View Full Version : Master of the Martial ways. [PRC]

2007-06-06, 01:58 PM
As the bandits closed in on their prey,they noticed the distinct lack of weaponry. In an attempt to end it fast they stood in his way, demanding money. The man then charged in a peculiar pose. None of them survived.

The Master of the Fist.

Requirements:Un-armed striked, Evasion, and others*.
*Depending on discipline.

As I can not figure out how the table feature works it will have to come later.

|Level|BAB|Fort Save|Reflex Save|Will Save| Special |
| 1 | Full| As Monk | As Monk |As Monk|Bonus Feat,Level 1 Discipline|
[U]| 2 |Full | As Monk |

I will continue on this when I get back from vacation. But this will be a similar to the swordsage as with the disciplines.