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2007-06-05, 06:04 AM
I saw this topic and figured that in a way it made sense that sneakattack and other similar precision based attacks cud help a heeler to repair sensitive and important parts of a body. So, my first homebrew.

Precision healing [General]

Flavor text. By using your knowledge of anatomy and heeling you can use the same precision used for harm to direct the healing energies to improve the effectiveness of your healing magic.

Prerequisites:Abele to cast healing spells, sneakattack +1d6, heal 8 ranks

Benefits: Fore every d6 of sneakattack (ore ) you have you cure 2 hp extra fore every dice the spell restores (fore example if a level 4 rouge and level 4 cleric casts a cure moderate wounds he hells 2*2*2=8 extra hp) or if the spell cures a specific amount (like heal) you use the spells level instead of dice cured (fore example if a level 10 rouge and level 12 cleric casts a heal he hells 6*5*2=60 extra hp) (level 0 spells counts as a level 0,5) (this feet can be used to heal creatures healed by negative energy but is not immune to critical hits and sneakattack, with inflict spells).


Undead precision healing [General]

Flavor text. Combining yore knowledge of undead with your skills from precision healing.

Prerequisites:Precision healing, knowledge religion 8 ranks or knowledge undead 5 ranks.

Benefits: You gain the bonuses from precision healing when healing undead, and gain the ability to sneakattack undead with positive energy attacks (like cure spells) (ore negative energy attacks if the undead is some sort of houseruled positive energy based undead).

Normal: undead cant be sneak attacked.

The Black Prince
2007-06-05, 06:14 AM
I'm sorry, but I think this is crazy, a rogue knows a bit about anatomy, but healing spells just heal, they can't be directed they just heal everything. I could see a surgery feat, but not this.

2007-06-05, 06:22 AM
Nitpick it' knoledge relgion not undead

2007-06-05, 06:58 AM
The way I figured is that sins you can sneakattack with harm spells you cud probably do the same thing with a cure spell (to a lesser extent otherwise it be to effective) if you learn the right tricks, and therefore apply the healing effect more directly to the areas it is needed.

And the prerequisites of undead precision healing, I piced knowledge arcane sins it is knowledge of magic and magical effects in general (undead can after all be created with both arcane and divine magic) and knowledge undead I added fore a easier route fore the specialist (if knowledge undead vas a class skill for clerics and druids it would have been the only skill prerequisit).

Edit: But than again as I take a closer look at the skills undead goes under knowledge religion. Hmm, it just doesn’t feel right with knowledge religion to me :smallfrown: and it bothers me that the druid (the second best healer in players handbook) doesn’t have any of these skills :smalleek: . But you are right according to the skill descriptions knowledge religion it is. :smallbiggrin: