View Full Version : tempest and bounding assault and/or rapid blitz

2007-06-03, 05:43 PM
We all know that Tempest PrC gets two weapon spring attack ability. Exact description is as follows:

"When a 5th level tempest makes a spring attack, she can attack once each with two different weapons as an attack action. The character loses this ability when fighting in medium or heavy armor."

So, to my question: assuming that tempest has acquired the following feats:
-two weapon fighting
-improved two weapon fighting
-greater two weapon fighting
-bounding assault and
-rapid blitz
how many attacks would he get while using rapid blitz. Would there be three attacks with main hand and one with offhand or three attacks with main hand and three attacks with offhand.

2007-06-03, 06:00 PM
I'm gonna say 3 attacks off hand, because the text on the ability says

"When a 5th level tempest makes a spring attack, she can attack once each with two different weapons as an attack action."

Note the use of attack action. Since the rapid blitz gives 3 attacks (i.e. attack actions, used to attack), they can be used for both hands.

There's probably WoTC that contradicts me though :P.

Course, the issue with this idea is something like a scout/tempest. And since WoTC likes to keep things "low powered" in FAQ, etc, it probably isn't right. Of course, if they didn't print books like complete champion, then it would be OK. But instead, we have artificers with nat-20's at will, etc.

2007-06-03, 07:32 PM
I'd read it as intended. Unless they're pre requesites for the class your two weapon fighting feats have no bearing here.

You'd get to make 1 attack with each hand for each opponent you snagged with your spring attack/bounding assault/rapid blitz

So You'd get two attacks at your normal attack bonus. Two attacks at -5, and another two attacks at -10. Each pair of attacks could be used on 1 guy any two guys or all three guys. Though you can't split up your paired attacks. You coulnd't like take 1 attack on your 1st opponent skip the second guy and put 5 attacks on the last guy. It's 2-2-&-2

2007-06-08, 04:11 PM
Hmmn. Hard to say. I would have thought four Attacks by the RAW, two at Full AB, one at AB -5 and one at AB -10. As a DM, I would be more inclined to rule six, two at full AB, two at full AB -5 and two at AB -10 (but then I feel similarly about liberal interpretations of Haste and Speed). Very hard to give a fair ruling, but since the Tempest is not a great Prestige Class to begin with, I see no harm in allowing six Attacks.