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2007-06-02, 10:03 AM
Now with animal and in-game examples! Also percentile values! Except Plants, which I just realised I forgot to switch and arrange and stuff. >sigh< I'll do it later. For now, it's on 2d8.
Please note that the mechanics examples are just examples. Details should be negotiated between the DM and the player, and flavour should always be paramount (after all, as it's so frequently pointed out, it's not as though Druids need extra stuff to make them better). If you can think of anything better, well, use that instead. Ditto if my examples are too powerful.

2007-06-02, 12:17 PM
First I want to say, I like them. They seem awfully neat after a quick scan, but I have to ask... why? I mean, Druids not only don't need the mechanical boosts, but they have more flavorful abilities than any other class, except possibly monk. Resist Nature's Lure, Trackless Step, Thousand Faces, that never aging thing.. You're gilding an already gilded lily.

2007-06-03, 01:18 AM
Secondly, because there're all these pictures of druids with horns and tails and the like with no rules for how a played character might aquire them. I think most, if not all of my mechanical suggestions should be possible to nerf to the point that they can be almost purely flavour, with little or no real mechanical value. The examples I've offered are just what I could think of to make them useful.
Oh, and you'll also note I included a few that, well, noone's ever gonna want, and even some that could be turned into a distinct disadvantage. But they're all there should anyone care to use them.

edit: oh, and if you decide you don't want them to be available for druids, how about random magic effects? Witch marks? Curses? Mutations? Um... etc?

2007-06-03, 01:40 AM
I'm glad you didn't take my criticism the wrong way :smallsmile: Like I said, I like them. But... for druids it's a bit overkill-ish. I kinda like the idea of a race of fey who have these. Also.. Of particular, one keeps popping out at me. the Spider web ability... how many times can the character use web via this? As note, Web is an amazing crowd control spell at lower levels.

2007-06-03, 03:37 AM
Nah, I was expecting something of the sort. It's come up before, and I'm used to it.
A lot of the features would have to have a limit on how often you can do it. They could be several times or once a day, once every so many days or weeks or months, or be constant or at will. Even something like waterbreathing with gills could have a limit - only so long, to a certain depth, or even a particular water type or temperature. In the case of web, specifically, I'd probably rule once a week or maybe day for Web, a little more often for a rope, and the rest of the time just little things about the equivalent of those hand string games or a wad of bubblegum probably generally (there has to be flavour for all the time, after all, even if they're not all that practical - especially, in fact). It might be more vulnerable than the spell or spider ability, or last for less time, or just not be as good.
By the way, the DCs are also just examples. I'd probably actually go with half the druid's level or something similar, or scrap that part entirely.

Jack Mann
2007-06-03, 12:27 PM
My advice would be to choose a class feature druids currently have and suggest these as an alternative class feature.

2007-06-03, 08:53 PM
My advice would be to choose a class feature druids currently have and suggest these as an alternative class feature.

Just have it replace Wild-shaping, and you can sorta scale them up a little. "Aspects of the Wild" and all that.

2007-06-03, 09:04 PM
I like it.

2007-06-03, 09:28 PM
It took a couple of times looking at the thread before I figured out what you were trying to do with it. The OP post doesn't explain it at all.

Now that I get it. Can you post it up somewhere in a downloadable format. It's not bad. I think i could use this just in general. As ways to make creatures more interesting it's a pretty neat little tool.

2007-06-04, 07:25 AM
I like it.
Thank you.

Sorry about that Damionte, I started another thread about it earlier where I explained it better. I'll try to fix the images now, but I don't know what I can do about making them downloadable except maybe give you the URL.

Jack, that's not a bad idea for those folks who want to handicap druids (in the horseracing sense, that is). Probably have to roll them pretty often.