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2015-11-24, 02:33 AM
My friends, I need your assistance. My sister is DMing a Thanksgiving-themed 2nd AD&D encounter where the pcs are the king's first response team to disasters, and during the traditional harvest feast of Giving Thanks, something goes horribly wrong. The head chef, Francois, is possessed by the spirit of a malevolent mage when he unintentionally opens the ghost's burial urn, having been sold the urn by adventurers who mistook it for a jar of foreign spices. Francois terrorizes the kitchen staff and unleashes magical chaos upon the preparations, and the pcs have to stop it. Will the king's feast go off without a hitch, or will the party have supped its last? And now the question:

What are some hazards or monsters that could occur in a magical food fight?

It's designed for laughs, so rules will be waived to make it work. We just want good suggestions.

Ideas so far:
Animated pasta strangling the help
Dancing cutlery (a la Beauty and the Beast, Disney Version)
Reanimated Roast Boar
Blood pudding transformed into Black Pudding

As always, thanks for the help!

2015-11-24, 04:03 AM
Wine Mephit - like a Water Mephit, but it lives in a barrel of wine and intoxicates people that it touches (or sprays on).

Pie with blackbirds in it, like the rhyme. But Imps or something instead of birds. Or evil birds.

Magically enhanced treacle, so sticky that it can trap people like flies on flypaper.

Something with an incredibly delicious smell that hypnotizes people and literally floats them toward it, like in an old cartoon.

Hot sauce that sets anything on fire, even stone. Water doesn't help, just diminishes it for a moment then it springs back; you need milk to deal with it.

2015-11-24, 05:13 AM
Make the same feast for the players IRL.

Prepare for food fights.

2015-11-25, 09:31 AM
Some powers for Possessed Francois:

A targeted SLA: Everyone with line of sight to the target must make a will save or be compelled to try and eat part of the target.

Anything PF eats affects him like a potion of CLW

Other Challenges:

Animated raw meat which sprays jets of disease-laden juice at the PCs.

Clouds of Flour and/or steam to block LOS.

Splashes of boiling water and/or oil, 1d3 fire damage on a hit.

2015-11-25, 09:53 AM
A giant glob of bread pudding runs rampant.
Stop cultists from summoning the feared Green Giant.

2015-11-25, 10:51 AM
Have the head chef stitch together various pieces of leftovers into a patchwork Frankenstein-esque monstrosity, which then rises up to destroy him

2015-11-26, 06:48 AM
Assuming there's still time for some ideas:

Have the head chef stitch together various pieces of leftovers into a patchwork Frankenstein-esque monstrosity, which then rises up to destroy him
Things like that were done for feasts anyway - there was a series called Time Crashers on in the UK a couple of months ago where a bunch of celebrities did various tasks in a recreation of a historical period, and the first one was an Elizabethan feast where, IIRC, they had to stitch the front half of a chicken onto the belly and hind legs of a small pig.

Imagine, say, the head of a pike or a moray eel on the body of a rabbit or other small game animal, especially if everyone at the feast gets one between two people or something similar and there's a horde of the things for the party to deal with.

To add to the fun, and especially the pyrotechnics, how about having something that would be flambé'd on the menu? :smallsmile:

Or the first course is lobster to be cooked in front of the guests (you should actually euthanise them with a knife through the brain just before you throw them in the pot rather than throw them in live), and they're grown to giant sizes.

Gelatinous cubes from the jelly/blamange? The gravy boat turns into a decanter of endless water and starts flooding the place?

2015-11-30, 02:05 AM
Thanks for the help everyone! The feast went swimmingly, i.e. everything fell apart in spectacular style. Obscuring flour clouds, undead roast turkeys, voracious cranberry sauces, and more turned this boring feast into a night to remember. The wine mephit was particularly popular

2015-11-30, 02:20 AM
How was the food IRL though? :smalltongue: