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2007-06-03, 10:37 AM
So, I love the film Small Soldiers. Absolutely love it. And with exams in full swing, I need something to occupy my mind, and this is the result. A Small Soldiers campaign setting. It's in D20 Modern, of course.

Okay, so background.

First, imagine all animals in the world were at a tenth of their size. Plant life remains the same size, but people, cats, bears, all a tenth of their size. Because of this, all technology is a tenth of their size. This makes Earth a much bigger place. This is the setting for Small Soldiers.
In 1990, the US Government discovered an island in the middle of the pacific. Historical documents named this island Gorgon. This island was populated by different races of creatures who lived a happy, technology free life. Further probing the documents revealed these creatures to be named Gorgonites, first met at the end of the 19th century.
Disturbing by their monstrous appearence and jealous of the vast number of natural resources predicted to be on the island, the government commissioned a secret military force, the Commandos, to wipe out the creatures.
In 1995, the Commandos attacked. The devestation they brought was terrible. The Trog territory was destroyed, and the Commandos struck camp. What Trogs survived took up refuge with the Dogma. For three years the Commando tried to bring genocide to the island, yet the Gorgonites were not defenceless. They hid, and the Commandos could not find them.
Finally, the Dogma Archer assembled a group to repel the invaders. In this group was Ocula, a Retinoid, Punch-It, a Bronto, Strach-It, a Hoppdillas, Insaniac, a Taztroll, Slamfist, a Quaso and the Trog Troglokhan. Troglokhan fell in their first encounter with the Commandos, but was brought back by binding him to some Commando technology, and he was rechristened Freakenstein.
After many weeks of geurilla tactics, it came to a heat when they struck at the very centre of the Commandos to battle the leader, Major Chip Hazard. The Gorgonites proved superior to the Commandos when finally pressed into battle, and the forces were forced to flee. Archer himself battled with Hazard high above in the tree tops, until Hazard was scarred by his own knife. Hazard lashed out and Archer was sent tumbling, caught by Punch-It and taken to safety.
It was too late though, the damage had been done and the base was burning to the ground. Hazard was forced to retreat. Realising his forces were no match, Hazard instead assembled a crack force and renamed the force the Commando Elite.
The year is 2007. The Gorgonites have been living in peace for many years, the natural order of their island restored. Each of the original warriors has gone on to become leader of their tribes. Freakenstein has pledged to restore the Trogs to glory, and in recent years their numbers have continued to swell.
Archer knows fully well that Hazard lies in wait, and it is only a matter of time before the Commando Elite will bear down on the island.

Gorgon is a lush tropical paradise. Filled with numerous fauna, the island is a sanctuary to the peace-loving Gorgonites. The island is also home to the last of the dinosaurs, who make up the main animals and are often both predator and prey of Gorgonites.
Gorgon is divided into three main areas

Goron, the mountain. The Trog and Taztroll make this area their home. Significant locations are Freakenstein's village, Insaniac's village and the burnt ruin of the Commando stronghold.
The Gordan Plains. A large area of open grass with a large lake located in the area. The Brontos, Hoppdillas, Retinoid live here. Significant areas are Punch-It and Scratch-It's village, the Retinoid ranch, and lake Rogon.
The Forest. Endless trees cover the eastern tip of the island, and swarm around the Gordan Plains. The Dogma and Quaso live in this area, Dogma building villages in the trees and Quaso on the ground. Significant areas include Archer's village, Slamfist's village and the sacred hunting ground.

The Commando Elite are easy, as they're just regular humans with the Soldier advanced class.

First, I'm going to make races for each of the Gorgonites.
As non-Humans, Gorgonites only recieve one feat at first level.

I'm not sure if any of them need level modifiers, so take a look and tell me.

Dogma (Archer)

Dogmas resemble humans in appearence, yet have three large toes like a dinosaur, and have three horns of varying sizes on top of their skull. Their skin is naturally a shade of brown, and their hair is often dark in colour.
The Dogma tribe can be thought of as the first tribe of Gorgon. Archer the great was a Dogma, and the rest of the tribe is held in high regard by other Gorgonites. They make vicious warriors when the time comes, but much prefer to use diplomacy.
When a Dogma reaches adulthood at 24, they are sent to the sacred hunting round, where they will be given their first Arm-Bow and must take down a velociraptor.

+2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma. Dogmas learn fast and are renown amongst Gorgonites for their leadership ability, yet are a little lacking in social skills.
Profiency with Arm-Bow. All Dogma are trained to use this weapon when growing up.
Free bonus feat at 1st level. The Dogma must meet all requirements for the feat. Dogma are quick to learn much like a human.
Dogmas naturally speak Gorgon and English. Archer taught all Dogma English as a precaution for if the Commando return.

Damage: 1d10
Critical: 19-20
Damage type: Piercing
Range increment: 40ft
Rate of fire: S
Magazine: 1 int.
Size: Med
Weight: 5lb.
Purchase DC: 7
Special: The Arm-Bow is strapped to the arm of a creature and fired fire a pressurised switch located on the palm. As such, when wielding an Arm-Bow you may also strike with unarmed attacks and other weapons, and are treated as having two free hands. The weapon is also easier to reload than a regular crossbow, allowing you to fire it as a Single Shot weapon.

Bronto (Punch-It)

Brontos resemble human-dinosaur-bulldozer hybrids. Though little taller than a human, Brontos are much wider, and covered in muscle. They also lack toes, their legs instead growing wider at the bottom to form stumps. Their faces are much like lizards, with elongated noses. Brontos are naturally herbivores, meaning they have no canines. Two large horns extend out from the fourhead of a Brontos, and usually curve upwards. They are covered in purple scales.
Despite their intimidating appearence, Brontos are soft-spoken and gentle by nature. Their large size grants them great strength, and when battle comes they are often looked to to lead the charge. Brontos are often seeing pairing up with the Hoppdillas, equipping themselves with devices to launch the Hoppdillas at their enemies.

+4 strength, -2 charisma, - 2 dexterity. Their fearsome appearence does not lend them any kind of benefit in conversations, and their meaty fingers make it difficult to maninuplate objects as others could.They are however immensly strong, often lifting objects above their head five times their size.
+2 to Intimidate. Despite being peaceful herbivores, a Bronto can be vicious when needed.
Brontos automatically speak Gorgon.

Taztroll (Insaniac)

Blue and human in shape, Taztroll do not differ much from humans. Noticeable changes are the much larger mouth, fanged mouth and natural red markings. Not so noticeable is the amazing balance. It takes a lot to topple a Taztroll, and their exploit this often, spinning around extremely quickly.

+2 Dexterity, -2 charisma. Taztrolls are exceptionally nimble, and yet also renowned for being chatterboxes.
+2 to balance. Taztroll always have their feat on the ground, and can perform feats that would make a Chinese acrobat gasp in amazement.
Once per day, a Taztroll may replicate the Whirlwind Attack feat without meeting the prerequisites. If a Taztroll should instead acquire the Whirlwind Attack feat at a later level, he may then once per day make 2 melee attacks against each adjacent opponent at his highest base attack bonus.
Taztrolls automatically speak Gorgon.

Quaso (Slamfist)

Quaso are big, but dumb. Looking like a hunchback muscular human, they enjoy the simpler things in life like good food and warm nights. When enraged, a Quaso is a fearsome sight. They are also renowned for a very literal sense of mind. When Slamfist was told his punch was like a boulder, he cut off his hand and replaced it with a boulder.
Living in the same area as Dogma, the Quaso have a long history with the tribe that was only strengthened when Slamfist and Archer fought together.

+2 Strength, -2 Intelligence. While not the brightest crayon in the box, they could certainly put a hole in said metaphorical box, if they understood what a metaphor is.
+2 on all charisma based checks when dealing with Dogma. They long history means a Dogma is far more likely to trust a Quaso than any other Gorgonite.
Quaso automatically speak Gorgon.

Trog (Freakenstein)

The Trogs are a mysterious race. Because of the swift destruction by the Commandos, the most that can be gathered of Trogs is that they are blue and humanoid in shape. According to Freakenstein, they are much more spritual than other Gorgonites, and villages are usually ruled over by a great Philosopher. Because of his plight, Freakenstein devoted much thought towards the meaning of war and the needless destruction, and he is known to have taught many Philosophers great wisdom.
Freakenstein has also led his followers on to experiment with much of the Commando technology. Most weaponry comes from the Trogs, and they are known to have developed more advanced devices in their villages.

+2 Wisdom, -2 Constitution. While Trogs may be great thinkers, it has left them lacking in body making them rather frail.
+2 to Craft checks. Trogs are great worksman, and many Arm-Bows are created by Trogs. Archer himself uses a bow Freakenstein made for him.
Trogs automatically speak Gorgon and Trog. Trog is a new language, made by Freakenstein to keep his inventions secret,

Ocular and Scratch-It do not work as races. They're just too absurd. So they get monster categories.
(Hey, first time I've ever used Modern's monster maker)

Medium Aberration
Hit Dice: 3d8+1 (15hp)
MAS: 12
Intiative: +0
Speed: 40 ft, Climb 20ft
Defense: 10 (+0 Size, +0 Dexterity), Touch 10, Flatfooted 10
Base Attack/Grapple: +2/+2
Attack: Slam +2 Melee (1d3)
Full Attack: Slam +2 Melee (1d3)
Space/Reach: 5ft/5ft
Special Qualities: Darkvision 60ft
Allegiences: Gorgonites, Bronto
Saves: Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +4
Reputation: +0
Abilities: Str 10, Dex 11, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 8
Skills: Balance +4, Climb +20, Investigate +10, Spot +11
Feats: Alertness, Athletic
Advancement: 5-6HD (Large)
Challenge Rating: 2
This creature is a thin, slender and pinkish in colour, comprised of four stalks. The bottom three each have a sucker at the end, making them the feet, while on the fourth and longest stalk rests a giant eyeball complete with eyelid.
Retinoids are reared by Bronto for companionship mostly, though Dogma and Taztroll have used them as mounts in the past. The human equivalent would be a horse.
Retinoids can travel across most surfaces, and are not vicious creatures. It takes a lot to make a Retinoid attack, but even after provocation they will run away.
Dogma, Taztroll and Trogs may use Retinoids as mounts, but Quaso and Bronto are too heavy. Humans may attempt to ride a Retinoid, but this requires a Ride check (DC10+Retinoid's strength modifier)

Ehh... I'll do Hoppdillas later.

So, any thoughts? Criticism? Suggestions?