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2007-06-05, 01:31 PM
So, for some odd reason, I've had the desire to play the neglected Spirit Shaman, though I fear it is too weak as is. So, here's a thread where we can brainstorm ideas to make it better!

Idea #1 - Give them the Shapeshift ability in the PHB2 (In the druid section.)

Idea #2 - Although their casting idea is unique and rather interesting, the Spells Retrieved is too low. There are several times when you'll know only 1 spells for his two highest spell levels. I'm not sure what would be a balanced number, but I think Max 3 is too low. Max 4, maybe? If someone wanted to come up with a new chart, that could help, as well.

Idea #3 - Chastise Spirits counting as Turn/Rebuke Undead for Divine Feats. Spirit is a rather limited type, not fought all that often, so it would be helpful to channel uses into something else.

Idea #4 - Physical Spirit Companion. Basically, is allowed to pick one of the first level Druid Animal Companions (they don't get to pick a better animal at higher levels.) This animal grows (same progression as Animal Companion) with the Spirit Shaman, as well as serves the uses of a Spirit Companion. Thus, they disappear for 1 hour a day to retrieve spells. Also, they gain Wisdom as they level up, at the same rate as Str/Dex. If the Animal Companion is killed, the Spirit Shaman loses access to all spells until she acquires a new one (24 hours, same as Druid), since she cannot retrieve for her spells.

Those are my ideas for the fix, any others?

2007-06-05, 02:33 PM
I think you it should also get some more special abilties

The Demented One
2007-06-05, 03:23 PM
I don't think they're too weak. They get a neat and flavorful selection of special abilities, and a pretty good spell list. They aren't going to be as good as a druid, but they don't have any problem with being underpowered.

Fourth Tempter
2007-06-05, 03:27 PM
Indeed. The Spirit Shaman is a spellcaster, after all; they can select the best spells from the Druid list. Use the Spell Compendium to expand the Druid spell list, and Spirit Shamans become quite powerful--they are simply not as powerful as Druids... but then, nothing save the Artificer is.

Demented One, I love your avatar representation of the Epic Battle between Longcat and Tacgnol (who is, one should note, gnoooooooooool).

2007-06-05, 05:15 PM
Don't forget that the Spirit Shaman already gains cool abilities against Spirits, which basically encompases about 50% of all non-humanoid foes. I personally prefer Spirit Shaman to the Druid, simply because its less complicated than Druid. You don't have to worry about Wildshape or Shapechange or an Animal Companion, and your abilities follow a nice progression. Your fluff fits in more with the "real world" Druids and Shamen, so much so that in my homebrew world, the Spirit Shaman class completely replaces Druid.

If you had to change the Spirit Shaman I would give him Spells Known as a Sorcerer, and lose the Spell Retrieval ability (i.e. making it fully spontaneous cast).

I would also expand the Spirit subtype to include non-native Outsiders, although whether or not this would overpower the class is debatable.

2007-06-05, 06:12 PM
Giving them more spells retrieved I do not support. They get to change their list every day, no way should they get more spells known at once. A sorcerer only has 1 spell known at his highest level when he first gets it, they aren't much better off anyway.