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2015-11-24, 01:20 AM
An absolute favorite concept of mine is mythology, and a topic from 2014 that I contributed to was one of my favorite things that I have seen on these forums, and when it ended so suddenly, I was deeply disappointed. Well, I am feeling in the mood for some writing, so I have decided to bring back the idea:

Here is the place where the wonderfully creative users of the forums collaborate to make a new and interesting mythology, free from the shackles of real myth or existing RPGs.

This concept was taken from this thread from over a year ago: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?368603-Let-s-build-a-mythology (It is very short, please read the thread)

This was the original author's purpose:

I was thinking about real world mythologies and how they are often much weirder and more interesting than game world mythologies. One reason, I think, is that they were written not by one author, but by many, often over centuries. What we end up with are stories that shift in tone and content, even contradicting each other. Three ways the world was created. Two wives for the same god. Lineages where one god either has a son with the same name as his father or is in fact his own grandfather. Random interludes about the author's favourite culture hero, drinking songs, Just So stories...

So, I thought, how about we write one in the playground? What if we just throw the field wide open? Let's write a mythology for a new game world. Starting from absolutely nothing, and with everyone free to write whatever they want, even contradicting earlier posters (we should probably try for at least some coherency, as regards names, but even if we have three sun goddesses, this can still work.)

Anyone interested?

Although this was initially designed as a topic in the World Building section of the forums, with the intent to make a game world, I have made this new topic here in order to both get a wider audience and to be free of the restriction that this has to be a game world.

Please read the original topic, it is only a page long. That will be the springboard for our ideas.

(There will be a post below this that I will reserve for compiling the most important information about this mythology (eg. Zeus is the king of the Olympians). I am making it a new post to keep it separate from this introduction post, so it is easier for new readers to learn and contribute. And if someone else wants to contribute some ideas, I will spend the time to finish my short story from the original topic)

Your contribution can be as long or as short as you'd like, you can make it out of character, or from the perspective of a historian, writer, or even one of the mythological characters themselves, or feel free to talk about the world that spawned these myths. You decide.

Anyone interested?

2015-11-24, 02:08 AM
So this signup sheet. Where is it?

2015-11-24, 02:11 AM
So this signup sheet. Where is it?

No signup required, feel free to post directly in the thread. One final note, don't give too much detail with any writing, and don't get annoyed if anyone takes your ideas in a way that you don't want. Leaving things up for interpretation and contradiction is part of the fun.

I might as well use this space to put the basic info sheet.

(Remember, names and roles can be modified, or done really whatever with, mythologies have many contradictions. As such, I am abridging and modifying the myths slightly in this briefing)

In Brief:


The Creator Ojex

In the standard interpretation of this world's mythology, the sky is thought to be a giant dome, crafted by the titan Ojex. He created the moon by pulling it from the ground, and from this, shards of rock splintered the dome, allowing demons from the outside into Ojex's creation. Ojex now carries the moon on his back, flaunting it, as well as to keep it safe from others, for the moon is also considered to be his living daughter. Ojex started plugging the holes with gems obtained from the earth, but many demons still got in before he had time to cover them all, and occasionally, demons are able to remove the stones, which crash to the ground (shooting stars).


The Demons of the Sky

The largest demons (who were siblings) that snuck into the dome (from the largest stars in the sky) were as follows:

* The first demon was Sorizeks, who battled with Ojex before being slain. His body became an island, and his blood scattered the Earth. The blood sank deep within rocks and crystallized. These crystals hold great power and are ground into dust for enchantments both physical and mental (The Elder Magic).

* The second demon was Soldessa, who saw the Ojex's conquest of Sorizeks and fled, wreathed in a ball of fire (the sun). Ojex chases her through the sky, leading to the change in day and night.

* The third major demon was the imp Tarthus, who was crafty above all else, initially escaping Ojex's notice entirely, he created races of monsters to threaten the races of Ojex. He was fond of using his wits to trick great rulers or heroes of the world, or even Ojex himself at times.

* The fourth and final major demon was Raava, who was not able to escape the notice of Ojex, but was brilliant enough to escape death. She claimed to wish to live in Ojex's world, and Ojex agreed under the condition that her body be broken up into harmless creatures. Raava's body and mind became the first vermin and insects that walked, swam, or flew across Earth. But she had tricked Ojex. While an individual part of Raava could not harm him or his people, many could multiply and spread death and disease to thousands. Ojex would not realize his mistake until much later, and by then, Raava's being had scattered and proliferated throughout the world, unable to be directly harmed by him.

* Many other smaller demons would get in before the final holes were sealed, and some continue to get through in modern times, but many do little major harm, and often possess animals, making them more monstrous. Or they cause disasters, or aid other monstrous races against the natural races.

New Magic and Threats to Ojex's Power

Ojex, finally considering his work complete, was able to maintain his world in relative peace, despite the inclusion of elements he had not intended. This would change when a threat appeared from a place he never would have considered checking. From the depths of the ocean, a colossal monster called Rehanin. This monster attempted to pull Ojex down to his death, but Ojex resisted, pushing himself against the ground. The strain was so immense that his knees buckled and broke, and from his knees emerged two children, Fire and Light. These two children were powerful in their own right and were able to aid their wounded father in defeating Rehanin, but its otherworldly nature did not leave the world, instead infusing the land with a new energy, the Younger Magic.

A teenage female was watching the battle when it ended, and so was dangerously close to the monster when it died. Its mind and a great amount of its power took control of her, warping her into a mad deity named Lesendra. She taught the Younger magic to the world, in her simple innocent form, but her power increased as more learned the skill of Younger Magic. Most that learn the ways of Younger Magic do it without knowing any of this, but Lesendra's most ardent followers know the truth (at least, enough of the truth) and support her rise against Ojex himself.

After the battle, Ojex knew his sons would be a danger to him as well, if kept together. So he kept fire deep within the world, and Light he placed the task of keeping charge of the demon Soldessa. (Which is where most of the light of day now comes from. Before this era, the sun was said to be far dimmer.)

(I would also like to point out that there really is no origin story for the main sentient races. They don't have to be humans or typical fantasy creatures, although humans, goblins, and kobolds were mentioned in the original posts, feel free to change up the formula. Think what are these creatures like in this world?)

(Eldan, is there anything from the old topic that you think I should add here?)

2015-11-24, 02:18 AM
An Intro

"You see those stars?"

"The ones that kinda look like a dude with a shield? And I hope that's a scabbard?"

"That's right, m'boy. Wanna know how they got there?"

Groan. "You've told this story, like, a dozen dozen times already..."

"That's right! And I'm gonna tell it a dozen dozen dozen more..."

2015-11-24, 04:19 AM
"Now, as you know, the stars are the wayward daughters of the sun, who forever run away from him as she chases them over the sky. They are really lonely up there, so far from everyone, so they make pictures of things that they admire down here on the Earth. Many animals, as I guess everyone would like to have pets. And great heroes, like the Hunter. Now, as for what he did to become the greatest hero of all..."

(I like the idea of leaving a bit of a prompt for the next guy. Feel free to ignore it.)

2015-11-25, 03:28 PM
"He was born the son of a blacksmith and a Librarian. Growing up between tools and books taught him both hard work and common sense, which served him well throughout his life. He had a fairly quite childhood, until the fateful day it all changed...."

2015-11-26, 07:44 PM
"...As the handsome, evil, yet polite and quite charming, army of Drow marched on his village and demanded cookies. When no one had any cookies, they released an army of Gender Neutral Polymorphed Drowlbears, who destroyed the village. They went after the home of our hero, the hunter Bill, but finding a nearby bow, he lifted it, found a sharpened stick as a makeshift, arrow, and fired as a hunter should for the first time in his life.
Of course, being so inexperienced, his shot went wide and the Drowlbear ate him."

2015-11-26, 10:44 PM
"...As the handsome, evil, yet polite and quite charming, army of Drow marched on his village and demanded cookies. When no one had any cookies, they released an army of Gender Neutral Polymorphed Drowlbears, who destroyed the village. They went after the home of our hero, the hunter Bill, but finding a nearby bow, he lifted it, found a sharpened stick as a makeshift, arrow, and fired as a hunter should for the first time in his life.
Of course, being so inexperienced, his shot went wide and the Drowlbear ate him."

...I swear I have heard nearly that exact sentence before on this board. Why do I feel that this is your response to everything? I won't be bested by your madness, Xihirli, mark my words. I won't become one of the deranged posters who fall prey and end up in your graveyard of a signature! *Proceeds to gibber in madness as quote is placed in signature*

On a more serious note here is the completion of what I had from the original post, my summary of the mythology is underway:

The Fall of The Fourth Age

Creation, no matter how glorious, must stem from the annihilation of old.

-Proverb, unknown.

Ages before the youngest realm was so assiduously crafted by the titan Ojex out of the raw elements and the barren plain that once lay; there existed pathways between many worlds. These pathways met in a great pavilion, created by beings long forgotten. It was of a glorious design, clearly built by masters. The pavilion remained a neutral ground, an asset for travelers, and a place to inspire greatness. It stayed this way for eons, it seemed, under the watch of it's guardian, a nameless and mighty golem whose construction matched the pavilion in care and brilliance. This golem would rise from the very walls themselves and defend its home if ever the need arise. The threat of this force was so great, that it was not needed in centuries. Or so it would seem to the many beings that crossed its golden terraces and shimmering gates. This peace would not last long, as the ambition of one person grew ever greater.

In a blank realm of only shifting grey skies and dust, the once great Emperor, Mawrlgre, crafted another plan. This time, his plans would not be simple plots or meaningless shows of arrogance and force. No, this was to be a calculated and wonderful plan. One that would shake the foundations of the universe if done correctly. And he knew it would be done correctly. All that was needed were the pieces to fall into his reach. He first motioned his hand across the dust and created wind. From the turned up dust rose a figure, kneeling before him, out of innocence more than respect. Mawrlgre drew up his own shadow into his hand, and clothed the ashen figure in it. "You will serve my needs flawlessly" Mawlgre said. It was the first time he had spoken in what felt like decades. He gave the figure a name: Gwedwyst. After being encompassed by the shadow, Gwedwyst rose up, imbued with the purpose of its master, as well as the powers of illusion, and set out to leave the pale realm that bound its master.

Knowing only the art of deceit, and the purpose of a dangerous creature, Gwedwyst, traveled for days until reaching the flowering realm, Zlatrav. Assuming the guise of a weakened traveler, Gwedwyst made no trouble reaching the center of the land, its only city. It knocked on the door to a house, and the door was flung wide open. The traveler was warmly invited inside, as was custom.

[I decided not to really change much besides grammar, because I thought it was a good starting point for someone else.]