about the AC series does the little bro like the most? There's a possibility it's not the lore, but the gameplay (I'm much older than 12 and I can act like that with video games). Does he like the stealthy or hack-n-slash bits?