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2007-06-03, 11:53 PM
I produced this about 2 years ago, before I knew about All-Flesh-Must-Be-Eaten and similar, the only systems I was aware of where BESM and D&D, and then only played AD&D. I later borrowed quite a bit from 3, obviously.
Well, I still have all my design notes on it, and I have updated it since then, reviewed it, etc.
It's made to be quick and to the point, however, since all my DMing for it was in my head I really don't have a DM guide for it yet. It may come later, it may not.
The Main Module/System (http://www.pifro.com/sh/SHTM.pdf)
Character Sheet (http://www.pifro.com/sh/SHCS.pdf)
Zombie Addon thing (http://www.pifro.com/sh/SHZA.pdf)
If you want to do anything for this, ask.

2007-06-13, 05:05 PM
Heh, well done on completing your system. Did you play it much?

2007-06-13, 05:29 PM
Yes, I had 5 separate games with it, though none lasted too long. The first was a test session of the original I made, this went badly. The 2nd was a modified version of the original that went pretty smoothly.
The 3rd was a small campaign that lasted a few sessions. It went decent at first, however, showed a few difficult complications with the system; so I rewrote most of it.
The 4th was a single session over the internet with a friend that went pretty smoothly, it let me set up a few balances to the system, modify and make a few things, etc.
The 5th went extremely well, though with a couple hiccups when a few too many max rolls occurred in a row. This game only lasted 3 sessions.
The special thanks are those who played in the campaigns.:smallsmile:

2007-06-15, 10:12 PM
Cool. I play Zombies on and off, the add ons to which tend towards a more RPG type game, but I have never got round to playing an actual full on Survival Zombie Horror RPG. This is quite a nice system to have, even if it's just to draw ideas out of. Thanks for posting it up.